Who said slippers? Try these pairs of “sandals” this summer, laziness and comfort and advanced


Whenever at this time, the road has become the world of small white shoes. But this year is slightly different. The small white shoes have exited the fashion trend, and the era of slippers has ushered in. Slippers are no longer home products, but more fashionable and advanced.

In fact, slippers will have a boom every summer. The reason why this time can always be respected by everyone, and the role of major bloggers cannot be removed. Slippers are redefined on them, lazy and advanced. Nothing will not be attracted after watching anyone.

Sliprs are the symbol of fashion of this summer. If you also want to have a “admission ticket” in the fashion circle, slippers must have it. If you do n’t know how to wear it, you will look down one after another!

Details of “Dragon”

The version of the slippers is actually very difficult to wear out of the aura. If you choose a lot of details in the choice of the slippers itself, it is not enough to look at the matching.


Details 1: Avoid single material

The materials we are familiar with are relatively single, and plastic or PVC are the most common slippers fabrics. But if you want to highlight the trendyness through sandals, you must break through the material to avoid a single material.


Weaving+beef tendon bottom: The weaving element is also accepted by everyone because a brand has also begun to be accepted. Weaving always looks a lot more expensive on slippers. Weaving is suitable for the position of the feet. The tailoring of the wide upper can also have the effect of modifying the foot shape, which is thin and small.


Mahoga+leather: The cotton and linen material of the straw can also be used on slippers, because the fire of fisherman’s shoes makes the grass edit element start to be loved by everyone. The cortex can make the original straw original sense more fashionable, high -level lazy.


Details 2: Don’t limit the color

The slippers we use at home are generally black and white in terms of color, and even adhere to the reasons for good care. White color is rare. But fashionable slippers, color that can be used daily, will not appear. The more exaggerated the color matching is, the more advanced.

Bright slippers have already possessed fashionable temperament from the toes, bright yellow, purple, green and fashionable color impact, and the random match will be the tide of this summer ~

Details 3: Abandon the flat bottom, choose the belt and the heel


For the sake of convenience and convenience, slippers also appeared in a flat bottom. But simple everyday is not fashionable, so you can try slippers with a certain heel design, so that your feet are lifted gently. Even if you wear “ordinary sandals and shoes line.

The height of the heel does not need to be particularly high. This degree must be well grasped. It seems that it is a pity to lose a sense of laziness. It can be controlled at about 3cm, and it can even be shorter than cats and shoes. It will not be particularly tired but it will have a high effect.


With sandals with heels, the design of the feet will not be particularly complicated. The thin strap design or an incomplete upper upper will emit women’s temperament charm.

“Slippers” versatile style

The above details of the time when choosing slippers are to let you choose it yourself, you can have a clear directional guidance. The next season is the most popular style of this season, and the versatile is enough.

Style 1: pinching sandals

Sandal sandals are first -class status in terms of home sandals and fashionable and high -level sense. It is only used for high -level wearing and slippers. The shoelace design of the upper is wider than ordinary styles. The details after widening are increased. It can also have appropriate modification effects on the foot type.


Have you seen you at the thick -bottomed pinch? Ordinary pinching flattened bottom. The thick -bottomed pinch can increase the presence of the lower body, and use the outside to increase the proportion of height.


Or the appropriate heel design can also increase the thin and thin effect, but it looks more feminine than the thick -bottomed shoe shape.

Matching demonstration: thick bottom pinching+suit suit


The workplace has a strong suit suit, a thick -bottomed pinch, the length of the trousers that can be mopped, and the toes that are slightly exposed to avoid dullness and the refreshing texture, and it looks not expensive and cheap at all.


Style two: sports wind slippers

During this time, the popularity of sports style has not been low, and even the sports temperament slippers have also become a many types of slippers now.

The sports style slippers do not have a bright color matching. At the same time, it becomes simple and bulky in order to give the best experience. When the ankle line is properly exposed, the sense of existence of slippers is alleviated and giving a high sense of lightness.

Because of the relatively heavy soles, the shoelace design of the upper cannot be too simple. The widening shoelace can match the thick sole shoe shape, lazy and casual.

Matching socks is also a very good choice, and the leg shape can also maintain texture.

White mid -stocking:

The white middle socks are just in the position of the calf belly. It can modify the calf lines and make the leg shape look slender. A dress with a dress, the standard Korean style is elegant.


Color short socks: The color of the color is not suitable for the use of a large area. The small seat is embellished in the ankle position, exquisite but not abrupt. In terms of color, it can be distinguished from the overall color, and it appears in small fresh colors, and the age is reducing temperament.

Style three: square head sandals

The popularity of square shoes has always been high, and the sandals on the head are also the most popular and proper French -style high -quality temperament among many sandals. The heels of square shoes sandals are necessary. The appropriate heel details better highlight the elegant temperament, especially the rear heels are better.

The appearance of square sandals is to make you more convenient to wear daily wear, which perfectly replaces the status of high heels.

With a dress:

The elegance of the skirt is also fully used to highlight it, and it will not have a sense of disobedience. The details of square heads are even more light in summer than high heels.


With pants:


The sharp lines of the pants are compared with the soft texture of square shoes. The straight -up version of the pants slightly slim or the tight jeans that can perfectly outline the body line can be used to match the square sandals. Divide, expose the ankle.


The details of the large area wrapped feet are also a bonus, and you can’t see your foot type. For the style of a large -scale wrapped upper for the girl with a wide feet, modify the most perfect lines of the foot. There are any problems.


This summer is the world of slippers. Don’t think that slippers are procrastinating, and it can also have a high -level laziness.