Novel: Little Misuni travels by car, but the prince shatter her carriage: you can only take my car


The three looked behind the carriage, and they couldn’t help but stare at each other in surprise. I saw a luxurious carriage stopped at the gate of Xiangfu, Babao Panlong Top, and a huge east bead in the middle was shining in the sun. It was inlaid with various colors. The carriage was made of rosewood. Exquisite and complicated patterns. The carriage was very large, and the four BMWs were pulled, and the person standing in front of the car was dark.

When he opened the door behind him, a brocade of a silver auspicious clouds stepped out, a snow forging brocade, and only a piece of sheep fat white jade hanging around the waist. The hair was bundled, fixed with only one ink jade sister -in -law, a few strands of hair fell, and the fairy -like face was like a god, shaking a crowd of eyes.

Mo Qingchen in the car saw Chu Mengli hanging a pleasant and charming smile, and how many people had the breath. The street became quiet.

Chu Mengli stared around and scolded the demon.

“Xiaoli!” Mo Qingchen jumped down from the car, and came to Chu Mengli in a chic at a chic. “Li Er, but go to the world? I just go, let’s go together!” The eyebrows were happy.

“No, I have a carriage.” The voice refused coldly.

Mo Qingchen looked at the carriage with a brow, “This? It’s called a carriage?”

Chu Mengli felt a row of black lines on his back. “Prince Dongchen doesn’t even know the carriage? I’m just a niece, my carriage can’t be compared with the prince.”

Mo Qingchen raised Baiyu’s palm and patted the carriage body gently, and suddenly realized Chu Mengli, “Oh! This is also a carriage!”

“Childish!” Chu Mengli scolded softly, turning her eyes

With retracted his hand, he immediately handed the snow -white Jinpa immediately. Mo Qingchen wiped his hands and wiped his hands. He heard the more rude carriage body that stopped next to the luxury carriage and made a unpleasant “squeak” sound. Mo Mo Mo, Mo Mo, Mo The light dust quickly embraced Chu Mengli’s waist and flashed aside. The two just stood. The carriage was split.

Su Yi also flashed with the core after responding.

“Miss, are you okay?” Xin’er ran to Chu Mengli in a panic.

Chu Mengli’s face was a little ugly, biting silver tooth, feeling the big hand that was tightly held on his waist, “let go of your claws.”

Mo Qingchen is soft and fragrant. Why is the carriage so unsatisfactory? It seems that you can only sit with me. “

Chu Meng’s eyes were full of anger, “Do you dare to be shameless?”

“How can I blame me? It’s the carriage of Xiangfu ..” Mo Qingchen’s eyes were clear and had a little innocent grievance.

Dark down and down the corner of your mouth, so I am so shameless now without the lower limit!

“Are you stupid?” This situation saw that the fools who saw the carriage just shot just now are determined to shatter the carriage with the internal force?

“Li Er … My carriage is warmer.” The good voice seemed to be able to calm the heart.

“…” This is your excuse to destroy my carriage?

“Huh?” Mo Qingchen’s eyebrow peak raised, “Why didn’t Li Er not wear a cloak I gave you? Don’t like it?”

“Tai Zhang Yang.”

This means that I like it. The depressed mood becomes bright.

Chu Mengli turned back to the white palm in front of her eyes and told, “Xin’er, a low stool.”

Xin’er moved to the dwarf stool with a mud -like sword -like gaze, and Chu Mengli stepped on the dwarf stool and got into the car. Mo Qingchen glanced coldly, and followed the carriage. Close the door secretly.

Passers -by and hawkers on the street came back to watch the carriages and left to discuss. Marvel at this mysterious man’s handsome temperament. What is he? What does it have to do with Miss Xiangfu?


The space in the carriage is very large. There is a purple jade screen standing in the door, bypassing the screen. A big night pearl in the car exudes soft light. You can sit on, with thick cushions on it and pillow. There is a small bookshelf on the wall of the car. There is a round table in the middle of the carriage. There is a small incense burner and a few delicate snacks on the table. There is a delicate charcoal stove under the table. Zhengwang. The hot air floated out of the hollow lid. The carriage is warm. A whole red bear skin was covered on the ground. This red -bear skin is not immersed and does not stick to dust. The long white fur looks very soft and comfortable. Mo Qingchen really enjoyed.

Chu Mengli hesitated and took off the shoes on his feet before walking in. Sure enough, he stepped on as soft as he imagined. I feel a lot of mood. I went to find a comfortable position and sat down,

Mo Qingchen then came in and took off the boots and put it beside the door. He sat next to Chu Meng, and took out a set of silver tea sets from the dark grid under the table. Warm! “The tone is brisk.

Chu Mengli took a sip, a refreshing tea fragrance permeated in the mouth, and the aftertaste was long. Good tea! Chu Mengli does not like to drink tea and does not understand tea. I also know that this tea is definitely the best.

“What kind of tea is this?” Raising his eyes and asked.

“Like Li Er?” Mo Qingchen saw her look softer, and she smiled and smiled. “This is the best red robe.”

Chu Mengli is dumb. There are only three superb red robes in this world. All ministers can only climb up to pick up the domestic cliffs on the cliffs that are difficult to reach. It is tanned from the beautiful women between the 13th and fifteen years old. It is not described as precious words.

This is too luxurious. Local tycoon! Chu Mengli silently put these two words on his head.

The carriage slowly drove over the street. The horseshoe datches, the wheels crushed the snow on the road and made a sound of “squeak”. Sitting inside couldn’t feel bumps at all. After a while, Chu Mengli became hot and flushed, unbuttoned the cloak, and found a comfortable posture to start closed eyes, completely ignoring Mo Qingchen’s grievances next to him.

After returning from Chu Zhennan’s study last night, Chu Meng was sleeping late from the back side. This was warm and comfortable, and naturally began to be sleepy. After leaning there, he had a symptomatic breathing sound.

Mo Qingchen couldn’t cry and laughed from the seat and took the soft pillow and the blanket to make Chu Mengli sleep comfortably. Looking at Chu Mengli in the sleeping dream like a kitten, Feng’s eyes were all spoiled. The more I look at my family, the more it makes people like it! Even sleeping is so cute.

In the time of a cup of tea, the car was whispered outside the world. Mo Qingchen looked at Chu Mengli, who was sleeping, and instructed a few more times on the street.

Su Yi Liu Liu frowned outside the car, “Prince Mo?”

“Li Er fell asleep!” Mo Qingchen tone across the door, and the car slowly moved.

Su Yi tightened her lips, and looked at the chlorophytic of the little face frozen, “Xin’er, you go in. I follow the lady.”

Xin’er was anxious, “Why? I have to follow the lady too.”

“The weather is too cold, you don’t know martial arts, you go in first.” After speaking, he couldn’t wait to respond to the carriage.

Xin’er pursed his mouth, and stomped his feet upset, but helplessly advanced the world to find the midsummer.