Watermelon Video Creation Platform’s Announcement on Campaign of Copyright Copyright | September 1-October 31st


In order to create a healthy and orderly network environment and maintain the good ecology of watermelon videos, the watermelon video creation platform will continue to regulate the rectification for video violations. For the release of violation

Watermelon video post specification

The content of the platform will be removed from the video content, and the account is deducted, prohibited, and even permanently banned step -type punishments.

The watermelon video creation platform has always carefully fulfilled the main responsibility, standardized the platform operation, and severely crack down on violations of copyright violations.

From September 1st to October 31st, 2021, the platform permanently banned the accounts that confirmed multiple infringements and harsh illegal circumstances through self-inspection and user reports.

The following is the recent publicity of the watermelon video creation platform for the rectification of copyright violations.

Part of the infringement case publicity

@C: [[DIO of the New World] The tragic childhood as Dior, another DIO of identity “

@: “TV series starring Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi in 2021 and Zhang Yuxi#与###”

@: “Seven Princess Princess” finished 21-04: It turns out that Song and Liu Peiyu knew the beauty “

@: “Combining Candidates: This burden is good, almost on the face”

@: ” # # # # #Wu Jinyan said my bargain queen”

@qianbai140529: ” # #The bracelet of the mother -in -law is good, the next episode is more exciting”

@: “Crosstalk: Father Yu sent a big head, the bodyguard opened the way before going out, and when he saw pedestrians, he would die”

@儿: “Y Jie · S02-E09”

@: “Episode 6 Episode 6 West Sea Sudan Real Real Election Shanhai Love TV Series Cable Clear Version”

@Carrying Fengtian’s Fa -rectification: “The Blood Blood Xuanhuang of Perak Bingzhang Chapter 36”

Platform punishment account publicity

Account Name

Chess God Marshal

Emerald Culture Grandpa

First -level emerald appraiser

Xiaoxue Story

Safeguard soap

Chief Family Lao Li

Gausu Emerald Culture Family

Animal Vision 1

Jiuke clown C

Kaifa Emerald Culture

Aston Favorite


It’s Dabao Sister

Emerald Lao Yang explanation

Old Wu Jewelry


Big Cake Emerald Culture

The road of chess king

Black Wolf 52159050

Anime small six sauce

Warming pupil

Chess time

Dan Dan chess

Three Brother Cut Dou Luo

Zhilian PRO

Vibrant love is chess like chess

Bamboo Green Manar

Serious knowledge

Deyun Night Listening

Classic chess commentary

Xiaoming and xiao

Ah Hu Yuanshi explanation

Akang talks about cross talk

High -level magician

Xiao Mei Man Dan


Deyun Chaotu

Optimistic Bili 4

Dongning Animation

Emerald inheritance culture

Crosstalk Gang Qian Mi

Silly Chai Film and Television,


Chinese and Myanmar

Disdible by life

Sister Ya Fei who loves to wear black silk


Qiuqiu loves to chase the drama


Long -winding

Xiaoco anime editing

Guangdong chase Guangdong is addicted

Deyun classic crosshair

XX drilling

Star Empty Sugar

Fang Yisun

Affie funny ha

The role of one hand

The bacon is not too old

Its Le Railing Cecil 9F7

Cross talk


Mo Chen Manarse


Deyun Rotten

Fry you a rotten tomato

Cai Cai Xiaocai

Lao Guo Crosstalk DYS

Come with heei, heei, 56

Summer cut

Little Dance 9 Anime

Eight Two Silver A

Love God’s arrow back

Pang Shaoxun

Comrade Wang

Niu Aifang’s Xiaochunhua 1280

Small fresh leaves

Ouyang watch anime

Happy Cotty 6

Aimu Chase Drama

Mina’s editing time

Chenchen Film and Television 888

Guoman Frontline


Please see me the complete works of the cross talk

Xiao Dong

Blind Mi Ai Anime

Nier 5712

Ran Qi

Dihai editing

Zhao Ai Fox Anime

Wanfang chasing the drama

Lao Guo Xiangtu tasting


Two Cartoon

Want Want Anime Story

Cross -comic Ah Da

Lao Na is vulgar 1y1k

Xiaosheng Anime

User 861630996420215

Little dye

Strange anime

Show Doudan Cut

Ah black brother jadeite

Li Tian, ​​who loves cross talk

Kaizi Xiaolijia

Editing OP

English learning textbook

Those years of drunk beauty

Thief hungry museum

Liluo Anime

High -quality micro -class in primary and secondary schools

Candy Film and Television TG

Wise to conspire the month

Freedom Chen Xianai editing

Rural, Xinxin

User 3764666110276

Daming 6L2T

Whale falling movie

Xiao Xiaoya chasing the drama

Guoman Ahui

Xiaosheng South City

Small -free bell

M anime



Exquisite carving

Xinyang Liming

Earl anime film and television


After the cherry

Xin An Anime

Hanshi Pass L

Haxuan Emerald Jewelry Line

Carrying Fengtian’s Dharma

Little fish film and television

Summer Lemon BI

Emerald Culture

Tai’an Jiayue Biochemical


The rubber in the mind 5A5L

Dudu Movie Television

Learn Japanese with Teacher Ghana

W anime assistant

Film and Television Creator 01


Xuanyuan Jade Culture

Starry Silence

Little bad

Gacha’s video

Emerald appraiser Lao Shao

Dudu cut

Mo Wuming

Emerald Analyst Ah Hui

It turned out to be a rabbit

Little Demon Entry Anime

Zhao Ai Fox


Don’t forget the original dream


Hand -dependent heart

Chess king

Red Sunflower

Little Fish Editing

Dark 恏 漫 漫 Anime editing

Little Ace of Crazy Chess

Golden Pig Manfu

Annie movie recommendation

Wuye anime editing

Wilderness Survival Brothers

Li Manjia

Man Shoujun 666


Primary school student test

Great Sun Zhangzhang

Give me away from school

Nonsense collection

Knowledge and action consistent conscience DYS

Xiao Xiaojiang ok

Novel Anime Share

Xiaoyue Art handmade

Deyun amused TV

Dream of Fools

Axingya Anime

Mr. Gan G

Xiao Li Ai Crosstalk

Emerald Family Bakery

Brother Anime LR

Ziyi Meng

You set your first

Mingxuan Family

The niche also came to cut it

Chenxi Anime

Luna professional editing

A Lao Chen Fei

Mu Bai Man Cut ZW

Jiufeng Film and Television


High emerald culture

Mu Xue Film and Television SONW

Xingchen Group left non -human

A dew

Rare eyes

Bing Anime Commentary

Wild Observation

Deyun’s little cute followers

Golden Card Emerald Culture Inheritance



Yiyi Man Cut

Riley chasing the drama

A small moon editing

Woodcariers tall master

Rogue player brother brother

Jiumu Manying

Douro Mainland Episode 177

The fat man’s postgraduate entrance examination handle



I love new drama

Blessing of Heavenly Guan ~

The little brother who loves the drama

Xiao Mu’s inspirational forward

Azhi cross talk

Wei’s entertainment

Meow Mi Movie Editing

Kangda Na La Shi

Deyun Lecture Hall


Aquarius Korean drama

Sunshine storytelling

Hundred Coca -Cola

Afei LK

Little Q story

Emerald Xiangyu teacher

New interesting things are available every day

Space Werewolf Kill S


The story of emerald legend

Traditional art crosstalk sharing


101 screening hall

Jade Yunyuan Stone Player Yang Brother Yang


Cenie editor

Wild star

Lao Yang Fei Culture

Crosstalk beauty

Big watermelon everyone

Jie Ge Food Sharing

Work hard to go forward and cheer

Sister Deyun

Brother Rui Nambo Wan

Master I.

Yunxuan Emerald Yang Brother

Doudou loves crosstalk

Then who you don’t laugh

Be behind

AA Emerald Jewelry Ah Hui

Ali Ai editing


Yinchao Technology


Deyun Listening Crosstalk

Xiao Shuang

Sister Chu in the wild

Clouds, financial, taxation financial legal migrant workers

Just roar ipoi

Nanfeng Brothers vlog

Black and White Anime Sauce



Spicy entertainment

Herdo Peace Elite Children’s Home

Bitter fruit

Deyun Shuguang

Brother Monkey said car

葩 葩 movie

Spring, summer, autumn and winter views

Uncle Guo Guo

Bajie said car v

Caesar Institute

Cantonese Sagittarius

Liao Er’s family is common

Small fruit handmade

Fengyun Chart List

Emerald actual boy

Ke Ai Jing 1

Gas Gun DIY Life


Emerald Jewelry Analyst Lao Yang

Gang Fa Ganxing

Kiki Park

Juvenile love anime

Fat Ying. ,,

Kang of comic dialogue




Walking Wind MOREJOY


Strait Z

Global English Big Chinese Chinese

Seven Seven Emerald


Obu Film and Television Drama

Qiwen World

Troomwow’s official account

Wilderness Girl King

Leisure Kylei 0b8

Millennium Emerald 1

troomfood funny creativity

Birthday of Rain Forest

Brother Qi Ji Ji Kings

Sino -Myanmar border Xiangyu people


Wild Food Fat Two


An Qi loves editing 2A4V

Trum funny crooked nuts

Blade Technology

Lin Lin is talking

Yaya mini game 游戏

President Xiaojia

God -level Dream

Luo Jingzheng story

Emerald rough

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First -level emerald appraiser

Warming pupil

Niu Aifang’s Xiaochunhua 1280

Cross -comic Ah Da

User 861630996420215

Little dye

Ah black brother jadeite

Li Tian, ​​who loves cross talk

High emerald culture

Rare eyes

Golden Card Emerald Culture Inheritance