How to wear clothes with clothes and men’s middle pants to wear guidelines


In the hot summer, even boys have to start wearing shorts. Mid -length shorts are the most suitable. It is not long and cool. It is not short or not. How to match the pants? Let’s take a look with me!

男生中裤怎么搭配衣服 男装中裤穿搭指南

Jeans in denim+striped short sleeves

Jeans in denim are the favorite styles of men’s clothing in summer. If you want to wear a super practical and ultra -extra -category, you can match with stripes short sleeves. This can reflect a full sense of leisure. It belongs to the cool and stylish summer boys A set of matching demonstrations.

Pants in the workstor+gray short sleeves

In the summer of the work style, this summer is really super popular. Military green workers and casual pants are matched with gray short sleeves. The feeling, simple and fashionable charm.

Black pants+camouflage short sleeves

The classic wild black pants may be the first choice for any boy in summer. In this top, the camouflage short sleeves are matched, and the clothes also have delicate and handsome print patterns. Then follow the following. The combination of black pants can become energetic, the demonstration effect is very simple and practical, it is worthy of reference.

男生中裤怎么搭配衣服 男装中裤穿搭指南

Striped pants+blue Polo short sleeves

This group of wearing demonstrations not only have a full -bodied atmosphere, but also reveals the male style of men. The middle pants design of the striped design and the blue POLO short sleeves have a mixing feeling, and then the feet are still a pair of simple pairs Little white shoes, this seems to have a sense of sport, and it will also seem to be casual.

男生中裤怎么搭配衣服 男装中裤穿搭指南

The above is the matching guide of men’s pants I shared with you. For more dressing, please continue to pay attention to Zero Rhino Travel Shooting.