Save money to dress up the living room background wall 8 rural style fashion wall stickers


There are many forms in the background wall of the decorative living room, including decorative painting, wallpaper, wall stickers, and so on. The wall stickers are relatively simple compared to other forms. They are replaced with what they want, and the price is not expensive. It is very practical.

Part1: TV background wall sticker

“Happy Tree” TV background wall post

As a TV background wall, the fresh and green happy tree brings a hint of cool and refreshing feeling, and a natural atmosphere flows naturally in the living room. The eye -catching green can soothe the eyes of people. When watching TV is tired, you may wish to look at the happy tree on the side, which not only relieves eye fatigue, but also brings happy emotions.

Lily TV background wall sticker

Lily flower is known as noble and elegant. This lily flower wall sticker shows a seductive flower. The color is bright, the picture quality is delicate and exquisite, showing the noble and pure temperament. The tempting peach red lilies are definitely a highlight in the living room. Fresh and pleasant, jumping on the wall, the bright color enriches the color of the living room, making your living room no longer monotonous.

Green leaf fresh pastoral wall stickers

This green leaf wall sticker is very fresh and beautiful, and the casual collage has a natural atmosphere. The decoration of the TV background wall does not need to be too complicated, that is, the embellishment of such fresh little green leaves can make the living room spring, full of vitality, and create a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Sakura tree TV background wall sticker

省钱扮靓客厅背景墙 8款田园风格时尚墙贴

The complicated cherry petals are scattered on TV, green leaves embellishment, lifelike butterflies, and romantic English letters. Several warm and romantic elements are combined to interpret the most beautiful pastoral life. Such a TV background wall sticker brings you a different visual feast.

Part2: Sofa background wall sticker

“Spring Full Garden” sofa background wall post

Birds, tender leaves, bird cages, and branches are elements of spring, fresh and natural, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and freely, comfortable and happy. Without leaving home, just sitting on the sofa, you can enjoy the spring atmosphere of the silk, listen to the birds and smell the fragrance …

“Blue Demon” sofa background wall sticker

省钱扮靓客厅背景墙 8款田园风格时尚墙贴

The blooming flowers that are so thoroughly bloomed, just like a visual feast, it is impressive, and the flowers are so beautiful and moving. The butterflies are flying in the blue flowers, elegant and romantic, warm and dreamy. The wall sticker named Blue Demon Ji is really a deputy. The wall stickers are as beautiful as the name, adding a bit of vitality to the living room. Add such a dreamy wall sticker to create your exclusive back garden.

省钱扮靓客厅背景墙 8款田园风格时尚墙贴

Sunshine sunflower sofa background wall stickers

This wall sticker uses sunflower as the main element, which incorporates the characteristics of sunlight and vitality, bringing a very youthful, optimistic, and upward spirit. The vivid colors, soft curves, light butterflies, romantic text, each element is independent and interacting, and jointly constructs a vibrant rural sunflower wall.

Couple tree romantic sofa background wall stickers

省钱扮靓客厅背景墙 8款田园风格时尚墙贴

The delicate and green lemon leaves are small and exquisite, lush and dense. As a sofa wall sticker, it can create a cool effect under the shade, enjoy a relaxed and happy mood, giving people a delicate romance and warmth. This wall is eye -catching and unobtrusive, and it is very powerful in free play. There are 6 different stickers. Each post will bring you unexpected romance and surprise.

省钱扮靓客厅背景墙 8款田园风格时尚墙贴

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省钱扮靓客厅背景墙 8款田园风格时尚墙贴

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