Li Ning’s cherry blossom series is here again! Every year, it is “Internet celebrity explosion”, which is really suitable for spring


When the cherry blossoms bloom every year, it is also the arrival of Li Ning’s “spring”!

The long -awaited Li Ning cherry blossom series has finally come again. Although it is every year, it is the “Internet celebrity explosion” every year. The popularity and word of mouth have soared, leading the trend of wearing in spring.


Li Ning Sakura Series “Clothing”

The shirt plays an important role in spring, fashionable and versatile. In order to cater to the theme style, the shirt of Li Ning’s cherry blossom series is especially based on pink. The combination of “China Li Ning” logo and cherry blossom elements not only shows the youthful vitality of spring, but also romantic style.

The basic round neck sweater is very good, and the color matching continues the consistent freshness and simplicity. The main design points are concentrated in the sleeve body and back. They are embellished with English logo and Chinese characters, which fully demonstrate the brand image.

Different from ordinary jackets, the coach jacket adds more fashion DNA, especially the coach jacket of the Li Ning cherry blossom series. The overall white layout, the back of the back decorative brand and the cherry element embellishment, fashionable and versatile.

The Li Ning cherry blossom series, as well as practical clothing such as T -shirts to meet the needs of dressing in spring and summer.

Li Ning’s cherry blossom series “shoe bag”


In the shoes, the most memorable is the limited edition of the V1 cherry blossom.


Classic low -top shapes, fashionable and versatile; white and pink splicing color schemes highlight the theme style; the shoe body has a silk -like texture and decorate cherry -grain elements, simple and design.


This bag is relatively neutral. The exquisite cross -body bag style is based on white as the main tone. It only uses “Li Ning” Chinese character logo to decorate it. Boys and girls can easily control it.

Li Ning Cherry Blossom Series Dress Demonstration

Sakura pink sweater with cherry blossom panties, the same color style longitudinal stretch vision is higher; white T -shirts expose a “white edge” to enhance the sense of layering; echo the color of white plate shoes, a pair of blue tide socks Become the finishing touch.


“Lowering Missing” is the hottest way of dressing in spring. Under the cherry blossom series coach jacket with casual shorts, increasing leg exposure to help lengthen the leg shape. The overall shape seems to be ordinary but full of tide!

The white shirt is equipped with a pink short -sleeved T -shirt to create a fresh and simple stacking effect; the lower body is matched with the cherry blossom series of shorts, and the waistline position is used to increase the position of the waist line to shape the perfect body ratio.

The cherry blossom series of denim suits is the most recommended. It is completely eliminated with the troubles of matching. Pink T -shirts brighten the skin color. The small white shoes complement each other with the overall color matching to set off the sense of spring atmosphere!


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