This spring is popular with a “denim” jacket! Affairs and versatile are dynamic, no matter how old you can wear


The selection of jacket items is very important. It not only determines the style presented by the shape, but also affects the display of women’s figure. There is no need to prepare too much in spring jackets, but there must be a blue denim jacket. It is the most age reduction of all items. No matter how old women are, they can directly control it.

Blue denim jacket+various internal clothes

With a refreshing color system, the blue denim jacket can occupy a place in the wardrobe. When entering the spring, you can take this kind of clothing lightly to create the most age -reduced visual effect, create the cleanest visual picture Essence

When a woman wants to show a beautiful figure, she can show her advantages through inside. For example, this set of matching is a loose short blue denim jacket and a small tube top. The tube top not only allows women to show good -looking clavicle lines, but also help them expose their slender lower abdomen curves. This The dressing method is special and unique.

Some conservative women do not want to show the exposure of too much skin. In terms of choice inside, it will not be attracted by those single -skinned items. Natural side.


The matching of this striped shirt and denim jacket is perfect, which increases the display of age -reducing effects, and the splicing between colors is particularly harmonious. The colors in the inside and outside are echoing, and it looks particularly tacit. Putting on pants with wider trousers can show a more comfortable dress style.


The blue denim jacket is definitely the good use of many women. This is because it does not enlarge the age, but it can eliminate the reflection of the sense of dullness and reduce the presentation of the depression atmosphere. Overall, this is a single product that is easy to control and easily presents.

The color of this blue denim jacket is very shallow, so it has the most prominent effect on the age of age. It can be superimposed in it. Take a cardigan as an example. In the jacket in the denim, it looks incompatible and bloated. The thinner design is the most suitable shape.


Blue denim jacket+trousers

The design of the denim jacket is very neat, covering the superposition of too many trendy elements, but it can make many people love this item. In terms of matching, in addition to taking a variety of internal matches to form or be full of avant -garde or pure and clean dress, you can also use a variety of downfits to match it.

This set of color schemes is very personal. The blue denim jacket covers a very fresh visual effect. When combined with the sweet style pink trousers, the two sets of colors collide out of the new ideas. Do not blindly pursue tight or too wide in the choice of pants, fall into these two extremes, and only have various deficiencies. Conevant pants and suit pants, such as the satisfactory pants design, are the most long legs and straight legs.


Blue denim jacket+skirt

The blue denim jacket is a very versatile item. It does not show an excessive monotonous situation like a black suit. It is even a bit old -fashioned. In general, no matter how old women are, this item can be directly controlled.

The casual denim jacket can match elegant skirts. Taking this skirt as an example, it has a split design on the side, so it can directly alleviate the reflection of the dullness. Stretching the legs from the side, the color formation is simple. take.


The contours of the denim jacket should not be too long and too wide. This is because it is accompanied by a long hem design, it will also cover the waistline. The short cuts are most likely that women are mostly convenient for women to modify their height and body shape.


In this set of combinations, many people must fall in love at a glance. This is because the combination of color systems is clean and highly high -quality, which is very resistant to look. The white skirt is elegant and agile, fresh and beautiful. Combined with the short denim jacket, the elegant style is released, and the waistline is directly lined, and the figure is more figure.

The denim jacket is dominated by blue. When the inside is used, the skirt selected by the lower body can be slightly unique. The checkered skirt is represented by a checkered skirt, and the retro element is added.

This set of matching can form a pair of short tops and over -the -knee long skirts. The classic short -length combination, stretching the lower limb curve, surrounding the hem of the inner clothing to improve the waistline, and the body shape will be longer.

Among all kinds of jackets, the refreshing attributes of blue denim jackets are the most rich. No matter how old women are, even after entering the age of 50 or sixty years old, it is appropriate to put on this item.

The denim jacket chosen by Sanmu’s mother is very classic. She stacked a khaki dress in it. The skirt was elegant and the color was simple, which could form a very elegant dress style. The skirt is covered with the calf belly, which is also very convenient to hide meat.

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