Former MUJI designer fucking green rice hanging clocks in Xiaomi Youpin: 129 yuan


News on December 1st,

Qingmi hanging clock is officially released in Xiaomi Youpin, priced at 129 yuan.

According to the official introduction, Qingmi hanging clock was designed by the chief designer Mr. Sango Yangping,

Mr. Sangyano, a well -known product designer in the international design industry today. He originally worked in MUJI’s senior designer for 6 years and graduated from the finished product design of the University of Fine Arts.

Qingmi Gongzhong is based on the design prototypes commonly used in life, combined with the deviation of the funnel -shaped table, and only contact the wall on the bottom of the center, giving people a sense of vision that suspended on the wall. The thinnest part of the edge is only 14 mm, and there is no clumsy thick, leaving only exquisite lightweight.

前无印良品设计师操刀 青米挂钟在小米有品发售:129元

This hanging clock selected the Japanese Lisheng Motor Motorcycle,

前无印良品设计师操刀 青米挂钟在小米有品发售:129元

With ultra -silent, super precision, ultra -long -term characteristics, it can reach less than 5 decibels when scanning silently, which is equivalent to the sound of fallen leaves. Using precision gear design, the service life is 7-10 years.

In addition, the green rice hanging clock adopts an innovative power solution to improve the power of the power supply. The battery can maintain a stable operation of 3 years, avoiding frequent replacement of battery problems.