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With the development of fashion, the suspender shirt is no longer a cool and casual home service. Various styles can make you look at it. Want to go to dream pink girl style, wear suspenders; want to transgender hot spicy little wild cats, wear suspenders; want to be a ladylike elegant and temperament, wear a suspender! And the most popular style in this season is the short suspender that can show a good figure. With high waist or exposed slender waist, you can make a lot of color to your summer dress ~

The black short loose hem cuncular top shows a flat abdomen. The short and backhand is very designed, and it will not look too scribbled. High -waist shorts improve the waistline.

The beautiful pendant feeling of chiffon camisole makes people instantly soft. If you don’t want to be too like a soft girl, put a ripped denim super shorts below. Different materials collide with your own fashion personality.

Best V我知道你还缺一件短款吊带衫!

The whole body is simple and generous, the thin shoulder strap tideline reveals sexy shoulder back, and then use black bags and shoes to neutralize.

The large lotus leaf hem just hit the upper part of the waist, and the shadow of the waist covers the shortcomings of the waist and abdomen well, making you look a small thin waist ~

If you are embarrassed to wear a strap, you can also wear a small jacket outside. The small area of ​​exposed skin is not too sexy, and at the same time, it makes the overall shape less mediocre and boring. It is very suitable for changing fine stripe patterns.

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Best V我知道你还缺一件短款吊带衫!

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Best V我知道你还缺一件短款吊带衫!

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Best V我知道你还缺一件短款吊带衫!

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Best V我知道你还缺一件短款吊带衫!

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Best V我知道你还缺一件短款吊带衫!

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Best V我知道你还缺一件短款吊带衫!

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