Although Liu Yifei is a fairy, she also likes to wear wild cats and black tube tops with lace.


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In the fashion industry,

Many female stars don’t like to use some mediocre shapes to match themselves

, Especially in some public places, the selected clothing shapes are more full of personality, so as to highlight their own differences. Then at this time, the selected clothing matching can be used to use some more characteristic clothing elements.

The trendy fluid with such a image will be more perfect. For example, in daily matching, or in the matching of this high -end dress,

Use some stitching shapes to combine two different fashion elements together, and

In other words, two different fashion fabrics are combined to form a splicing effect.

Combining two very different elements in a clothing can make your temperament more advanced, and at the same time, it can also show his aura. Then when choosing this stitching fashion style

In fact, style is also particularly important, especially women of different ages

, Pay more attention to some style choices.

If you want your image to bring some high -end taste


Then you can take a look at many classic splicing styles of Liu Yifei when matching

Through her splicing charm to make her image more perfect, it is also a very good market recommendation, classic.

Suggestion of stitching fashion matching suggestions


Switching shape of the same color system


When choosing stitching styles, there are actually many different techniques. If you don’t want to make your stitching image look so prominent, you can use the same color stitching, although it is two different fashion elements, although it is two different fashion elements, although it is two different fashion elements, although it is two different fashion elements, although it is two different fashion elements.


But because the color is the same, the sense of fashion presents does not look so messy.

For many low -key girls, use this image to match,


It is also a kind of image that is better to control, and it will not make your fashion feel so exaggerated. For many women.

If you do n’t know how to choose, then choose to use such a color system to match, at least it can ensure that your fashion style is not easy to make mistakes.

It is a classic recommendation matching mode relative to conservative, but also more trendy.

Styling shapes of different colors

But if you want to make your stitching image more distinctive and more prominent,


Then use some contrasting fashion when matching

This contrasting fashion match looks relatively advanced, and it can also highlight its own distinctiveness.

Then when choosing this contrasting color system,

You can use some complementary colors, or to decorate the color that is very exaggerated,


After all, you are choosing a dress, so there is no need to be too polite. Just use a strong image, but you must pay attention to the overall fashion matching, and don’t be too old.

Selection of fashion fabrics for stitching

Light yarn+lace

In addition to such a fashion style, there is also a stitching of clothing materials, which should also be paid more attention. For example, when matching, you can use some light yarn and lace.


In the matching of many princess skirts, it is also the most common.

The stylish style of light yarn will have some cool effects,

The shape of lace will also have some retro flavors. After two fashion elements are combined,

It can make women’s overall image more high -end effects. In the use of dresses, this is also a more common fashion recommendation.


Real silk+polyester

Then there is when choosing a clothing image,

You can use some real -silk fashion fabrics and polyester fabrics to match,

The sense of fashion of this real silk fabric and polyester fabric can make your fashion charm more full of casual and easy, and it will also make your overall fashion sense, and it will not look so old -fashioned.

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