With this handbag like this, full of femininity


When it comes to holding bags, many people are not unfamiliar. Fashionable and intellectual. Let’s see if there are you like in these handbags introduced today.

1. LOGO printing bag

The bags full of logo patterns are more atmospheric. The red and blue stripes in the middle are instantly eye -catching, which also breaks the monotonous feeling of brown, making the bag more layered.


2. Hand -painted flower bag

The hand -painted craftsmanship makes the bag exquisite feminine. The head layer is more shiny and delicate. You can hold your hands or shoulders, which is very practical.

3. Enlightenment handbag

The classic envelope style makes the bag more layered and three -dimensional. The design of the metal lock is shiny, hanging the strap down, highlighting the feminine temperament of women.

4. Hollow hand grabbing


The hollow style makes the bag look very stylish, breaking the guest white single visual sense. The large style is very hand in hand, while setting off the petiteness of the figure.

5. Hands handle


The addition of the square handle is convenient to carry while it is more famous. The crocodile pattern on the bag makes the cowhide texture more high -end, especially suitable for attending the dinner.

The small version is very suitable for holding hands, and it feels very good. The warm velvet fabric is especially suitable for autumn and winter. The pearls on the edge of the bag make the bag more three -dimensional and full of retro.


7. Turning color stitching handbags


The color of the black and white contrast is clear, and it is eye -catching in the hands. The texture of animal skin makes the bag more textured and highlights the level.

8. Satin handbag

The fabric of the satin is full of flavor, and the folding process makes the colorful satin fabrics showing a different sense of brightness at different angles. The design of the golden chain is more delicate.


9. Fox hair handbag

The color of the ice cream is full of girly atmosphere. The fabric of the fox hair makes the bag more three -dimensional and fluffy. It is very harmonious in the autumn and winter seasons. It is very warm to get it, and you can warm your hands.

10. Folding the bag


The folding style makes the bag more three -dimensional, and the middle metal zipper allows the entire texture to improve the texture. The leather ring below is convenient and practical, and the dotted bags at the same time are more agile.

The above is the ten most feminine handbags compiled by Xiaobian. Hurry up and enter the most suitable for you. Take the bag. The overall temperament is improved.

The overall temperament is straight.