Yamaguchi Baihui puts the suit so beautifully, with a floral skirt sweet and not rustic, almost everyone can learn from



When it comes to the classic item of “suit”, I believe many friends have it.

However, in life, Xiao Run found that many friends are easy to wear a suit and rigid board, especially like uniforms. Therefore, in the eyes of most friends, I think this is a very serious item.


In fact, the suit can also wear sweet and daily life. So today,

Xiao Run will share with you the suit of Japanese famous actress Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Baihui, wearing it, fashionable and classic, everyone can learn from.

1. Analysis of Yamaguchi Baihui suit

White suit with a black printed dress,

Yamaguchi Baihui this suit dress,

Sweet and not rustic.

Mi -white suit outer jacket is very gentle on the body

The material of wool is high -level and expensive, and the slightly slim version can modify the good figure of the mountain mouth Baihui, which makes her look very fit. The length of the short model is even more thin and generous.

In a suit

, Yamaguchi Baihui stack wearing a black printed dress, looks bright and lively


These two basic items are classic “black and white” in color, which is versatile; on shoes,

Yamaguchi Baihui with black light -mouth single shoes, exposing a slender ankle, echoing the color of the floral skirt,

This kind of dress seems simple, but in fact many occasions are very practical.

Gray -white suit suit with high heels

, Yamaguchi Baihui and Friends meet this set,

Simple and advanced without rigid board.

Gray and white on the body is gentle but not deserted



The suit version of the suit saves the trouble of matching, simple and practical

Essence Because the suit jacket is relatively slim, it is very suitable for Yamaguchi Baihui’s thin appearance, and the A -line skirt in the lower body adds a sweet sense, making the suit wearing it on the body.


Blue suit suit with white light mouth high heels

, Middle -aged Yamaguchi Baihui this suit, wearing it,

Donesty and elegant.

The blue suit outer jacket is wearing a high sense of high -level sense

The thick fabric seems to be very expensive, and the length of the short and medium models shows slender calves, making Yamaguchi Baihui look intellectual and the charm of middle -aged women;

She stacked a white shirt in a suit jacket, which looked clean and gentle, and also played a “embellishment” role.

The addition of a pair of light -mouth single shoes on the feet echoes the color of the white shirt, which also gives people a minimalist elegance and high -level sense.

In fact, the suit jacket is removed like Yamaguchi Baihui,

The Japanese miscellaneous model also gives a variety of matching solutions.

Gray suit jacket with black satin dress


, Daily Miscellaneous suit wear,

Beautiful and gentle.

The gray suit is easy to give people a sense of seriousness,

No more element modification is even simpler;

Wearing it with a feminine black dress, it looks “a maid’s balance”.


Not only that, the irregular design of the dress also adds a sense of fashion and playfulness to the overall dressing.



A brown -sized handbag for accessories adds the richness of autumn,

It looks literary and advanced.

Rice white suit jacket with the same color pleated skirt


, Daily Miscellaneous suit wear,


Gentle and feminine.

The white suit outer jacket is worn on the body, which feels very gentle. With the golden buttons for embellishment, it looks simple with a sense of design; and a blue cotton T -shirt in the inside. temperament.

The lower body, with a beige pleated skirt, adds the sweetness and quietness of the girl

Essence Such a set of wear in autumn is both gentle and suitable for commuting, which is relatively practical.

Second, wear a beautiful tip of the suit

1. In color, select neutral or low -saturated colors.

For example: black, white, gray, beige, etc., are more versatile and practical.

2. Pay attention to the material of the suit.

This single product is more suitable for the workplace in terms of attributes, so it is necessary to wear it well, and the requirements for versions and fabrics are relatively high. In the early autumn, you can choose a light and smooth sandy fabric; in the autumn and winter period, you can choose wool or wool fabrics, which look generous and advanced.

3. Learn to mix and match.

In the conventional suit matching, most of us use it to match with trousers. In fact, we can break this conventional matching method. For example, you can try “

Suit+skirt “” suit+pleated skirt “,” suit+jeans “…

Sometimes mixing and matching can often surprise people.

4. Pay attention to the improvement of the waistline, which looks neat and clean.

5. Put your shoes beautifully, you can also wear a suit beautifully.

6. When wearing a suit,


Pay attention to ironing flat

Often such small details can affect the overall visual effect.



Okay, friends! Regarding the wearing of suits, today Xiaoyun combines the formulas of Yamaguchi Baihui and the Japanese miscellaneous matching formula, and share some of the matching ideas for everyone. If you like to wear a suit in autumn, you can have a selective reference and reference. I hope my sharing. Can help everyone.

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