“Amateur” can also be used as a day to wear, naturally not exaggerated, simple and generous and temperamental


Looking at the daily miscellaneous dressing plan, you can not only gain a beautiful visual experience, but also find the dressing mode you can learn from. The following Japanese wear, even amateur with a very ordinary figure and face value, can try it directly. The use of color is not exaggerated, and the adoption of clothing is very simple, making you easily improve your temperament.

Come some colorful embellishment


Black and white show a simple picture, but there is no highlight at all. Our dress must maintain a simple sense and cannot form an excessive simple visual effect. If there are too many basic colors and popular colors in the shape, you can use color to embellish.

The proportion or quantity of colored single products does not require too much. With this dressing, it can directly use the black suit to match the black inner mode to create a thin effect. A green bag can make the shape of the clothing instantly brighten and the shape is more vivid. With white beam of sports pants, it is particularly casual.

In the selection of clothing, you don’t have to use a lot of colors as the main color system, and use some good control colors, but make your dress more advanced, more durable and more tasteful. However, too many flat colors are destined to There are a little bit of dress. You can add a colorful bag, which is randomly selected, as long as it can be balanced with the basic color.

It’s like this green bag. It is matched with khaki long trench coats and striped shirts, but because the color selection of the striped shirt is not so rich, the addition of green items can make the picture feel vitality, more vivid, and no will not. Story rigid.


Some ladies with dark skin are too afraid of color items. This is because they are worried that their skin tone will not support this kind of bright items, but as long as they use some color skirts, color pants, colored bags The package forms embellishment to avoid the risk of showing black.

It’s like this taro purple trousers. It is the cut of suit pants. The overall trousers are particularly tolerant of the leg shape. Even if the legs are slightly flawed, they can be cleverly modified under the cover of the pants. This color is gentle and romantic, as long as it does not match the messy single items and the color that is too gorgeous, it will not make an error.


Borrowing the black modification curve

Dressing is to keep women a better mental state and more beautiful image. It is necessary to bring a modification effect on the figure through the clothing combination, try to form the effect of long -term avoidance, and use black items to beautify the lines.

Especially when women’s upper body is round, a black shirt can be covered directly. This set of wearing is a combination mode of upper black and black. The visual screen is slightly dull. If you want to show a more refreshing visual effect, you can match blue pants or white trousers.

Although the advantages of black items are obvious, it cannot be used too much. Too many black single products will cause too darker dressing. You can use black and white supplements to create complementary effects. It has both black stable temperament. The effect of thinness has a white refreshing charm.


This black top can indeed modify the outline of the less slender body and the insufficient abdominal lines. With black and white checkered skirts, it also reveals a bit of casual sexy and very comfortable.


Basic jacket is the most practical

The addition of various jackets in spring is needed to make a basic insulation effect. In the selection of this item, there is no need to deliberately pursue unique effects. Based on the basic jacket, this practical clothing is used to create a generous generous clothing to create a generous generous clothing image of.


There are many basic jackets. Here you start with the windbreaker. It is very suitable for women with ordinary figures to try to scatter the hem, and the clothing will be more elegant. This jacket can be casual or formal, both chic and generous.

The trench coat is constructed with a very atmosphere. You can try different colors. You can use a variety of bottoms to combine with it. Generally speaking, it is a basic costume with a tolerance figure and no too much dress.


This trench coat has a high texture. The lower body combines light blue high -waisted skirts. After highlighting the waist, it appears to be more slender and shrinks into tight lines. The refreshing color brings the effect of age reduction. The hem of the skirt just happens to be in the ankle, covering the leg shape, and also interprets an elegant style.

Wearing in daily life can be elegant and simple and atmospheric. We can directly adopt a variety of tolerant body shapes to create a durable spring day dress. In addition to long trench coats, you can also try the simple and pure suit. Everyone is tired of the depression of the black suit. It can convert the color and use a gentle color.

Like this suit, it is a single product that can maintain high frequency. With a simple white shirt inside, it can be decently appeared in the formal occasion. This clothing has a clear beautification effect on the upper body lines of the individual, so that the posture is upright.

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