CCTV exposure! Cotton socks have formaldehyde, why is there formaldehyde? Teach you to stay away from carcinogenic clothing


Recently, CCTV has released a news that the “Yizhenxuan” brand cotton socks produced by the new star knitting factory in Liaoyang County can decompose the projects such as carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes and other projects. “Brand socks, formaldehyde and other items are unqualified.

This is all detected from the live broadcast platform. This news has aroused a widespread heated discussion. Even the socks they wear have formaldehyde. My friend hesitated. Surprisingly, shouldn’t formaldehyde be decorated? Why is there formaldehyde in clothes?

Why is there formaldehyde on the clothes?

The reason why people see this news are very panicked because the harm of formaldehyde is great. The World Health Organization lists formaldehyde as a type of carcinogen, and close contact with formaldehyde in the long run will increase the risk of cancer and other cancer.

The reason why there is formaldehyde on the clothes is because the clothes are inseparable from the participation of formaldehyde during the processing process. During the processing process, the active resin containing formaldehyde will be used to make the clothes more flat. Use weaving materials containing formaldehyde, and some clothes need to be printed. These printing materials also contain formaldehyde.

However, you don’t have to worry about this that disconnection from dosage is an irresponsible behavior. The formaldehyde content on the clothes is small, because the peak of the carcinogenic content of formaldehyde is 4.0ppm or above, or the average concentration reaches 1.0ppm or more. 0.426ppm concentration, so buying clothes on regular channels can help people “avoid lightning.”

What harm will long -term contact with formaldehyde?

1. Stimulate skin and mucous membranes

The formaldehyde in the decoration materials is the most likely formaldehyde that people can contact. Formaldehyde is a poisonous substance, which itself is toxic, and it is a great stimulus to the skin and mucosa. For long -term contact with formaldehyde, the respiratory mucosa will cause severe edema, and the eyes will pain due to irritation.

2. Increase the risk of cancer


Formaldehyde is a type of carcinogen announced by the World Health Organization. Long -term contact with formaldehyde will increase the risk of leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer. Formaldehyde has genetic toxicity and may induce genetic mutations.

3. Cause allergies


Formaldehyde may also make people allergic. The skin is directly exposed to formaldehyde and allergic reactions will occur. The long -term eruption of the respiratory tract may also cause bronchial asthma, which requires vigilance.


How to stay away from clothing with formaldehyde?

1. Choose soft, colorful clothes

In the process of processing clothes, formaldehyde will be added, which will be added to two steps.


The first step is to use the active resin containing formaldehyde to flatten clothes, so when you buy clothes, don’t choose those relatively wide clothes and try to choose some soft clothes.

The second step is to use a weaving material containing formaldehyde, which can make the color more vivid. So when choosing clothes, choose elegant colors, try to choose light colors, do not choose particularly bright colors. Especially when buying clothes for your baby, you should pay attention to these two points.

2. Don’t wear new clothes you buy

When I bought new clothes, I want to get up as soon as possible, but if you put it on immediately, some odors on the clothes, or some harmful substances will cause harm. Therefore, the new clothes should be washed first, put it under the sun, and then wear it, especially some close -fitting clothes.

3. Don’t hang clothes in the just -made cabinet

The newly made cabinet will produce formaldehyde residues. At this time, do not hang clothes in the cabinet, which will make the clothes stain in formaldehyde. The just -made cabinet must open the door of the cabinet, dry it for a while, wait until the formaldehyde is dispersed, and then pack the clothes and put it in. This is easy to ignore, not only the cabinet, the same is true of other furniture. New furniture just bought or just made, do not use it immediately to reduce health risks.

There are formaldehyde in the clothes, especially some clothes that do not meet the production standards. Wearing these formaldehyde -containing clothes will bring harm to the human body. When buying clothes to buy regular brands, their products meet national production standards and will be safer. In addition to buying clothes, pay attention to your clothes, do n’t wear it immediately, do n’t wear it immediately. Do n’t omit this step.

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