Wang Dongcheng reproduces the “killing Mattfeng”, and wearing a hat is so rebellious.


Speaking of Wang Dongcheng, I believe that after the 80s and 90s, it must be no stranger to him. As a member of the flywheel group who had been red all over the entertainment industry, he had a high value and good shape and harvested a large wave of little fans. Dadong, now 39, has participated in “Chasing Light!” “Brother” has attracted much attention. Although it is not younger than the small fresh meat, it still looks like a 20 -year -old guy. It is indeed an old male god.

Since his debut, Wang Dongcheng’s styling dress has been controversial. Many people have said that he has passed for so many years and still stays in the “non -mainstream” period. The dress style is still “killing Matt style”.


On December 17, Wang Dongcheng appeared at Beijing Airport. He looked slightly rebellious with a baseball cap. From the side, Dadong finally changed his hairstyle and shaved the horns on both sides.


As a very popular item in recent years, leisure suits are loved by the tide people icon and celebrities. The version is loose, which gets rid of a serious criticism of traditional suits, and is better in style shaping.


Wang Dongcheng wore a black leisure west service. The overall version was loose, and the waist was treated with waist. The dividing waistline also made the overall body proportion more coordinated. Inner caramel -colored high -necked sweaters, the two distinct contrasts are slightly abrupt. Fortunately, the strong body makes people ignore the color tone.

Winter in Beijing is a bit cold, and Wang Dongcheng’s re -shape is also equipped with a LV scarf. The eye -catching letter logo gets rid of the black monotonous and dullness, keeping warm and very graceful.

The lower body is paired with a pair of black and black wide -leg pants. The leggings at the hem of the trouser legs are piled up on the white sneakers slightly heavy. Fortunately, there is no long -legged advantage.


However, compared to ALL BLACK, Wang Dongcheng’s dew gloves are more eye -catching. The five fingers exposed are a little inexplicable and cute. It is really a sense of age when I think of myself when I was a child.

Although Wang Dongcheng’s airport shape is not too much, there is still room for improvement. Compared with the sweater in the suit is too bright, exposed gloves, etc., can make the shape more perfect after improvement.


However, when Wang Dongcheng’s shape was really “confused” before walking the airport, he was wearing a red printed shirt with cropped pants, especially these cropped pants or low -grade style design. The large -scale printed element in the upper body is really eye -catching, with a scarf like a silk scarf, which is really a bit like the shape of the “non -mainstream” period.

The accessories are still paired with a baseball cap, and still obliquely worn? I have to say that Dadong’s fashion is really hard to understand.

Although Wang Dongcheng is 39 years old, he can still see very young and fashionable items in his shape, such as cartoon sweaters.

In fact, most of the men who have been nearly 40 actually dare not try this type of sweater easily, and Wang Dongcheng obviously has a fashionable heart, but he is a bit “too much”.


The green sweater and cartoon printing is enough to be eye -catching, and the lower body is also paired with a pair of flower pants, which gives people a dazzling feeling. In addition, the sneakers have also added full print elements. The overall fashion is a bit too much.


Apple hairstyle can see that you want to be young, but the pants are not determined by women’s pants?


The split trousers with a split pants are still shaking at will. Fortunately, the legs are long, otherwise the average person really can’t wear it.

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