The annual report of the consumer exposure platform: the IKEA black list is the first, Xi Mengsi is beaten with a facelessness


As a “living” in “clothing, food, and transportation”, home products are widely covered, including bedding, home appliances, furniture, etc., the quality has always attracted the attention of consumers. At the same time, with the popularity of the concept of green life, many home products on the market promotes the health of cleanhenylene, but some corporate brands have been raised to detect the formaldehyde. What is the quality of home products on the market?

Focusing on the home furnishing industry, Nandu Appraisal Laboratory sorted out comprehensive information such as sampling data, consumer complaint reports, and comprehensive information released by the market supervision department in the past year. , Green Mi, Xi Mengsi and other well -known brands have also been named; the main reasons for being named are product warning signs, structural safety, and durability requirements for project detection. It is worth noting that the products of Kobe and Kim Keer have been detected to exceed the formaldehyde, and the one -batch children’s bedside cabinet has been spotted by 5 times the formaldehyde.


IKEA, DP long quantity

The number of on -lists is high

According to the data sorted by Nandu’s identification, eight batches of products were named and the number was the largest; followed by DP long, 3 times; Zhengniu Electric, Zhengxiang and Keyou, both of which were named and did not meet the standards.

The most named home brand

Nandu reporters noticed that 6 batches of products with unqualified product sampling inspections were the warning signs 8 times in the name of IKEA. These 6 batches of products were children’s furniture, including desks, drawers, extended beds, etc Products with unsuccessful quality are mattresses. Earlier, the Shenzhen Consumer Council announced the comparative test report of ICRT 12 mattresses in 2021. IKEA’s mattress sample sponge or core cover tearing damage, poor hardness and changes in thickness change performance It is not good, but it is understood that the selected samples were purchased by consumers in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, respectively. The mattress models sold by relevant domestic brands may not be exactly the same as the model in this comparative test.

In addition, in July 2021, IKEA was also fined 1.72 million for false propaganda. It is reported that it claims that its curtains have a “air purification” function, but they are based on an ideal state. The actual living environment and test conditions are different from the test conditions. Farly, it cannot effectively use the air purification function of the curtain.

Smooth check data also shows that IKEA has a record of recall. In May 2021, IKEA recalled Heroisk Heroisk Heros and Talrika Talica series bowls, plates, and cups, and the number reached more than 170,000 pieces. It is understood that the recalled products are made of polystrack acid (PLA) materials, and IKEA The PLA used in the product is derived from industrial corn. It is a newly used material. IKEA discovered that the opportunity of microwave ovens and dishes to affect the durability of the series of products. After a period of use, these products may be ruptured and may be due to the prosperity of them. The leakage of high -temperature content is burned.

IKEA official website also has recall information of related products


Warning logo, structural safety, durability requirements

It is the three items that are not qualified

Data show that in the reasons for home brand products, the top three are the warning signs, structural safety, and durability requirements, respectively, accounting for 32.9%, 24.4%, and 19.1%, respectively. At the same time, Nandu reporters also noticed that some brands have not qualified for multiple projects in a batch of products, such as the DP long -volume LED fashion folding table lamp, the LED folding table lamp of Zhengniu Electric, the LED warm white light touch of the Chenguang stationery The eye protection table lamp was not qualified by the Hainan Provincial Supervision Bureau. In addition, Cadish’s smart fingerprint lock has been spotted for anti -interference (electrostatic discharge) and safety requirements (flame retardant) projects, and green rice smart drying machines have also been unqualified.

The warning logo items are unqualified. Data show that in products with unqualified warning signs, children’s furniture is mostly. It is reported that the warning logo is a national mandatory standard. Due to the low awareness of child safety precautions, the corresponding warning logo can warn children and parents to prevent unknown risks and ensure that children are safe to use products safely. In December last year, of Nandu reported on the unqualified children’s furniture products released by the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau, the three batches of IKEA products were spotted and have not been marked with “3-6 years old”, “3 years old and above” or “7 years old” or “7 years old and above” “The age group,” pay attention! Only allow adults to install, children do not get close “and other warnings. In addition, the unqualified brands of the project include Thinkwise, LIFE VC, and so on.

Structural security is also the main reason why home products do not meet the standards. Data show that the products with unqualified sampling of the project are children’s furniture. Structural safety project detection includes edge tips, holes and gaps. It is understood that edges and tip is an important safety indicator in children’s learning tables and chairs. If there is a sharp and dangerous outer corner, it is prone to direct injuries such as injuries, abrasions, and stamps. In the holes or gaps, it is prone to harm and other damage. Meng Kuobao’s products have been sampled and cutting -edge projects are not qualified; Palmer and Guangmingyuan Di have been spotted and unqualified.

Durability is an indicator that reflects the life of the mattress, and evaluates whether the mattress is damaged and deformed in normal use. Data show that the product durability requires unqualified brands involving sleeping, pearl mattresses, and three -leaf furniture. Last year, the “2020 plastic toys such as 38 products such as 38 products such as 38 products such as 38 products such as 38 products” released by the State Administration of Market Supervision showed that the 19 batches of brown fiber elastic mattress products were unqualified for durability requirements.


Many products have also been detected to exceed the standard. Nandu reporters sorted out and found that in the limited edition of harmful substances, including the excessive formaldehyde release volume of the product and the surface coating can be migrated to be excessive. It is reported that the amount of formaldehyde release and surface coating can migrate lead (PB) elements are all harmful substances. Living in an environment with high formaldehyde concentration for a long time will cause chronic respiratory diseases. Heavy metals harm the human central nervous system. Essence Data show that brandedin companies with exceeding standards include Keyi, Jin Keer, etc., and 1 batches can be better than that of children’s bedside cabinets.


Many formaldehyde products are purchased from e -commerce platforms

Proclaimed that the aldehydes were “beaten”


It is found that many well -known stores have been spotted unqualified. For example, in November 2021, during the sampling inspection of children’s furniture products, the two batches of bedside tables sold by Red Star Macalline, Yuexing Home Furnishing Sales 1 batch of bedside cabinets was not qualified.

In addition, the reporter found that many formaldehyde products exceeded the e -commerce platform. For example, the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau announced its random inspection results on children’s furniture in November. Five batches of formaldehyde exceeding standards were purchased from the e -commerce platform; in the same month, the results of the random inspection of 59 batches of coatings were announced. In the product, the three batches are purchased from e -commerce platforms. It is recommended that relevant government departments order the platform operators to stop selling unqualified products in a timely manner. At the same time, the platform operator shall bear the responsibility for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, interviewing platform merchants with unqualified products that are not qualified for products, and effectively resolving unqualified products The problem flowing to the market.

The State Administration of Market Supervision has also issued documents that consumers are advised to check the product name and packaging logo before buying goods. The models, batch numbers, execution standards, weight, production manufacturers and shelf life are complete. Avoid buying a strong irritating odor or industrial flavor and refined products; focus on antibacterial and mold and anti -mold. Try to choose coatings with antibacterial and mildew -resistant function to prevent bacteria from breeding and mildew, affecting children’s health.

Nandu reporters also noticed that as the concept of green human living environment became more and more deeply rooted in people’s hearts, many products on the market claimed that there was no aldehyde, but some companies were still “faced.” For example, Xi Mengsi was named by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission for false propaganda. It is understood that his Xi Mengsi’s happy mattress webpage claimed that “does not contain formaldehyde”, but the actual formaldehyde release was 0.017 mg/m2 · h, although the brand’s person in charge To Nandu reporter said that the product testing report involved showed that the formaldehyde project of the fabric was “not detected”, and believed that the detection of the Shanghai Consumer Insurance Commission was based on the inspection of the entire mattress, but it was also acknowledged that “fabric does not contain formaldehyde”. Not rigorous enough, it should be written as “not detected” formaldehyde. Therefore, it is recommended that enterprises with related products take this as an opportunity to investigate the promotion content of the product sales webpage to ensure that the expression is accurate and should not excessively pursue gimmicks.

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