Qin Hailu’s Pick’s single product “wide -leg pants”, the hidden meat is thin, and the right place will make you full.


Skirts and pants are the foundation of our common lower body. The skirt shows more sweet style, but the trousers have a natural capable and handsome

When it comes to comfortable pants, wide -leg pants will not be absent, it must also have a name


Essence Good -looking and comfortable, versatile and fashionable attributes make it one of the pants that many fashionistas are choosing.

1. The history of wide -leg pants

Speaking of the history of wide -leg pants, everyone does not know.


The earliest trousers were not prepared for ladies. Even in the Wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties in our country, some women were wearing only for the convenience of work.

Later, with the awakening of ideological liberation and the awakening of women’s consciousness, Europe first appeared in the long -clothes trousers of the sailor uniform series, and the shadow of wide -leg pants began to sprout.

After that, the designer improved the original tough lines, and used the soft curve to highlight the beauty of the woman’s body.


Since then,


Wide -legged pants have become one of the pants that Volkswagen like


, More and more loved by female friends

Second, Qin Hailu’s wide -leg pants fate


We all know that Qin Hailu is one of the few actresses in the entertainment industry.


Essence Her pants are simple and handsome, which can highlight her capable temperament


In the trousers we can find the wonderful fate between Qin Hailu and wide -leg pants,

She will wear wide -leg pants when attending a TV series and press conference, bringing us a different aesthetic experience


3. Qin Hailu’s wide -leg pants wardrobe




) Broad -leg pants with different materials:

1. Silk -faced wide -leg pants


According to the different materials of wide -leg pants, wide -leg pants can be divided into silk wide -leg pants and cotton and linen fabrics


Essence Filamented wide -leg pants are a wide -leg pants that reflects high -level sense

The silk or elegant and unique satin wide -leg pants are an important window that reflects the unique charm of women.

Qin Hailu’s khaki satin wide -leg pants are first -class in materials and workmanship.


At the same time, the design of the straight tube can also play a role in modifying the leg shape and showing the perfect figure.


With white fur and scarf

In terms of color selection, it is more gentle and elegant.


Do you have any heartbeat?


2. Cotton and linen wide -leg pants

Compared with the wide -leg pants, the wide -leg pants of the cotton and linen texture look lighter and more refreshing

Essence Cotton and linen clothes have a kind of temperament and retro atmosphere

This brick -red cotton and linen wide -leg pants are very distinctive in color, which can make people shine.

It is also a very young and beautiful wide -leg pants

The choice of cotton and linen also makes it more light and comfortable than other pants.


Essence In terms of design, the design of the high waist is more highlighted, and the proportion of the figure is lengthened


With the white shirt with the upper body, there is no shortage of fashion in simplicity, and a bit of charm in refreshing.

The blessing of purple cat heels and sunglasses makes Qin Hailu feminine and let people praise her clothes

(2) Wide -leg pants with different design:


1. Lace wide -leg pants


According to the different design of wide -leg pants, it can be divided into lace wide -leg pants and striped wide -leg pants.

Lace wide -leg pants show more women’s unique charm and beauty

Lace is an element that is very feminine and tempting

Essence The clothing design of lace always gives people a fluttering feeling.

Qin Hailu’s lace -style wide -leg pants can also show the charm of women

And the design of the lace is lighter and more charming


Essence With the same color, there are also T -shirts blessed by lace elements to make the whole more harmonious


The style of lace always gives a noble and beautiful experience.

Do you also be fascinated by Qin Hailu’s elegant and outstanding temperament?

Friends who like this match can learn


2. Striped wide -leg pants

Some female friends are afraid of stepping on the thunder,

It is very exclusive to the wide -leg pants of the stripe style, dare not try easily

But in fact, the wide -leg pants of the stripes are not difficult to match, as long as you choose the correct style and design

, You can show your due taste and temperament


Qin Hailu’s striped wide -leg pants suit has a very gas field and temperament in the workplace.

The blessing of striped elements and hollow elements makes the overall design distinctive


The combination of such striped wide -leg pants and short white blouses

, Be able to show the capable side perfectly to the public

After reading Qin Hailu’s body, I just want to say,

Who said that wide -leg pants can only be matched with solid color system

The wide -leg pants of the striped contrasting color design are also a glittering star in the fashion trend in the fashion trend.


Show their unique dress taste and unique temperament

(3) Color wide -leg pants:

1. Classic black wide -leg pants


Divided according to the color of wide -leg pants, it can be divided into classic black wide -leg pants and pure white wide -leg pants.


The first is classic black wide -leg pants


Whether it is a fashionista or a general public, black wide -leg pants can be said to be a must -have item for a person.


It is performed in versatile and classic. Qin Hailu’s classic black suit Xiaobian really loves and loves


Black suit wide -leg pants are handsome and handsome, the length and ductility are just right. With a thin belt, you can make a delicate decoration, and at the same time increase the body proportion.

The upper body is a shirt with a lotus leaf design at the white neckline, gentle and elegant


The version is excellent and fashionable,


The coat also chooses the color of the same color as the suit wide -leg pants, and also introduces lotus leaf elements into the coat. The overall looks very slim and capable.

While exquisite and elegant, it can also show outstanding temperament

In terms of thinness, it also has to mention the expression of black wide -leg pants. The blessing of sunglasses and handbags is more exquisite.

The little fairies who want to try this style can learn from Qin Hailu and try this style more


2. Pure white wide -leg pants


Similarly, the pure white wide -leg pants are also Qin Hailu’s favorite style

Essence Black is dark, white is pure, and two different colors of wide -leg pants are reflected in different aesthetic feelings

This set of pure white wide -leg pants made people’s eyes shine, and suddenly attracted the eyes.


White shirt with white wide -leg pants, although it is monotonous in color


But the whole is a refreshing and clean temperament. It really does not require too much modification and decoration


It’s already good -looking

The coat is a black suit,

The feeling of Xiaoxiangfeng gives a femininity, and the belt between the waist is set against

It can also have a charming and mature feeling and temperament

This combination also makes Qin Hailu perfectly show the high figure,

The advantages of long legs are also revealed, full of fashion, elegant and excellent

Fourth, classic wide -leg pants wearing recommendations

Look1: chic and capable


Many fashionistas are not satisfied with simple matching, but tried new changes and breakthroughs to varying degrees

Essence Qin Hailu’s wide -leg pants are very recommended to wear

There is a black tube top in the inside, and the lower body is the same color black wide -leg pants

Essence The inside is matched with wide -leg pants.

The outer jacket is a printed thin windbreaker, which is paired with chic and handsome.

Qin Hailu’s printed trench coat with wide -leg pants,

Literary and artistic, and show a good figure

The most eye -catching thing is that the refreshing print and the capable style of wide -leg pants are more matched

This is exactly a beautiful picture


The chicness of the windbreaker is perfectly integrated with the capable of wide -leg pants,


It is simply a new trend to wear wide -leg pants, a youthful romantic atmosphere rushing across the screen

Look2: Simple atmosphere


Speaking of which, Qin Hailu is still very distinctive in the matching and choice of wide -leg pants, and is very diverse.


Essence This gray suit suit, the neutral dress is more simple and atmospheric


Gray gives people a calm feeling, paired with versatile white shirts, which complement each other.


The design of the gray wide -leg pants tight -fitting tight -fitting tight -fitting tight -fitting tightness has highlighted a good figure


Short and tall, versatile and atmospheric, standing upright, handsome,

Is our biggest feeling of Qin Hailu’s gray suit


Qin Hailu is like a different dressing of a woman in the workplace in the autumn and winter cold color


Essence The young lady who attended work can try this style. Who said that the workplace must be white and black, and the gray system is not a new choice.

Well, today’s Qin Hailu’s wide -leg pants are introduced here.

Different materials with different materials and wide -leg pants with different design sense are very colorful

At the same time, there are also a variety of color wide -leg pants for your young ladies and sisters to choose and match. I do n’t know which one -style wide -leg pants are you alone. Welcome to leave a message to tell Xiaobian.