Zhu Xudan appeared at the airport, wearing asymmetric wool collar leather, full of tight pants to show her legs thin


How to choose a comfortable jacket is the most common problem in daily life in winter, because winter clothing focuses on keeping warm, so the overall visual effects change with the design and change of the overall clothing. At the same time, winter clothing is the most headache. It is its thickness. Too thick will make people look too bloated, but the hair collar coat is just the opposite, thick and unique. Recently, Zhu Xudan, who appeared at the airport, was wearing a hair -collar leather jacket.

Zhu Xudan’s clothing not only keeps warm, but also has a unique style, showing an unusual temperament and charm. First of all, the first eye is the overall black tone and its white hair collar. Large visual impact, let alone her overall clothing matching and choice, everywhere describe the charm of the hair collar coat


The focus of the overall clothing is naturally fell on the wool collar leather jacket on the upper body. Zhu Xudan’s hair collar coat is also different from ordinary wool collar coats. It is not based on cotton. To create the effect of leather jackets, the warmth effect of leather clothes can be regarded as better, which makes the overall clothing effect and achieve excellent effect.


Although it is said that the design ideas of leather clothes are used as a whole, it also retains the original design ideas of the hair collar coat. The loose and comfortable design makes the overall style very different from the style of ordinary leather clothes, showing a laziness The handsome temperament, straight lines also set off Zhu Xudan’s own figure, it can be said that the two are suitable


The most strange overall design is the hair collar design of the wool collar leather jacket. The hair collar design is the most important design of the hair collar coat than the other coats. It shows the unique temperament of the hair collar coat, and a kind of elegant elegance gives it a unique clothing effect

Not to mention, her hair collar design uses an asymmetrical design. This design makes the overall style more distinctive, showing full charm and temperament, and at the same time, it also shows a sloppy temperament at the same time That is, these unique places set off her temperament, making her look more cool and the charm has increased. I have to say that these designs are unique.


And her other dress is also an extremely special and overall clothing effect. First of all, the knitted sweater, the black tone conforms to the overall temperament and charm, and it also creates a sense of layering with the hair collar leather jacket. This clothing effect Naturally, the overall charm doubles. And the tights of the lower body show the lines of the legs, making it look more sexy

Seeing Zhu Xudan wearing a hair collar coat and showing a casual temperament, I believe that under the premise of warmth, female compatriots began to consider starting a hair collar coat. Next, I will briefly introduce some of the dressing coats, so that you can show their charm to the fullest


1. Mao collar coat with pleated skirt: This combination looks full of women, and the hair collar coat uses a more stretched design, which can set off the overall figure, and the design of the hair collar is even more in the cold wind. The wearer adds a touch of warm elegance, and the choice of pleated skirts perfectly stimulates women’s charming and sexy elements.

2. Wool collar coat with a sweater dress: This combination can be said to be the most unique choice in the matching coat of the hair collar coat. Both are clothing with high warmth coefficients. It can be said to be the two most suitable models in winter clothing. The combination of the two has made up for each other’s shortcomings and shows a kind of elegant charm. This is the charm of this match.

The above two combinations are only part of the matching type. The choice of hair collar coat needs to pay attention to its own style. Only by choosing the correct style of wool collar coat and the appropriate match can we show the charm of your fairy.