Rural past: two pillars and apricots (140)


On the next day, Wu Xiao fell in love, put on a very beautiful shirt, beige pants, and put on those sandals bought by Dazhu, dressed him beautifully, looked at the small mirror again, and felt satisfied. Only out of the house.

Da Zhu was already up, he went to cook the stove room, Wu Xiaoai came in, and did not laugh at him with his face. He looked at his own work. Essence

Wu Xiaoyi found that Dazhu was looking at her, and deliberately ignored Da Zhu.

Da Zhu understood her meaning, he coughed twice, and began to cook. Wu Xiaoai coughed twice, which responded to him.

The two had just made meals and prepared for dinner. There was noisy in the yard. Da Zhu and Wu Xiaoai went out to see more than a dozen workers such as Zhang Hu Daqiang Jinluo.

Daqiao screamed: “Big pillars, have you cooking for us, we are all hungry.”

Da Zhu said happily: “We don’t know you come, you have to eat, do it yourself.”

Zhang Hu said, “Big pillars, we collected all the wheat at home, and after the autumn, I brought everyone over, and now we can do a lot.”

Da Zhu said in a row: “Okay, this is good, I also tell you a good news, I have gone back to the project of Hongguang Plant’s factory building.”

At this time, the home was happy, Daqiang and Jin Suo came over to lift the pillar, and several workers came over, threw the big pillar into the air, and did not catch it for the last time. Everyone laughed.

Daqiang came to Wu Xiaoai and looked at her and said, “Xiao Ai, I’m hungry, what should I do?”

Wu Xiaoyi saw the big pillar of not far away, and said intentionally, “Daqiang, do you want to eat Dabai?”

Daqiang hurriedly said, “Yes, I just want to eat the big white bun you made.”

Wu Xiaoai said, “Then you come with me.”

Wu Xiaoyi advanced the stove room, Daqiang hesitated. Several workers joked to let him go in. He drumped his courage and followed him. After a sip, the workers outside laughed.

At first Da Zhu was also worried about Wu Xiaoyi, afraid that she would do too much, and saw this, and laughed.

Da Zhu said: “During this time, everyone was collecting wheat at home and busy with themselves. It is estimated that all one by one became hollow radish? Today, everyone will take a good rest for a day. By tomorrow, they will enter the construction site with me. “,”

After saying, Da Zhu said to Zhang Hu: “Zhang Hu, come with me.”

Da Zhu and Zhang Hu arrived in the room, and the two sat down. Da Zhu said, “I didn’t go back, Xingzi said I had?

Zhang Hu said, “I didn’t say anything, but she was uncomfortable in her heart. There was another person who forced Xingzi to go to the fundraising of 500 yuan. This time I didn’t let him come.”

Da Zhu sighed and said, “I’m sorry for Xingzi, but I can’t help it. After you leave, I look around, and almost run the county unit. When I am almost desperate, there is a miracle, Hongguang Factory from the Hongguang Factory, from Director Chen came to the door again. “

Zhang Hu said: “Hard work, you have a big pillar, and Xingzi has been ill once, and the disease is very serious.”

Da Zhu couldn’t sit still, stood up and walked back and forth, and said, “Is she sick? Then, I want to rush back to see.”

Zhang Hu looked at him and said, “You said that you must enter the construction site and can you go back? Xingzi is already sick now, so don’t worry about her.


Da Zhu’s eyes were red and said, “Xingzi is sick, but I can’t take care of her by her, am I still personal?”

Zhang Hu shot him and said, “Big pillars, for the construction team, for everyone’s affairs, let you suffer.”

Da Zhu said: “There is another thing. I just said that I knew it alone. I didn’t know who offended. They hit me and hit me on my head. If it wasn’t for a small love, I would see it. I ca n’t reach you, in the future, we must be careful about whatever we do. “

Zhang Hu came over and looked at the injury on the big stigma. The scars on his head were like climbing a cricket and said angrily: “Big pillars, they are too bullied. Daqiang Jinsuo finds them to calculate. “

Da Zhu pressed Zhang Hu on his chair and said, “Who are you looking for accounts? We are in the bright place. They often say that dark arrows are difficult to prevent. This is the past. “

Wu Xiaoyi was going out to buy food, and shouted in the yard: “Who can help me help me?”

As soon as she said, she surrounded three or four people, and I was in a hurry to say: “Help the little love sister is my patent. Don’t fight with me. “,”

Wu Xiaoai laughed and said, “Daqiang, thank you, you will help me every time you buy food, are you happy?”

Daqiang hurriedly said, “Happy, happy,” is too happy. “

Wu Xiaoai and Daqiang took the courtyard of the architecture team and went to the vegetable market to buy food.

Da Zhu also sat in the room with Zhang Hu to discuss the incident of tomorrow.

Da Zhu said: “This time is a big project. We must think of everything that should be thought about. At that time, you must not be busy.

Da Zhu took a book and handed it to Zhang Hu. Zhang Hu glanced at it and said, “Da Zhu, what are you written on it?

Da Zhu took a look at it, a little embarrassed. This book was a diary he wrote. He hurriedly changed a book to Zhang Hu and said with a smile: “I took the wrong, you see this.”

Zhang Hu took this book and looked at it, saying, “It’s detailed, not bad.”

Da Zhu said: “We have not yet a mixer. If we can rent one better, there is no rolling machine.

Zhang Hu said: “Everyone’s motivation is high, what are you tired of? You can rest assured.”

Dazhu said, “That’s good, the guy can rest, you can’t rest. After a while, let’s purchase the materials well. In the afternoon, we must transport the required materials to the construction site. The head is going down. “

Dazhu and Zhang Hu divided the heads to contact the purchase of gravel cement white and gray, went to the brick factory, contacted the red bricks, and then transported the original shelf board to the construction site. The bones that are also busy are about to dissipate.

By the afternoon, Zhang Hu stared at the construction site, and there were successful materials. After he saw it one by one, he registered the materials and piled up on the construction site. Da Zhu returned to the construction team and ate a little, and asked a worker to send some food to Zhang Hu.

Da Zhu was worried about the mixer. He went to two, the family was using it, and the family was idle, but the family did not rent him at all. If such a large project, if the artificial and mortar, one is time -consuming and the other is the other is the other is the other. Worked, and mix well.

Da Zhu thought about it, only to find Zhao Dashan. He knew that Zhao Dashan had two blender, and only 20 workers on his construction site, and one mixer was enough, but he went to Zhao Dashan to borrow it. This grasp.


At the end, Dazhu still decided to find Zhao Dashan to try it.

Da Zhu went to Zhao Dashan’s construction site first. The three -story building had been treated with the foundation. More than 20 workers were busy building bricks. Da Zhu saw Wang Hu and recruited him, and Wang Hu came over to say hello to him.

Dazhu asked: “Wang Hu, the progress is quite fast.”

Wang Hu laughed and said, “Isn’t it possible, it will be capped at the end of this year.”

Dazhu saw a mixer that had been stopped and his heart moved, and said, “Wang Hu, do you use a mixer? Can you use it?”

Wang Hu said with a smile: “One is enough. It is not a waste to open two.”

At this moment, Da Zhu’s heart was in his heart. He didn’t see Zhao Dashan on the construction site, and thought of his family to find him, saying, “Wang Hu, you are busy, I will not disturb you, I will have time to invite you to dinner in the future.”

Dazhu horses went straight to Zhao Dashan’s house and knocked on the door. Li Mei opened the door and laughed into a flower on his face. He said happily


“Big pillars? Are you here? Come in.”

When Da Zhu arrived in it, he didn’t see Zhao Dashan. When he sat on the chair, Li Mei gave Dazhu a glass of water. Da Zhu saw that she was wearing very little. With a piece of shorts, let anyone see it at a glance.

Da Zhu hurriedly looked away from Li Mei and said, “Li Mei, have you ever seen Zhao Dashan?”

Li Mei smiled: “Oh, it is estimated that he will go to the construction site, and he will not come back for a while.”

Da Zhu stood up and said, “Oh, I didn’t see him at the construction site? He was not there, I won’t sit, I have to find him.”

There was a trace of disappointment on Li Mei’s face and said, “Aren’t you here to find me? If he is not there, you can’t accompany me?”

Da Zhu glanced at Li Mei and said, “My workers are here, and I will start work tomorrow. I have a little urgency to find him, and I really can’t delay.”

Li Mei pulled Da Zhu to let him sit down, and he sat down in the face of him, watching Dazhu and said, “Zhao Dashan is not at the construction site, where do you go to him? Here is waiting for him. “

Da Zhu hesitated and said, “That’s okay.”

Li Mei said, “I went to find you yesterday, know you, and go to your architecture again. I haven’t seen you. Didn’t Xiao Ai say that I would go to you?”

Da Zhu took a sip and said, “Oh, she didn’t say it.”

Li Mei laughed: “It seems that Xiao Ai treats me as an enemy. This Wu Xiaoai is quite infatuated with you, and you have not worked with her?”

Da Zhu smiled unnaturally and said, “I won’t be tempted by anyone. She works in me. I can move this mind? Don’t worry about it.”

Li Mei smiled and said, “That’s good, big pillar, since that night, I have been thinking about you, have you ever thought about me?”

Da Zhu avoided Li Mei’s gaze and said, “I thought about it.”

Li Mei said happily: “This is almost the same. You have your conscience. How good is this opportunity today? Let’s review it again, okay?”


Dazhu understood it, a little nervous, and said, “Li Mei, that time, I regret it, I can’t say it, we are all good, so we will meet in the future.”

Li Mei’s eyes glanced at Dazhu and said, “Are you regretted? Are you unwilling now, right? But you have provoked me, and you want to ignore me in the future. How can there be such a cheap thing in the world?”

Dazhu said: “Li Mei, I don’t want to hurt you. Really, I like you in my heart. I have regarded you as my relatives. We don’t want to be like this.”

(To be continued)