The differences and purification advantages of single -armed welding smoke purifier


The differences and purification advantages of single -armed welding smoke purifier

Single -arm welding smoke purification equipment is a filter -type welding smoke dust collector with only one aspirational mouth. During running, the purifier generates high negative pressure suction power. Welded smoke and dust is collected into the filter room. Completion of purification, the purification equipment of the arms welding tobacco is suitable for the purification of dust and dust in welding, polishing, cutting, and polishing, as well as the recycling of metal and valuable materials. Granules. It has the characteristics of purification, low noise, flexible use, and small area.

Working principle of one -arm welding tobacco dust removal purifier: During the operation of the dust purification system, low -particle dust enters the purification body through the inhalation arm. Splashing and large particles of smoke are separated directly into the smoke and dust collecting drawers below.

The advantages of one -arm welding smoke purification equipment

1. The practicality and life of the equipment.

2. The design of Siemens motor and fan makes the equipment large and effective.

3. Controller design, high performance, is conducive to the smooth operation of operation and equipment.

4. Polyurethane universal foot wheels play a good shock absorption, and it is convenient for the positioning of the device to move arbitrarily.

5. Single -arm welding smoke purifier can also be designed and manufactured according to customer conditions, and has high adaptability.

6. The application of noise reduction design and the application of large -scale sound insulation materials makes the equipment noise reach a new level.

7. The three layers of fire blocking design block the large particle slag, the high and sexuality of the equipment.

8. The inhaling arm can hover at 360 degrees, which is conducive to catching smoke, stainless steel skeleton and hose, and high temperature resistance at 140 ° C.

The characteristics of the arms welding smoke purification equipment:

1. There are ABB turbine and motors, which uses anti -overload circuits to prevent the motor from burning. High performance and stable work performance.

2. The built -in intermediate centralized PLC control method is simple and easy to operate.

3. The pulse anti -blow -type automatic ash clearance: The filter element uses automatic rotation to blow the ash, so that the surface of the filter element is cleaned and clean, and the dust collector can always have a constant air -absorbing volume; The purifier is always in a good working state.

4. The filter tube uses the material and has a long service life. It can absorb dust particles of less than 0.3 μm. It has a good filtering effect on wet and sticky dust.

5. Utilizing the universal suction arm that can act at 360 degrees, you can absorb smoke from the occurrence of flue gas, improve the collection rate of smoke and dust, and the health of the operators.

6. Three protection measures are used to use the fire hazards and large particles of slag inside the armed welding smoke purifier to make the purifier’s service life long.

7. The clean air is evenly guided and dispersed from the grille -shaped air outlet, so the noise is reduced to lower.

8. A new Korean -style foot wheel with a brakes facilitates the random movement and positioning of the device.

9. Optoelectronics control is turned on, off, energy saving, and cantilever covers a lighting device (optional).

Single -arm welding smoke purification equipment has a compact structure and small volume, and a foot wheel is installed at the bottom. It is convenient to move. These design characteristics make the single -arm welding smoke dust purifier suitable for the factory environment with a small number of operating points. The instructions of the dust removal equipment are operated, otherwise the negligence that does not pay attention will affect the normal work of the purifier.

The parts of the armor -welding smoke purification equipment include: universal vacuum arm, vacuum hose, vacuum hood (with air volume regulating valve), fire blocking network, flame retardant filter element, pulse anti -blowing device, pulse solenoid valve, pressure difference, pressure difference Table, clean room, active carbon filter, sinking drawer combination, combustion cotton cotton, new Korean foot wheel, fan, ABB motor, and electronic control box of the brake.

Through the gravitational effect of the fan, the welding smoke exhaust gas is inhaled into the air inlet of the device through a universal vacuum cover. The device is equipped with a fireproofer at the air inlet. The dust dropped directly to the gray bucket. The particle smoke was caught by the filter element on the outer surface. After the cleaning gas was filtered and purified by the filter element, it flowed into the clean room from the center of the filter element.

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