Is the Zhengzhou Railway Station’s clothing market survey, can one shop be raised for three generations?


[1] Railway station business district clothing market survey: rent and shop survey

Henan Business Daily reporters are divided into three roads, entering and leaving eight markets, take a week, and investigate in -depth

Who is high and low in the eight clothing markets of the railway station business district?

Merchants have the most complaints with too many competitors and saturated in the business district


Henan Business Daily reporter Li Xingjia intern Zhang Heming reporter Tang Tao/Picture

More than 30 years ago, the first bamboo pole of Dunmu Road raised the first bamboo pole to sell clothes, and the door of the wealth of the clothing business district of Zhengzhou Railway Station opened.

Today, nearly 30,000 merchants are concentrated on this two -square -kilometer land, as many as 1 billion yuan of clothing sold throughout the country each year, with an average daily turnover of 330 million. At the time, the group of people who lived in the railway station might not have thought that what kind of clothing dealer had created the era of clothing dealers.

Time moves. Can the current clothing business district be raised for three generations? Is the rent still unattainable? Can the glory created by the father -in -law be in the shade of this generation?

Henan Business Daily reporters are divided into three roads, entering and leaving the eight markets, taking a week, visiting dozens of people, intending to depict the panoramic view of the most authentic and most dimensional railway station clothing and shops.

Merchant stories are called business rising 15%, and the name is one -third of the name decrease

One side and flames, the clothing business district of Zhengzhou Railway Station is ushered in polarization.


Chen Haihong, a merchant of Jinrong Business City, founded the “Laughing” women’s clothing brand in 17 years, and achieved a sales of 20 million yuan this year.


Li Junpeng on the first floor of the market and made denim women’s pants for 11 years, he said that the annual sales growth rate was 15%. Four years ago, he transferred from a physical wholesale as a network wholesale. During the pain period, he made him extremely painful. At the peak, the inventory reached 80,000 pieces. He boiled for a whole year. He gave 300,000 pieces last year.

Some merchants have talked about the business of business.

“The profit is getting lower and lower, the rent is high, and the labor is high. It has to be retired from the next market, because the rent is low. Maintain a significant increase in each year and dare not imagine.” Zheng Fengsheng, a merchant in Happy Lake Children’s Clothing Shopping Center for 23 years, told Henan businessmen. Reporter, “Customers bypass us, purchase directly from the manufacturer, and get cash from cash, only in the explosion.”

“After moving, the sales have fallen by one -third. In the past two years, the inventory is cheap and it can’t be cleaned up. You can only lose money. Dare to rest for more than 20 days in July. More and more people do clothing. Survival, selling money without making money, the business district has been severely saturated. This impact is larger than e -commerce. We can pay the rent on time and settle money for manufacturers. It is good to maintain operation. “Lu Jing, another merchant in the same market Essence


One said that the sales volume increased 15%annually, and one said that one -third of the one said. Who is lying?

In fact, they are all expressing their true stories. The Zhengzhou Railway Station’s clothing business district, which is brought together by the two -kilometer projectile, enters the unprecedented maturity and saturation period. Some merchants have completed the change of wealth butterfly and still firmly occupy the right to speak wealth. In their opinion, the business district has never fallen; another part of the merchants are struggling on the business of the business. Stocking is unwilling to leave easily.

Several old markets are almost full of individual golden positions.

“One paving and three generations” was in the past, but the old market of the railway station’s clothing business district still maintained a state of nearly pavement. Individual gold locations were even difficult to find.

“This business district empty shop is a small amount of temporary empty paving generated by the market side to adjust, and there will be no large -scale empty paving. Strong business rent will even rise, and there have been examples of eight women in women’s clothing stores. There is almost no time to shop, and one is snatched away. “Industry insiders told Henan Business Daily reporter.

“Jinrong Business City Stores are mostly self -employed, do not sell property rights, and will not easily adjust large -scale adjustments to avoid the loss of merchants brought about by relocation. Jinrong’s merchants have great autonomy and bundled with the interests of the market party. The market After being bigger, the merchants also have benefits, and loyalty does not have to doubt. “Li Wenchao, an operator of the Jinrong Capital Market Market, said,” No matter how good the operating team is in the business, it is also a headache. Balanced. The sales ratio of sales properties should be controlled within 25%. When this ratio, it is not a benign property, it is not easy to control. “

He said that as of the past year, the Jinrong empty paving rate was zero, and now it has only less than 300 square meters of empty paving, and it is the intermittent empty paving brought about by the market’s active adjustment.

The old market is representative of the Silver Plaza. There are about 673 shops on the first floor. There are only about 10 empty shops (excluding window rental), and the empty shop rate is only 1.4%. There are about 396 shops on the second floor. The office stated that “there are only two empty shops for renting through the company, excluding some owners’ own property rights.” There is no time to see the free shop on the third floor.

The new market is a sampling representative. In the first floor, about 116 shops, the “rental transfer” card and the number of shops in decoration and renovation were about 23, accounting for about 20%(this non -empty shop). However, the opening time of Da Guan is only more than half a year, and the cultivation period needs to be cultivated, which is not the same as the old market that has existed for more than 20 years.

Rental survey 8 market rental comparison

“After the Grand View of the International Trade, everyone is not full.” Industry insiders analyzed. “After the opening of Happy Lake, Dajian Guomang, and Qiantang Clothing City last year, there were threatening to the surrounding markets, and the rent was slightly dropped.”

Take the children’s clothing area on the 5th floor of the World Trade and Shopping Center as an example. In the past year, the monthly rent of one square meter was 240-280 yuan, and last year fell to 180 yuan (general location).

However, the surrounding market soon passed the adaptation period.


“Women’s clothing is led by silver, Jin Rong, and World Trade. The rent gap is not large. This is like three connected kettles. The water of the three kettles is flat. This is the natural result of full competition in the market.” The above person said.

Nearly 70 % of merchants in the business district believe that there are too many competitors and saturated in the business district

One of the intuitive feelings of Li Wenchao is that people in various industries have been transferred to clothing, but now some clothing practitioners have left, and the business district is in a state of unclear state.

Recently, more than thirty merchants have been entered in the East District of Jinrong Capital Trade City. After analyzing, he found that these merchants have the following sources: the original salesperson directly made the boss, the friends of the clothing owner came to open the store, the clothing processing plant opened the store, and the market for the market for a long time.

“It is no longer that other industries have been transferred to make clothing. This means that there are not many nets in business districts, and the new market is not enough to divide merchants.”

Some people described that Dajian International Trade has set up offices in Beijing, but because of the heavy concepts of clothing dealers, children and family members are in Beijing, and merchants have relocated to the country. Even if there is a large brand that develops the provincial and municipal markets, the number is limited.

Some people also said that some areas on the first floor of Yinji Plaza request to settle in the three -year rent of the merchants (about 480,000 yuan a year). “,”

In the questionnaire survey of the business district’s impression, there are too many competitors and saturated in the business district (68.89%), followed by too high rent (53.33%).

The general average rent level of several markets:

The main store of the Silver Plaza is 15-20 square meters as an example. The annual rent is between 45 and 500,000 yuan (large channel location).

The average monthly rent of the WTO is around 1,000 yuan, reaching 2,000 yuan. The main store of 18 square meters, with an annual rent of 200,000 to 450,000 yuan.

Jinrong Business City West District, taking 15-20 square meters of stores as an example, first-hand housing (company direct rental), annual rent of 50,000 to 550,000 yuan, second-hand houses (owners), annual rent of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan In the central district, the annual rent is 170,000 yuan.

Tianlong Clothing City first -hand house, monthly rent of 600 ~ 1,000 yuan; second -hand housing, monthly rent of 800 ~ 1200 yuan.

Grand View International Trade pays 30,000 to 50,000 yuan in deposits, with a monthly rent of 600 ~ 800 yuan (the early period is cultivated by the market, and the rent is free).

The main store of 15 square meters of Qiantang Yicheng is an example. The first -hand house, with a monthly rent of 400 ~ 600 yuan (500,000 yuan for sale for ten years); second -hand houses, a year rent of 150,000 to 180,000 yuan.

Hengtai children’s clothing market (fewer housing), monthly rent is 600 yuan; second -hand houses, monthly rent is 700 ~ 1,000 yuan.

The main store of 20-30 square meters of Happy Lake Children’s clothing shopping center is an example. The monthly rent is 300 yuan.


(The above data is reported by Henan Business Daily, with the first floor of various markets as a reference)

【two 】

Faculty group portrait: market love and killing each other, children’s clothes off -season miserable day

The proportion of husband and wife files is 40 %, and the original brand is insufficient

Henan Business Daily reporter Li Xingjia intern Zhang Heming

Henan Business Daily reporter Tang Tao/Picture/Picture

Zhengzhou is a business city pulled by a train. Gathering the genes of “train” and “commerce”, Zhengzhou Railway Station’s clothing business circle was born, destined to have extraordinary fate.

Dozens of years of legendary business war outlined the general appearance of the business district today: silver base, World Trade, Jinrong big guys compete, and the new market short soldiers are connected to each other, and they are jealous and coexistence. dismal.

Market impression

From Datong Road in the north, Longhai Road in the south, one road in the west, and south streets in the east, and the long -standing Zhengzhou Railway Station clothing business district. Here are dozens of clothing markets including Yinji Plaza, Jinrong Business City, Zhengzhou World Trade Center, Tianlong Clothing City, Hengtai Children’s clothing market, Jincheng Clothing Plaza, Daguan Guomao, Qiantang Clothing City, and Happy Lake Children’s clothing market.

In the decades of decades, there are legends in business warfare, love and killing each other, moving stories, and blood. What is the existence of each market?

A silver base is a vane, the WTO’s unique show of the WTO, the crowd of the rural townships of the Jinrong Township, and the head of Tianlong men

“Silver foundation has always been a vane, we are all around it. Now it has rely on decades of accumulation to promote the transformation of retail.” Industry insiders said, “Yinji made mid -to -high -end clothing, slowly and slowly and peaceful. The Guangzhou Baima clothing market is close. Because of the conditions, it is an incubator as a brand, and more and more original brands are launched. “

At the same time, the transformation of the silver base is the most powerful and the most successful. “I want to change the category, please leave. Silver foundation’s shop will not be empty, you leave, and someone will fill in soon. The status of the base will not be replaced at present, there is a right to speak, and the theme block transformation is at the forefront. “

Compared with the World Trade and Jin Rong, “Jin Rong customers are in towns and towns, and WTO customers are in counties and cities. WTO densely go to local cities to promote promotion activities. The distribution center, the most concentrated market for railway stations, many well -known pregnant infant brands come out of here. Jinrong’s positioning is clear, the Lord is low -end, the passenger flow is large, the popularity is strong. Seeing that there is no one in Jin Rong, you don’t have to go to other markets. In the past two years, you have also observed and supported some growth and strength brands. “

The best thing about Tianlong Clothing City is men’s clothing. The insider described that “men’s clothing is stronger”, a menswear merchant goes to the WTO rental shop and names only rent for one year, because “it will return to Tianlong after the year expires.”

“After the Tianlong Clothing City took over, the construction of the organizational structure has long been stable. It wants to start the second phase (including Greenland Hotel), but because of the complexity of the property rights, it is extremely difficult.” Industry insiders said.

B Children’s clothing battle: separated all the way, two worlds


Compared with the above -mentioned people believe that the children’s clothing market is “strange”, “Hengtai is very stable, and is currently full of shops, but it is weak for the control of the shop because of the large -scale property rights. Methods to adjust, but failed. However, it is difficult to fight against other children’s clothing markets. “

On the south side of Longhai Road, there is a newly opened children’s clothing professional market Happy Lake. Some people think that it missed the best time from August 2015 to the end of 2016. “No way, a number of knitted merchants on the 6th floor recruited a number of knitted merchants to fill it.”

A children’s clothing merchant in Happy Lake said that low rent and good hardware attracted them to settle in, but the business is very different from Longhai Road. In minutes, the geographical location has a great influence. The early market does recruit a large number of large households, and there is a small amount of return in the middle. “

A merchant who had been in Jincheng Clothing Plaza, Hengtai children’s clothing market, and Happy Lake stated that Jincheng has more loose customers and more cash transactions; Happy Lake needs to cultivate, and only slowly develop on the basis of maintaining old customers. New customers; Hengtai is relatively high-end, and the same children’s clothing can increase the price of 3-4 yuan in Hengtai.

However, some interviewed merchants expressed their optimistic attitudes towards Happy Lake. “As long as Happy Lake does not fall, our old clothing people are optimistic. After all, the hardware is here, and it is a children’s clothing professional market.”

C New Market: Qiantang Clothing City is fast than Da Guan International Trade?

With the three large market markets opened densely last year, the railway station’s clothing business district has never felt full.

“Qiantang Clothing City is the best operation in the three new markets. The merchants talk to the market. The market party has a good policy. A group of people talk directly to settle in, lease -free, and it is very neat.” Some people in the industry said.

Behind Grand View Guomao is the Miss Group. A familiar with the matter said that many people are very optimistic about the Grand View in the early stage, and the owner intends to make Jin very positive, which has increased the expectations of developers. “The market opens requires a shot. It is affordable, how to stay? But it is also very wronged for the market. The merchants have used houses but have been exempt from rent, not the way. “

More than two interviewees predict that they occupy a superior geographical location, and the merchants have revolutionary emotions for the two markets. The two markets will definitely get up. ” Low; Great View of the country’s trade with a large amount of trade, but the geographical location and property will support its long -term development, and it will definitely get up in the future. “

【Merchant Group Description】

According to the data feedback of sampling surveys, Zhengzhou Railway Station clothing merchants are such a group of people: most of the female bosses, the women’s clothing business is too half -proportion, the husband and wife store are still popular, agents and wholesale accounts for the mainstream, the operation has declined sharply, the future looks at the industry, the rent is inherited by the rent inheritance The heaviest, the most impact on e -commerce, but rarely touched the net.

A women’s clothing accounts for half of the country, “old artillery” is the most profitable

Among the interviewed merchants, the female boss exceeded the male boss with an overwhelming number, with 64.44%and 35.56%, respectively. Among them, part of the reason is related to the high proportion of women’s clothing in the business district and industry: 57.78%of people operate women’s clothing, occupying half of the entire business district, men’s clothing and maternity and infant children’s clothing merchants are still competing against women’s clothing, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively. It was 15.56%and 24.44%.

In the age class, the group is still distinctive. There is no “small fresh meat” involved in the clothing industry under the age of 20, mostly some old artillery in the industry: more than half of merchants who have operated for more than 10 years, nearly half, the proportion is 48.89%; 30%of merchants operate; The time is 5-10 years, and the proportion is 31.11%; the proportion of newcomers that have been operated within one year is very small, only 4.44%.

Most of the younger ages are young and middle -aged. The 26-30 years old and the 36-40-year-olds are the most, accounting for 22.22%and 24.44%, respectively. The third place is the 31-35-year-old merchant, accounting for 17.78%. In other words, the 26-40-year-old merchants are the main force of the entire clothing business district, accounting for 64.44%.

So how much annual sales is related to age and industry experience?

If the operating hours are less than 5 years, the annual turnover has not exceeded 1 million yuan. On the contrary, the annual turnover is more than 5 million yuan, and the operating hours have exceeded 5 years. Among them, 44%of the merchants who have been operating for more than 15 years are over 5 million yuan in annual turnover. Among them, 69.22%of the annual sales of more than 1 million yuan.


B husband and wife files account for 40 %, the original brand is insufficient

The husband and wife file is a delicate existence in the history of the business war. After thousands of years, the identity positioning of this male and female lead can still find traces in the current Shanghai.

The clothing industry is particularly prominent. In the survey, 40%of the bosses admitted to the husband and wife shop, and only 6.67%of them were the second generation of the clothing wholesale industry, and they took over the business from their parents. In the family relationship, the husband and wife stall in the business have become a career partner. The husband and wife give full play to the gender advantage and personality characteristics to take care of a career. Women play fashion buyers with their fashion taste, and men use their footsteps to maintain customer relationships.


Brand agents and bulk of bulk goods are still a relatively prominent feature of this business district, which accounts for 57.78%of the combination; the number of original brands is insufficient, accounting for only 13.33%. Wholesale is still the main theme of this business district, 68.89%of merchants said that their retail business accounts for less than 10%(including 0). The proportion of merchants with all business is zero.

After experiencing consumption over and the transformation of the business district, the business district of the railway station has been separated from the old, scattered, and chaotic stalls wholesale impression. However, there is still a large number of ways to go from the original clothing brand incubation base.

C Children’s clothing bleak: the off -season break rate is high, and the decoration of merchants

At 11 am, a reporter from Henan Business Daily visited the professional market of Hengtai Children’s clothing. Few businesses opened normally. Most bosses were playing with their mobile phones. About 80 shops on the second floor, about 36 stores closed or vacated, and about 24 are being renovated. In other words, the proportion of shops opened on the second floor account for only 25%.

A large number of closed stores and decoration this season are determined by the distinctive division of children’s clothing wholesale off the off -peak season. A merchant reports that the peak season for children’s clothing is concentrated in April, September, 10th, and November.

Among the merchants who interviewed randomly, the male boss who has operated children’s clothing for nearly 20 years said: “Compared with 2013 and 2014, the sales volume decreased at least 20%in the past two years. In the peak season, the profit of wholesale hair was sold for 50,000 yuan a day. Now it is only more than 20,000 yuan a day. “The above -mentioned merchants described,” Some merchants who have done one or two years have not done it, and some have come in. They don’t know how deep children’s clothing is. We have been doing it for a long time. Be able to maintain it barely. “

Among the many factors of the sharp decline in business, children’s clothing merchants generally reflect that “too high rent is the weight of stress cannot withstand.”

“The rent is too expensive, it is not ordinary, and the business cannot be done.” There was a merchant on the first floor that the monthly rent of one square meter was 650 yuan. In contrast, because of the newly opened market, Happy Lake Children’s clothing shopping center, the monthly rent on the first floor is about 300 yuan.

[3] Railway station business district clothing market survey: difficulties and roads out

Nearly 70 % of the merchants call the profit decline

Henan Business Daily reporter Li Xingjia intern Zhang Heming Henan Business Daily reporter Tang Tao/Picture

On the one hand, running and e -commerce such as floods are beasts, and high rent is even more worse. On the other hand, the business district is still confident, how to break the game is a mystery. This is the reality that the merchants in the clothing business district of Zhengzhou Railway Station are encountered.

Each move is trying not to do anything with the past, and the number of books is raised to highlight the glory. The afterglow of the business district, the footprint of the aggressive person.

E -commerce shocks 70 % of merchants are impacted by e -commerce, 80 % of merchants have not touched the Internet

Compared with tea and building materials, clothing is the industry with the highest intimate index with e -commerce. The wholesale railway station clothing business district merchants did not keep up with the rhythm of e -commerce. They were “poisoned” by e -commerce, but they did not try to touch the net to change the anxiety battle.

As high as 80%of merchants did not conduct e -commerce. Among the total revenue of e -commerce revenue, up to 84.44%of merchants will vote to “less than 10%(including 0)”, and only 2.22%say More than half.

This is in line with the following data: 73.33%of the factors of profit declines believe that “e -commerce shocks”. Secondly, “there are too many surrounding market competition, the business district is saturated” and “higher rent”.


It seems that the degree of “persecution” by e -commerce by e -commerce is more serious than we think. Now that the impact of e -commerce is considered seriously, these merchants lack the courage to actively touch the Internet. This may be caused by the factors of e -commerce difficult to do and the factors of the agent that are not allowed to touch the network.

60 % of the running tumors have encountered logistics running, and it is difficult to collect debts

E -commerce threats exist online, and offline threats also exist, such as logistics companies running.

The sampling results of the reporter from Henan Business Daily showed that only 37.78%of the merchants did not encounter logistics running, 37.78%of merchants said that they had encountered logistics running two or more, and 24.44%of the merchants had encountered one logistics run.

A women’s clothing merchant voiced, “Logistics runs, it is difficult to collect the debt. When you see the goods every day, you will not see the money.” Another children’s clothing merchant said that the running roads include the logistics company’s running, downstream customers run, and run the road. The supermarket runs and so on. Every year, each merchant runs away from tens of thousands of yuan. Maybe it is still receiving the goods today. The logistics company will be closed tomorrow.

In fact, after experiencing frequent logistics companies running, the industry has gone through a reshuffle period, and some logistics companies with good reputation have survived. From the option of “how many logistics companies in the market are worthy of your trust”, only 11.11%of merchants believe that no logistics company can trust, only 10%. 37.78%of merchants believe that 35.56%of merchants think “not more than 3”.

Some interviewed merchants handwritten the list of logistics companies he trusted the most: 8 merchants wrote Dafa Logistics, 7 merchants recognized Amway Logistics, 3 merchants voted for square logistics, and 3 merchants voted for Yuxin Logistics.

Nearly 70 % of the business geometric merchants call the profit decline

Every family has a business scripture. Some people say that “sales have increased 15%year”, and some people say “one -third of sales after moving.” Is the business decline or upward?

The answer may be seen from the sampling results. Nearly half of the merchants reported that the net profit in the first half of 2017 was “sharply declined” year -on -year, with a voting ratio of 48.89%; 15.56%of the merchants said that the net profit was “slightly reduced within 10%”; Growth; 20.00%of merchants believe that business is the same as the past.

In other words, nearly 70%of merchants (64.45%) said that the profit declined in the first half of the year.

The industry encountered in the hearts of merchants is even more severe. 80%of merchants believe that the net profit of the clothing industry in the first half of this year decreased year -on -year. Only 2.22%believe that the industry is growing, and 17.78%think it is flat.

So, is merchant confident in the future of the industry and business districts? Is the haze of the industry temporarily or long -term?

More than half of the interviewed merchants (53.33%) believe that the industry situation in the second half of this year will “maintain a downturn” or even “even more downturn”; only 26.67%of merchants believe that the situation in the second half of the year will improve; in addition, 20%of merchants will It is believed that the current situation will be maintained.

For more people, the downturn of business is passed into confusion about the business district. More than half of the merchants (57.78%) still believe that the business in the past two years is not easy to do and will be confused in the future. Only 24.44%of merchants will “be full of confidence in the business district and will be better in the future.

But it is worth mentioning that most people are still confident in the business district. It is believed that the proportion of “the business district is going downhill, and the decline in the future” is only 17.78%; the proportion of “dissatisfaction” votes for the commercial district is also 17.78%.

From this point of view, although there are many unsatisfactory, the merchant understands that it is attached to this business district and lost the mother of the business, then everything cannot be talked about.

They praise the business district. It is believed that the business district is superior, the logistics is well -developed, and the passenger flow (accounting for 48.89%), and the popularity is high (22.22%).

However, they also admit that the business district has no pain: there are too many competitors, the saturation of the business district (68.89%), followed by too high rent (53.33%), and the business is not good (51.11%) , Followed by traffic congestion (44.44%).

They talked about this business district and depended on this business district. Everything is just to better.

Source of stress sources is attacked by “sea, land and air”

A women’s owner at Zhengzhou World Trade Center said that the clothing business was difficult to do. On July 15th last year, it was already selling summer clothes. This year, it was cleared in summer in a month in advance. This year, it was still in June. Go down. “

This is also the voice of most merchants in the interview: the business is poor, the rent is too high, and it is difficult to bear.

To sum up, offline physical merchants are facing multiple attacks from land, sea and air, “air” e -commerce, “land” interbank competitors, and retail giants such as “overseas” ZARA, H & M and other clothing industry.

So, where is these pressures from? What are the main factor affecting profits?

The impact of e -commerce is the greatest cruise of most merchants that the business is not smooth, accounting for 73.33%.

Secondly, 68.89%of merchants believe that “there are too many surrounding markets, there are more competitors, and the saturation of the business district” is a factor.

Rental pressure is the third largest factor, with 46.67%of voting merchants. The rising factors of labor should not be ignored, accounting for 42.22%. A merchant bluntly stated that the monthly expenditure of the three employees in her store was 20,000 yuan, which had caught up with the rent.

40%of people attribute the reason to “the macroeconomic situation is not good.” A merchant who was a children’s clothing in 2003 said that the profit margin of children’s clothing is low, and customers generally reflect that the business is not as good as one year, mainly due to the overcapacity and the poor environment.

The remaining factors include: rising logistics transportation costs (33.33%), self -operating reasons (20%), decrease in orders (15.56%), and increased tax burden (2.22%).

Will it be moved to the mysterious merchant when the way out of the way?

Li Junpeng, the founder of the “Mai Chun” brand, provides a sample of physical transformation as a network. After 7 years of physical wholesale, he suddenly decided to abandon the entity and transferred to e -commerce for supply 4 years ago. For example, an increase of 15%this year.

The transformation process is extremely painful. “The upstream processing plant has been changed for a while, which can be said to come from scratch. For a period of time, the entity has no business and there is no customer online.” He lasted for a year. A year later, he came over.

He has gone through many industries, from prose wholesale to brand agents to its own brand. In the future, he is going to directly connect to the retail terminal. “The downstream customers directly bypass the stall to go to the factory to purchase, forcing us to change.”

The “changes” in his mouth include two aspects: docking retail terminals and network approval. He believes that online vendors have always been going up, and this industry can accommodate many wholesalers who have transformed.

Where is the way out of the business district?

“The entire business district is looking for ways. For example, upgrading, small houses have been changed to large houses, the streets are widening, the public areas are upgraded, and the theme district transformation is carried out while the off -season.” A market manager of the business district analyzed. We directly access the merchant operation. “

“Zhengzhou Railway Station’s clothing business district and the whole country are a game of chess. With the change of business, it may no longer be valued and even replaced in the future.” Industry insiders said, “Beijing Dahongmen relocation is a signal, and Zhengzhou market will have that day. It will not be mentioned two years ago, but one day in the future may be re -mentioned. At present, the situation should be adjusted and explored as soon as possible. “

“This exploration should not be too fast, otherwise it will be chaotic. The ultimate goal is that even if you move in the future, you can survive, and the old markets retained can be transformed smoothly.” The above person said.

Which direction to transform? How to turn?

This is not only a matter of merchants, but also a problem in the industry and business districts. We are all looking for the problem.