Supermodel He Congxiu sexy blockbuster shape! Permaneous tassel skirt has long legs, obvious waist muscles are super fine


Recently, the supermodel He Cong took a picture of a big -name magazine. The variety of various styles was very beautiful, and the slim and sexy figure was perfectly displayed, which caused heated discussion among many netizens. I saw that she was wearing a golden fringe skirt, and her long legs were highlighted in the sun, her skin was fair and translucent, which was extremely enviable.


In addition to the golden flowers skirt under the green shade, He Cong also changed a super skirt with a hanging neck camisole, paired with black velvet long gloves, and a small high heel with a bright leather strap under his feet collided with sexy and cool sparks. He Cong was sitting on the wooden bench with a slightly curled long hair. A pair of long legs were not only slender, but also the muscle lines were very smooth.


It is worth noting that although He Cong’s figure is very slim, when she puts on a ultra -short knitted sweater with a ultra -short rice color short skirt, the muscles of He Cong’s abdomen are very tight, and the proportion of thin waist and long legs is superior. Essence Because she didn’t seem to wear underwear in the design of the clothes, the movement would be exposed in the interior.

He Cong’s crushing sensation in the bed was wrapped in barefoot under the dim light. Her pair of beautiful legs was long and straight, and the slightly messy hair with the quiet expression on her face couldn’t help but love and love. However, the vulnerability of her body has diminished due to the three -dimensional British features, adding a sense of faith to the sun to the overall picture.


As the leader of the new generation of supermodels, He Cong has always known as “the light of national models” and “Oriental Porcelain Doll”. It is well known to the audience because of her fair skin and a very recognizable appearance. On the stage, she is a professional model with a typhoon steady face. When he stepped down with others, He Cong was like a sister next door. Frequent affinity.

He Cong’s private personality is biased towards fresh and sweet wind. When she tilted her head and smiled, the sun became extraordinarily gentle, and her fresh and sweet face was more delicate and smooth under the mapping of warm light. As a supermodel, she has a very good figure, and it is difficult to hide her figure and temperament even in ordinary skirt suits.

He Cong first appeared in the international catwalk and won the favor of major brands. He only participated in Paris Fashion on Monday and included more than ten brands. In 2019, she even boarded the top ten international models promulgated by Forbes. Blessing He Cong’s model can go further and further to complete her dream.