Storm, burning warships, dropping planes … This summer, the U.S. military is really troubled


The collective new crown infection of the US military base in Okinawa, the U.S. Navy’s “Good Man Richard” amphibious attack ship burned the fire, and the US Air Force crashed a F-16C …

This summer, the U.S. military in many places in the world is frequent, and the trouble is constantly!

This is the Base of the US military in Japan, which was taken on January 27, 2018. Xinhua News Agency/United

Make anger! Outbreak of US military bases in Japan, clustering new crown epidemic

Recently, the U.S. military in Okinawa has suddenly appeared in collective new crown infections. From July 7th to 11th alone, 61 new crown cases have appeared in the U.S. military base in Okinawa. On the 13th, the U.S. military base in Okinawa notified 32 confirmed cases to the local area. On the 15th, the Okinawa County Government of Japan confirmed that many local US military bases in Japan added 36 new crowned confirmed cases.

A large number of confirmed cases appeared in a short period of time. Yucheng Danny, a Zhishi Prefecture in Okinawa, felt “impact” and “extremely regrettable” about the news, and said that “had to be strongly doubtful for epidemic prevention countermeasures (the US military in Okinawa).”

It is reported that more than half of the U.S. military in Japan in about 50,000 people are stationed in Okinawa, and they do not need to accept the Japanese new crown virus testing, and the US military’s various epidemic prevention measures are not controlled by the Japanese side.

It is also reported that the United States was initially reluctant to disclose information such as the number of cases in the U.S. military in Japan and the whereabouts of confirmed cases. Later, the Japanese side repeatedly requested that the relevant information had to be announced.

American soldiers with “special status” in Okinawa “come and go free” and “I am doing myself”. Some Okinawa residents said that during the epidemic, I was really worried to see the US soldiers who did not wear masks on the street.

For a long time, Okinawa residents have complained about the noise and pollution of the US military base, the crash of the US military aircraft, and the crime of US military personnel. The clustered epidemic of this outbreak has exacerbated their dissatisfaction.

Too bad! American Navy’s “quasi -aircraft carrier” fire light sky

Any U.S. military base on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, and the US Navy base on the east coast is not “peaceful”.

On July 12, local time, the amphibious attack ship “Richard Richard”, an amphibious attack ship that was parked at the San Diego Naval Base in the United States, ignited a fire. For a while, the pungent smoke generated by the burning of plastic, cables and other materials floated over the center of San Diego. Many watermen escaped from the ship also lost all their property, “only one clothes left.”

On July 12, the San Diego Naval Base in California, USA, burst into fire. A U.S. amphibious attack ship is moored on the 12th on the 12th. Xinhua News Agency/United

The U.S. Navy said that as of the afternoon of the 13th, 36 watermen and 23 civilians had been treated with high temperature burns and inhalation of smoke.

The “Good Man Richard” is one of the US Navy’s “Hornet” -class amphibious attack ship with a displacement of more than 40,000 tons. The ship has spacious flying decks and hangar decks. It is equivalent to a “quasi -aircraft carrier”.

Although the name is very special, many people do not feel unfamiliar with the ship. In the science fiction movie “Super Battleship”, which was hot in previous years, people have appreciated the style of this big ship.

Before the fire, the ship was in the mid-term maintenance, mainly upgrading the flying deck. After the upgrade, it will be equipped with a maximum of 16 F-35B short-range departure/vertical landing fighter jets or 22 MV-22B “鱼 鹰” transport aircraft.

And this tens of hours of fire may make it difficult for the giant ships with more than 20 years of ships to revive their majesty. Some analysts pointed out that although the damage of the ship is unclear, the strength of the fire is enough to cause the hull structure steel to deform. Considering the degree of damage, the ship will stop using it for at least several years, and it is likely to be identified as completely scrap. Once the ship is scrapped, this will be “the worst security accident in the US Navy in the past 20 years”, with heavy losses.

Really blocked! The U.S. Air Force has recently dropped the plane again

The room leak was overnight, and the fire on the “Good Man Richard” had not yet extinguished, and the Air Force “plugged” to the US military.

On July 13, local time, a F-16C fighter jet in the Hollow Air Force Base in New Mexico was crashed.

Data Map: US Air Force F-16C fighter jet

However, this crash is not the only one this year. Since May, the U.S. Air Force had a crash many times, and there were many tragedies of “destroying the people.”


On May 15th, a F-22 fighter fighter crashed near the Egrin Air Force Base in Florida, and pilot ejected to escape.

On May 20, Egrin Air Force Base confirmed that a F-35A fighter jet tried to crash during the landing on the evening of the 19th, and the pilot also ejected to escape.

On June 15, a F-15C fighter in the UK and the United States crashed during the training task on the same day.

On June 30, a F-16 fighter at the Xiao Air Force Base in Southern California crashed during daily training tasks. The pilot was taken to the hospital on board, and then announced his brain death.

In less than 2 months, several “wings” of “wings” in training are not great in training. The loss is not great.

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