What shelves are used for cold storage products?


Cold storage is also called refrigerated library. It is a warehouse for low -temperature storage products. Because of the high cooling storage cost, it is very important to use the space reasonably. Generally, the cold storage products often use ingenuity to achieve high -density storage, which can effectively reduce the storage cost.


1. The ingenious solid rack is also known as the stacking frame. It is often used in an environment that requires high -density storage such as cold storage. The upper and lower three -dimensional stacking storage can be achieved. There is no need to use the shelves and other equipment. It only needs to be done with the forklift.

2. During the stacking process of ingenuity, the forklift channel may not be reserved to save the cold storage space and achieve high density storage.

3. After the clever solid frame stacked, there are gaps up, down, left and right, and the ventilation and refrigeration effect can be achieved without reserving the ventilation channel.

4. The capacity of the clever solid frame is fixed and the swing is neat to facilitate the management of the cold storage.