It was cute by the “little ghost”, wearing a bright yellow cotton suit to comb the “Nezha”, the ancient spirit is very personal.


The least thing that can’t be worn in winter is cotton clothes, but because of the basic and simple nature of cotton clothes, it can not be matched with particularly fashionable effects.

, So let everyone lose fun in the process of matching.

For men, it is more troublesome when choosing cotton clothing. The costume styles that men can choose to choose from are less than girls, and they choose to keep warm. Charming.

Facing the sense of embarrassment of dressing, it is recommended that you look at the following dressing demonstration, follow the pace of tide men, and witness the fashionable and personality cotton clothes!

Trendy personality cotton clothing choice

The feeling of cotton clothing is extremely heavy, so no matter what style of cotton clothing you choose to match, it is generally very similar.

If you want to further show the stylish beauty and personality of styling, you may wish to try to adjust from the color of clothing

Choose some high -level cotton clothes such as bright colors and colors to show different fashion highlights, which is very attractive.

Take bright yellow cotton clothes as an example, which is one of the ideas of adjusting the cotton clothing.

Increasing the visual impact with dazzling colors, showing the trend and sexy, and at the same time, the rate of turning back in the crowd is also relatively high. It is highly recommended to everyone, so it is not far from the trendy style.

One of the benefits of bright colors cotton clothes is the high color brightness, and at the same time, it can avoid the dullness of dullness in winter

From the perspective of color eye -catching, bright yellow, right red, etc. are a good choice, and it also has a great effect on the adjustment of personal skin color.


Fashion match for trendy cotton clothing

Red Gongcai Cotton Clothing

In addition to the wild -colored cotton clothes,

Some bright colors and light -colored styles can be the highlights of everyone in daily life


From the perspective of color, the high degree of eye -catching is enough to earn enough to make the turn. Among them, to choose a red workmanship with hooded cotton clothes, the gorgeous and vivid red is full of enthusiasm and vitality.


At the same time, combined with the stiffness of the fabric, the texture of the entire cotton clothing has also improved, and the heavy texture is not bloated.


Choose a more slim version to match, the sense of fashion will be stronger

Essence For trendy boys, it is not recommended that you choose a righteous red cotton clothing to match. Relatively speaking, the color tone is darker and deep, dark red, wine red cotton clothing is more suitable, and the trendy personality is high.

Leopard -print lamb hair jacket

The lamb hairy coat can also be said to be a special warm -keeping jacket. The difference is the plush texture on the fabric, soft and delicate, and the feel is relatively soft. Whether it is a boy or a girl’s choice, it is extremely suitable.


A leopard -style brown lamb hairy jacket, the trend will be stronger

As the mainstream of fashion, retro brown, combined with the wild charm of leopard elements, shows a cool shape and trendy personality. It is also very suitable as a street wear.


In match,


The trendy lamb hairy jacket with a strong sense of fashion can use the method of stacking to increase the sense of fashion

, Select the layered matching of a white T -shirt in the inside. At the same time, choose a hole -breaking style and jeans with tie -dyed style to achieve charm. From the personalized design of the clothing style, the visual impact is relatively strong. , Retro and advanced.

Orange bread suit

The orange -style bread suit is also one of the more warm single products categories in winter. The thick and fluffy texture looks extremely playful and cute. At the same time The scope of fashion design is the key to showing charisma.

At the same time, in the process of matching, you should also avoid the bloated feeling of bread clothes, so in a open way

It is a good choice to wear a hooded sweater and high -necked inside

At the same time, with a pair of black work pants, the whole person looks cool and A, which is very uniform.

Black bright cotton clothing

Although black cotton clothes are one of the classic options worn in winter, it is inevitable that

The thin and thin effect of black cotton clothing and the versatile effect can meet everyone’s needs at any age stage

Essence For example, the trendy shiny black cotton clothing, the fashion charm is very strong.

Bright fabrics can increase fashion attraction according to their gloss. At the same time, under the mysterious and versatile effects, they can switch to wear at will. Whether wearing it on weekdays, or as a concave fashion, it is extremely suitable. Essence


It is also a good choice to choose a bright cotton suit with a hatless design. The fabric is light luxury and high -level.

At the same time, combined with the fluffy effects on the version, it will be more fashionable with a pair of small foot pants with the same color. You can try this winter!