Edison Chen’s wife is too confident, wearing a lace night dress with a suit, and the “Dao Gu head” is high -end


Many people will learn from the combination of female stars on wearing, but in this circle, they can truly play this thing to play the fashion supermodel on the runway. They are tall, temperamental, temperamental temperament Different, various items can always wear a kind of decay into a magical effect on the supermodels. Edison Chen’s wife Qin Shupei knows how to wear the casual item with a high sense of high -level items.


Qin Shupei style analysis:

Basic color -eternal classic

Edison Chen’s wife was too confident. She wore a lace night dress with a suit, and her aunt was unexpected. Everyone sees that when the supermodels go to the runway, they often wear some strange clothes. After walking down the runway, they are usually very simple to wear. Qin Shupei loves some basic matching. Both color and style design are very simple and low -key. This body is matched with eternal black and white in the presentation of color. Black and white are used as the basic color. White is used as a decorative color. It can not only match the visual richness, but also show the charm of basic color matching.

Lace Elements -Increases femininity

Qin Shupei wore a lace element’s nightdress in it. The low -cut version with a lace element design made this basic black nightdress show a delicate and charming sexy femininity. Everyone can wear a lot of daily wear Use the elements of lace, but pay attention to the exquisite sense, do not use it in a large area to avoid losing the charm of lace.


Lace skirt+suit -soft and neat


A strong combination method can present two completely different styles together. Qin Shupei combines a soft lace skirt with a British suit jacket. The feminine femininity can show the free and handsome suits and handsomeness.


Bow shoes -delicate and dazzling

A basic black clothes are very low -key in color and style, but Qin Shupei wearing a supermodel figure looks high -level. With lace on the chest to show femininity, the feet use the exaggerated big bow to increase the visual eye -catching feeling.

Qin Shupei is very elegant, but the feeling of wearing it looks particularly high -level. When matching her hairstyle, she chose the Taoist head that tested the face shape. This hairstyle will completely present the forehead. In short, it is not very friendly, and most people really can’t control it.


Analysis of other styling of Qin Shupei:

Black suspender dress


The classic black dress can always wear a distinctive sense of high -level on Qin Shupei’s body. This black dress is cut with a strap style to show the advantages of fragrant shoulders and collarbone. Although it is a small black skirt, it perfectly presents the charm of mature women’s figure and temperament.

Pink T -shirt+blue sports shorts


The bright color matching method is completely unaccompanied for Qin Shupei of the supermodel body. The bright pink T -shirt shows a visual brightness. With a healthy wheat color, it looks full of European and American style. The lower body is matched with blue ones. Sports shorts are superb comfortable, but this contrasting method is still difficult to control for ordinary people.


Sleeveless top+denim shorts

The refreshing matching method is very common in summer. Through appropriate exposure, it can present the charm of the figure. At the same time, it can also wear the effect of cooling. Qin Shupei’s upper body uses sleeveless tops to present a sense of exquisiteness. The lower body is matched with denim shorts shows For long legs, the refreshing and sweet out of the street can be beautiful.

In addition to learning the wearing of female stars, everyone can learn more about the matching methods of supermodels. After all, these young ladies and sisters are the most professional.

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