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Recently, I have received patent infringement consultations from many friends, and they are asking how to deal with infringement. First of all, the US patent is very effective. If the product is indeed infringed, there is no good way. It is recommended to remove the product first and communicate with the other party to communicate with the other party. Calling, avoiding the store being blocked, causing greater losses.


Today, when I browsed Amazon, I saw a folding tableware drain. It was from Meiya Station.




for “

Teak Dish Drying Rack


Price at 29.99 US dollars, and 272 stars.

This tableware drain is made of pure wood. It uses a folding design. There are two layers of plate rack platforms. The bottom layer can dry small tableware such as cups and bowls. It is very convenient to use, so it is very popular at Meiya Station. We have also seen multiple links. They are all selling this design. The review is very good.

But what needs to be vigilant is that after our targeted retrieval, I found that this product has extremely similar US patents. The picture below is its patent schematic diagram.

From the information I found, this is the US appearance patent that a domestic company applied for in 2017.08.29, and 2019.08.27, and the patent is valid until 2034.08.27. During this period, the same design products belong to monopoly protection Essence

Therefore, the seller of the above products still needs to be alert to the risk of this patent. Essence Essence

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