Gong Li and 72 -year -old husband attended the event. Wearing lantern pants is domineering, fashionable sunglasses grab the mirror


The design of any pants has her “original heart”.

In the matching of clothing, our attention is often placed on the shoulders, waist, and few people pay attention to the position of the legs and feet. In fact, this is the best part of the concave shape. The trousers that are closed, it can not only highlight the slender beauty of the waist,

Leave more space for the upper around, and it can highlight the three -dimensional and tall legs of the legs, which plays a role in increasing height and enhancing visual aesthetics.


Lantern pants are the best in the trousers. With a unique shape, it has become the brightest “landscape” on the street.

Lantern pants, as the name suggests, are pants like lanterns. The location of the whole pants is relatively wide, and the position of the waist and pants feet is narrow, forming a narrow and wide and narrow style.


It’s like a lantern, loose and natural, and the shape is unique.

Features of lantern pants:

Loose and casual: The concept of the current clothing is loose and free, casual and casual, which is not only in line with the elegant style of French style, but also in line with European and American self -personality. It can become the symbol and characteristics of personal matching.

Improve the waistline: One of the features of the lantern pants is the width position of the waist, such as the charming belt, the waist effect, and the waist design is wide, leaving enough thin waist space.

Loose and casual, ventilated and cool. Even in summer, it feels like a skirt, because the lantern pants have a good breathable effect, which is consistent with the effect of dresses or high waist skirts.

Convenient: there is no embarrassment of skirts, even if you consider standing and sitting, there will be no impact. This is the biggest difference between pants and skirts.

Example of the lantern pants: Gong Li

56 -year -old Gong Li is not only a Chinese actor


, Exquisite acting skills, countless awards, and repeated international awards, clothing products are also very outstanding, and 72 -year -old husband

Jean Michelle Yals held hands to attend the event, paired with black tight lace long -sleeved shirts and high -waisted loose lantern pants, domineering.

Gong Li’s clothing has always been relatively international, which has both restrained and simple Chinese.

There are also high -level matching styles, focusing on aesthetic and delicateness, and the black and white matching suitable for the inverted triangle body can perfectly highlight the beauty of matching, and irregular hollowing out is very delicate, easy to present classic matching.

Who is suitable for the lantern pants:

NO1: Woman with thicker legs

Lantern pants are generally cut with soft silk or chemical fiber clothing, so it is a style that tends to be casual and natural, and in the matching, some women’s waist is slim but thick legs, which is not suitable for short skirts or tight jeans.

So loose pants are the best matching style they choose.

At the same time, whether you are eight -character legs or inner roll legs,

It can be completely assured with lantern pants, which is the benefit of the lantern pants.

NO2: Woman with long legs and short legs


The purpose of the mix of lantern pants is to leave enough space for the legs. Whether it is a high -waist design or the design of the ankle, it will leave more visual and thin space for the legs. The design of the waist leaves more space for the legs.

Analysis of lantern pants with:

[1]: Leisure matching, self -confidence out of the street

Key points: The effect of lantern pants has no slimming effect, which is relatively loose. This style of matching is more suitable for leisure style as a whole.

The combination of casual style is usually T -shirt, sweater, and shirts, suitable for summer matching style, and short T -shirts and long lantern pants are perfectly combined.

It is more advanced, and through this matching style, the clothing can have a high sense of exquisiteness.


Leisure out of the street, black T -shirts and white lantern pants, forming black and white matching styles, easy to become classic, even girls with wider shoulders are not obvious, and the lantern pants are exposed to ankle, which is thinner. With low -heeled small white shoes, the trend is perfectly formed.


Key points: Do not become a burden on the matchmaker, so in the matching, you can choose a small size to match. Do not be too long. This is one of the thin tips.

[2]: Professional shirt, commute lantern wind


Key points: The lantern pants are never a way of matching, and with the change of the single item of the upper around, you can easily match your own style.


In addition to the casual matching of the lantern pants, it can also be matched with professional shirts. After all, shirts have also become a must -have classic for men, women, old, old, and old. It has a little more diligent flavor, and it is suitable for relatively formal occasions.

The white shirt with a lighter pants, preferably dark color, looks more formal. If it can be easier to make some simple patterns and patterns, it will look better, but

The pattern should not be too fancy, and the simple pattern is more reasonable.

When matching professional lantern pants, you can choose some checkered, thousands of birds and other elegant, more literary style of matching, such combination

More charming and fresh, full of goddess Fan, and some hats and retro bags with the same color, it will look better.

Key points: The lantern pants are not only one form. With the changes in the material and pattern of the lantern pants, the combination of the entire clothing has also developed corresponding changes.


[3]: mature lantern pants, different material

Key points: The material of the lantern pants is different, so the style of matching is completely different

Early lantern pants are all

Silk or chemical fiber clothing is mainly convenient for exercise, suitable for fitness, and practice matching, but then with the development of clothing, thin and thin cotton and linen trousers, exquisite lace lantern pants, velvet lamp pants, then the mix of lanterns becomes a kind Representatives of fashion and avant -garde.

Faye Wong’s matching has always been relatively simple and casual. The thin and light cotton spinning material with slim -fit coffee pants forms a simple color and simple match.


Method, easily eye -catching, becoming the focus.

Summary: In fact, lantern pants have a lot to do with shoes. Generally, the style of shoes and tops is consistent. This will appear more formal.

Moreover, the color of the lantern pants and the clothing on the upper side are the best. It can easily form a comparison to make the clothing more charming.


Lantern pants matching demonstration:

Hutglass: Black T -shirts with folded lantern pants, and then combined with fashionable sunglasses and exquisite commute bags, suitable for out of the street, simple and stylish.

Vacation style: white short T with low -waisted printed lantern pants, beautiful colors, highlighting the slender waist, with woven straw hats, more casual and sunny.



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