Lushan, Henan: Budi Tiger Production Welcome New Year


On January 21, 2022, Zhang Qiuyue, the inheritor of the representative project of the intangible cultural heritage project in Lushan County, Henan Province, was carefully making custom cloth tigers for customers at home.With the advent of the Year of the Lunar Lunar Tiger, the supply of large and medium -sized tiger ornaments, pendants, and double -headed tiger pillows should be in short supply.


The Lushan cloth tiger is decorated with brocade cotton and linen as the base material and felt color line. The facial features are rich in meaning.The tiger eye uses lotus Pisces shape, which means that it has been more than years.The tiger’s nose uses a gourd shape, which means that Fulu doubles.The tiger mouth uses paper -cutting techniques, and uses a bat to show its wings and ancient money shape, which means blessing.Inside the tiger fills home and biography Chinese herbal medicine spices, Tongqiao soothe the nerves.