This “blood with blood” is not just plastic surgery, but the more terrible thing is the industrial chain behind


Today, this article Sir just wants to take up for three minutes.


I saw such a picture in the circle of friends recently:

The content is true.

Sir went to leave a message in person, and the whole process happened for three minutes.


Of course, SIR knows that similar solids may not have quickly achieved rapid results. Legislation is a long and rigorous thing, and it is also a matter related to everyone’s interests.


If you know enough about this and want to participate, you can leave a message support in the method shown above.

If you still have doubts and reservations, it is understandable.

But SIR hopes that you can spend a few more minutes. After reading today’s article, and in the article,

real story


Do not stand in line.


Instead, let more people participate, talk rationally, and eliminate misunderstandings.


late at night.

A girl does not sleep.

Sit alone in the black lacquer park.


In the cold weather, she could hear her nose sucking sound.

Crazy, a wandering girl?


Her name is Xiao Zang, waiting for her Lafite.

12 years old, a creamy yellow hair Garfield, a sterilized male cat.


On July 27, 2020, he jumped off the building on the balcony of his aunt (the building was not very high). When the shooting group found her, Lafite had left for 3 months.

She never gave up looking for.

Eating in the park near the aunt’s house every three, for fear that footsteps scared the cat, they could only squat.

Wait for “cats”.

For three months, there is no direction, no results, and swallowing is time, money, and even affection.

The only news obtained was the market suspected of appearing in the market in Beizhakou.

She will go there every week.

Write in a cat search:

I will not give up every day in the future


It’s not to get sympathy.

In order to find a cat, she took a break in her sophomore year.

In the community, they knocked on the door and asked. The elevator port announcement bar within 5 kilometers of the community was inspired by cats, and even the address of more than 500 pet shops from Zhengzhou to a cat food provider.

The family sent the leaflet and asked the store to help forward …


There were still people who cheated her for her pay. After finding it, the person who cheated her was gone.

I have feelings with my uncle and aunts in the market.

I couldn’t listen to comfort and persuasion.


A aunt who sold a cat couldn’t bear it. She wanted to send her to Garfield again and let her stop.

People in the animal market know her:

Why are you here again?

Didn’t you find it a while before?




At this time, the barrage will ask:

One cat and a dog, is it?

As for?


A pair of father and daughter.

In the door, Dad warmly introduced the dog cage prepared for the retired guide dog. The daughter’s eyes flickered and didn’t want to answer.

Skilled and cold.

The old man’s surname Xu, just after retirement, he passed alone.

Eating and sleeping, most entertainment activities are watching TV while gourds at home.

Because of adopting a retired guide dog, Uncle Xu’s life seems to be a lot busy.

Buy cages, buy cushions …

Communicate with my daughter a lot, and even went to the handover ceremony together.

The retired Xiao He took off the guide saddle, and the cold atmosphere between the father and daughter slowly loosen.

On the way back, her daughter sat next to her father.


At the house of Uncle Xu, Xiao Xu naturally took off his coat on the sofa, rolled up his sleeves, poured water for Xiao He, poured food, and made his neck circle.


Shouting a “sister” at it.


Uncle Xu laughed at his eyes.


Happy, no more TV sounds at home.

There are more and more changes.


The daughter will close the door for the next time, and I will speak when they come in:

How to sleep at night, what to eat …

With a little hey, Uncle Xu was busy again:

Go to the kitchen to cook, you must explain Xiao Hei. I will tell Xiao Hey not to be greedy. Watching a TV, you can “discuss” the plot together.

I also love to go out.

After all, the child in the family is so powerful that it is too wasteful to show off.

A pet became a family member.

She couldn’t speak, but made the blood relatives and daughter warmth, which made people live a specific concern.

She didn’t understand human feelings, but she took a lonely heart.

In fact, Xiao Zang’s Lafite is the same.

The 12 -year -old Rafie spent 10 years with Xiao Zang.

Xiao Zang in his youth, sensitive and introverted.

Parents are not good at speaking, and they have nowhere to place grievances and loneliness.

With Lafite, she can pay for love and see feedback of love on Lafite.

Now we know



It is not how expensive the pet is, nor is the human beings.

They lost.

It is a love that once asked for, and then lost.

The relationship between our pets is actually a mapping of our true emotions and values.

It seems that humans and small animals are inseparable from each other. In fact, each of us cannot do without love.


Documentary Director Du Xing


The above story comes from the recent domestic documentary “Can’t Be Yourself”.


Douban 9.0.

If the theme of people, if you choose the “lady’s club” and “puppy’s catwalk”, the strange event of a social wonders, or “throwing a family business only to help pets, raised a group of dogs, thirty or forty years, family disciples all walls” … Mowing

As soon as these stories came out, the gimmicks of the film were obviously more sufficient.

But the director Du Xing died decisively in the early days of planning.

I would rather be honest, and strive to be true and complete.


Human pets have both tenderness and unavoidable weight.

Such as death.


Uncle Xiong, who raised a dog 16 years ago, called Yale.

In less than a few months, the disgusted Xiong Auntie was really fragrant.

I don’t like Yale, eat together, sleep, and sleep.

Even when Yale gave birth to a child, he was under the back of Uncle Xiong.

After Yale gave birth to a child, the little cubs were sleeping on the bed. Every morning in the middle of the night, Uncle Xiong was responsible for picking up the dog cub who got out of bed.


In the fragments of life, there were lover figures and sounds surrounding Mao Bear and Yale.

Because of the accident, his wife and Yale died one after another, and the two daughters settled abroad.

Fortunately, his and Yale children Mao Xiong maintains daily life together.

With Mao Xiong, Grandpa Xiong arranged his life very well.

Chess, watch documentary, family travel.

Although life is fulfilling, years are still passing.


Even though Mao Xiong was the child who was originally raised by the dog and the granddaughter of Uncle Xiong, Mao Xiong was old.

Mao Xiong’s physical condition is getting worse and worse, and Uncle Xiong is ready to take an emergency injection at any time.

When asked what Mao Xiong would speak, Uncle Xiong would say to it.

Uncle Xiong seemed to tell his little grandson daughter.

You live well, there is a grandfather there, don’t worry about anything, you can rest assured, Grandpa is here.

With aging and illness, Uncle Xiong could not bear to be sinned again, and chose to be euthanized.

In the body, Mao Xiong was originally calm slowly because of his illness.

With Uncle Xiong’s 222 days of 132 days, he left.


But they agreed that the ashes of the “family” must be raised into the sea together.


Find a mother


Go to the cricket


very nice

It’s a good treasure of Grandpa

The life of pets is shorter than humans; pets are a slightly shrinking life.

It always reaches the end first.

There is a dog in the last 2 minutes in the life of the documentary. No matter how they call it, he refuses to look back and let the owner watch it.


It is said that before the cat goes away, he will choose to hide it alone, fearing that his companion or herself will not be able to resist.

Of course, this statement listens to “Xuanhu”.

But you want:

Xiao Zang’s 12 -year -old Rafie.

Why can’t I find it?


“Can’t Leave You” is not without shortcomings.

I have to admit:


Regardless of narrative restraint, it always stands at the perspective of pet raising people.

This love is certainly valuable.

At the same time, when love becomes blind, it will also be affected


A recently shocked word:


Blood cat.

What’s the meaning?


As the name suggests, it is the same as selling blood as the black market.

Raise cats to donate blood.

In the name of adopting stray cats, a large number of cat -free cats are gathered.

If pets need surgery, blood transfusion should be transformed.

And my country has not yet established formal animal blood banks. Many people see business opportunities, and they are flowing in major pet groups and pet hospitals to wait for the opportunity to sell blood at high prices.

Among them, huge profits.

“Blood cats” have gradually formed a gray industry.


When this “love” starts to flood, it also becomes a business opportunity to become cold -blooded under the limitations of legal restrictions.

Like Sir exposed in July,

Pet consignment.


Sir was checked at the time, and the relevant complaints about pet consignment on the complaint website could not count.

Most of them died of pets due to improper transportation.

If you are transported with a bus, do not feed pet water and food, low temperature leads to pet death ………

and also,

Buy pets online.

According to Article 33 of the Postal Law

It is forbidden to send or carry “living animals” in the email, and the express industry should not transport pets.

What about reality?

The tragedy never stopped.

Last year, one wholesale went to Anhui

40,000 pets

Due to accidents in the Luohe River in Henan, many pets are random like ordinary wraps.

Under the rescue of volunteers, one -third of animals died due to lack of oxygen, lack of water, and lack of food.

△ @物 Pet assistance

Not to mention a “blood business” that happened this year,

Pet blind box.

The merchant claims that there are surprises in the box.

At low prices, pets are packaged into the box in the form of express delivery.


It is reported that hundreds of kittens and puppies are sent away every night.

“Some dead puppies and kittens were thrown directly on the side of the road, and even gave birth to maggots.”

△ Interture from Xinhua News Agency


Also, it was frightened by Sir …

“Pet plastic surgery”.


In order to obtain the maximum profits, animals have been forced to cosmetic surgery as they like.

Pure breed dwarf rabbit is cute?


The ears that played the rabbit were cruelly cut off, and the price soared several times.

Ordinary consumers cannot distinguish authenticity at all.

Tea cup dog, the body is only as small as one tea cup and more cute?

Including but not limited to:

Smaller, eating weight loss pills;

When puppies have not yet matured, they are forced to give a cesarean section for dogs;

Limit their diet …


△ Screenshot Source: Meng; Tencent News


Except for rectification, this kind of dog has almost no way to breed in batches.

The birth of the tea cup is an accident of genetic mutation.

However, some consumers’ chase of this kind of deformity aesthetic, coupled with the launch of the merchants, a deformal animal is packaged into rare products.

This is just the evil line that has been exposed.

What are those who have not been exposed?

Those exposure, but cannot be severely punished by law?

Animal abuse that has emerged recently

Customized video.


Light, beat with a stick;

Delivery, torture to death.

Above, give wallets and rewards and watch.

Still repeatedly banned.

The reason that makes people feel cool is:

We know that these unscrupulous nausea exist, but they have nothing to do with them.

Golden Rather Siri, who died of the negligence of pets this year.

At that time, Chen Qiaoen also spoke for her, and the topic rushed to the hot search.

But how much can public opinion help?

As a result, all parties participated in condemnation or complaints.

Compensation from the dog owner:


Pay a dog or pay 6,000 yuan.

On the one hand, the pet owner asked for help.

On the other side, the “public relations routine” of light cars involved in the company involved:

Do things with heart and have a clear conscience.

If you do not accept compensation, you are willing to take legal procedures.


Wandering in the legal blankness again and again.

Let sin, go smoothly in the name of love.

Reporter: If this behavior was illegal at the time, there were clear legal norms, do you think you would do it?


Li: Impossible, never.

They are not pretending to be.

With the existing laws in my country, pet owners can only follow


Fraud consumer

Converse the angle, instead of

“Crime of intentional damage.”

This part of foreign countries is relatively sound.

For example, the British “Animal Protection Law” has legal basis for all cases.



Sean Ker was sentenced to 6 months in prison and caused unnecessary pain to more than 30 dogs. The puppies live on the floor covering the feces, and their bedding is soaked in urine.

Jennifer Lampe was sentenced to four months of probation. After being drunk at home, she cut off the head of the two snakes with scissors and ate them.

Gary Samuel was sentenced to 12 weeks of probation because the police found that the dog was locked in a dirty “dark dungeon” cage at the Alley Pet Hospital in Litz, Wicker.

John Wilcock and Bernadette Nunney left dozens of dogs in a dirty environment for a dirty environment in a dirty environment in a farm in Bradford, Westri.

△ Derived from the BBC “Are our behaviors on animal abuse enough?” “

There are many special laws under the Animal Protection Law.

Among them

Breeding Act, Home Animal Transportation Law

About 100 countries and regions in the world have formulated the “Prohibition of Animal Acts”.

It is clear.

We are still not among them.


Of course not everyone is pretending to sleep.

Almost every year, there are representatives to abuse animal legislation.

Back to the beginning of the article:

Why support anti -abuse?

Why do you legislate for cats and dogs?

People who support will say that cats are good, dogs are smart, rabbits are cute …


Opponents also have various reasonable concerns, such as morality, ethics, folklore …

Legislation is not to shut up a certain side.

When it comes to animals, many people think of emotions for the first time.


But SIR must also state.

Law of the law-

Emotion is of course a driver, but not all.

a set of data.

From the “White Paper of Chinese Pet Consumption Trends in 2021”: In the past 10 years, my country’s pets have surged, and now the number has exceeded 100 million (70%of dogs, and 30%are other small animals such as cats).

This means that every 14 people in China have a pet.

As Luo Xiang said.


The society we live in is constant conflict, and there are conflicts every day, and the law is to resolve this conflict. But when resolving this conflict, the law may create a new conflict.

People and animals are the “new conflicts” that we can’t pretend to be invisible at the moment.

How to solve?

Legal matter is left to professionals.

What we can do:

In the law, try to understand and speak objectively and comprehensively as much as possible;

In myself, to see others with compassion and empathy, to see the story that really exists around us, but often ignores because of the weak volume.

This is difficult.

But because of difficulties, those who have always paid for it deserve applause.

The initiative and promotion of so many years are not without “effectiveness”.


For example, this “solicitation opinion”.

It is not simple support/unprepared.

Today, this baton is handed over to your hands.

SIR believes.

After countless times, whether it will reach the “end point” we expect.

It still remains your temperature.

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