What facial cleanser can be cleaned efficiently? These cleansing milk is warm and skin -friendly, sensitive skin savior



Kerun amino acid facial cleanser

This kind of facial cleanser is rich, mild and not irritating. It does not have spices and alcohol. But it is not clean enough. It has a certain pressure on oily skin. Very suitable for dry skin and some sensitive muscles.


Ortili Big Grape Clean Moto

This cleansing product does not contain soap -alkali, and it can quickly become foam -rich mosice, bringing a pleasant pleasure with a gentle cleaning. It is best to use Zhenyang Shuiguang Essence to hydrate. It is designed for mixed skin, and it is also suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Kerun cleansing foam

Ke Run’s facial cleanser is a facial cleanser series dedicated to lazy girls. Because it is really convenient to use, you only need to squeeze out a very rich and delicate foam. The facial cleanser is relatively sensitive. Use muscle or mixed skin. As a proper amino acid facial cleanser, the cleaning strength is high and upper and upper. After washing the face, it will not be slippery. It is also comfortable to use. It’s still very good. Relatively speaking, this Ke Run cleansing facial cleanser is more suitable for sensitive muscle girls and is convenient to use.

Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser

Flower Yu Ji amino acid facial cleaning milk effect: deep cleansing and refreshing skin color to improve acne muscle

This Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser is rated as the light of domestic products by netizens. As a cleansing makeup remover di -one facial cleanser, its small molecular amino acid can go deep into the pores, absorb the impurities in the pores, completely clean the pores, clean the pores, clean Power is enough and does not hurt the skin, which can prevent acne. It is rich in goat milk and nano -pearl powder. It not only has a good cleaning effect, but also balances water and oil, clean acne removing mites, converges pores, remove blackheads and closed acne, whitening and skinny! Mild and non -irritating sensitive muscle pregnant women are available!

This facial cleanser can make a rich foam with a little bit of squeezing. It can not only remove the waste horny but also balance water and oil, the skin is washed and moisturized, and the skin thief is smooth. Another point is that I like it very much, that is, it can be used directly to remove light makeup, and I am pretty friendly for office workers. Pure amino acid formula does not contain a little soap base. It has been used for about a month. The pores are clean and delicate. The blackheads are significantly less, and the skin is getting white, which makes me easily have water muscle.

What facial cleanser can be cleaned efficiently? These cleansing milk is warm and skin -friendly, sensitive skin savior