Two thousand years ago, the sixth sentences of “Biography of the Women”, valuable to the city, it is worth reading again and again


“Biography of Women” is a biographical book that introduces the deeds of ancient Chinese women. It also has a view that the book is a women’s history, with a total of seven volumes of the book. The author is Liu Xiang, a scientist, a directorist, and a writer in the Western Han Dynasty, but some people think that the book is not by Liu Xiang. Therefore, some popular versions will marked as informed.

During the Western Han Dynasty, the Queen of the Emperor Han Cheng, Zhao Feiyan, recruited a group of strong and beautiful men after falling out of favor. Dr. Guanglu Liu Xiang saw that Queen Zhao was so dirty and could not bear, but it was inconvenient to point out that he had to spend a lot of effort, quoted the scriptures, and collected Xishixi. After the virgin woman, the affairs of the virgin woman and the country, they wrote a book “Biography of the Women”.

1. The name is not thin but not heard, and there is no hidden.


—— “Lie Girls, Jieyi Biography · Zhou Lord Zhongyu”

Explanation: The sound will not be heard because of small, and the behavior will not be invisible because of hidden.

Feelings: No matter what you do, except you know, at least you know, know the earth, you must be worthy of your conscience. If you are lucky to do your mind, there will be a day of an east window.

2. Niu Ming and the horse should not be, and the sound of Niu, the alien.

—— “Lie Girls, Dingtong Biography · Qi Gu Fun”


Explanation: Niu called and horses did not respond, not because the horses did not hear the voice of the cow, but because of their different types.

Feelings: Gathering things, people with group divisions, and aspirational people, corresponding to those who are living together, and concentric people know each other. Stay away from people who are different from their own three views and ambitions, or get along with a tolerance, and don’t tell their stories every time, because not everyone can feel the same with you.

3. The loyal ministers do not borrow people to do their best.

– “Lie Girls, Zhenshun Biography · Chu Baizhen Ji”

Explanation: The true loyal minister is not touted by others; the so -called chastity is not because of his posture.

Feelings: The loyal ministers do not need to be touted by others, nor do they care about other people’s vilification and derogation. They are not named Li and Jun, but they are for the country and the nation. The chastity people are not because they have a posture, they are beyond their hearts. Some people always say that the ancient chastity archway is a woman’s sad story. In fact, it may not be necessary. This is her own wishes, just like a person who is meticulous and sneaky as a traitor during the war and chose to die vigorously. Loyalty is inner heart, not the vision of the vulgar world.

4. Mother believers, his son must be benevolent.

—— “Biography of Women · Ji Yi Chuan · Chu Zhaoyue Ji”

Explanation: If the mother is a honest person, then her child will be a benevolent person.


Feelings: Although this is not absolute, just like Hong Chengchou in the late Ming Dynasty, he thought of becoming a demon, and eventually became a traitor, but his mother was a person who knew the general loyalty and patriotic, but this sentence revealed the true meaning of education. Education is a passion for teaching, and the teaching is greater than the words. What is the parent? Children will naturally learn their parents. If a mother does not like to learn, but to force the child to learn, even if the child is well learned, he just learns for his parents.

5. The believer is doing it, and the festival of the righteous.

—— “Lie Women’s Biography · Zhenshun Biography · Chen Wudi Filial Pilts”


Explanation: Credit is the branches of people standing, and benevolence is the criterion for acting.


Feelings: People do not have faith, and benevolence and justice are the most basic principles of people doing things.

6. For fake fraud, it is too long.

—— “Lie Women’s Biography · Renzhi Chuan · Jin Fan’s Mother”


Explanation: Those who falsify and deceive others have not been able to last long.

Feelings: Just like the sketch of Shen Teng, a Spring Festival Gala, a Lao Lai, there is no friend in the end.