Tarot classic case: Does he really love you?


A period of emotions just started, especially the two people were not deeply interacting. At this time, the other party’s feelings for you were more elusive. We all want a person who truly loves ourselves, but what kind of mentality does he hold on to you? Let’s take a look with me today’s Tarot classic case.


According to the question from the questioner, the selected card is the sword sword knight’s inverse scepter five inverse star coins and five inverse positions

[Analysis] The first card selected is the sword knight’s inverse position. It can be said that the relationship between the two people is very unstable, and the lack of real intimacy between each other is difficult to get close. The appearance of the sword knight’s inverse card implies that the other party has not invested too much feelings among the relationship between the two people, even a little unsatisfactory, and there is no real rational planning, so it is more elusive. In fact, the attitude is very light. As a natural question, it is more difficult to master.

The second card selected is the inverse position of the scented five. Although the significance of the appearance of this card is not negative when it is positive, the current problem wants to improve, and the obstacles are still relatively large. In fact, there were many problems in the past, and it was easy to conflict, and the questioner did not take care of the other party’s feelings well. This has also led to the other party’s prejudice to the questioner now, but there is a calm time to adjust the way of getting along with the two people, and also wants to have a more benign interaction.

The third card selected is the five -inverse position. In fact, the relationship between the two people is very weak, and it is necessary to say that this relationship is still in an isolated situation, and it is also a romance that is not blessed. In addition, the material foundation of the two people is not very solid, and the common language is relatively lacking in each other, so it is more difficult to go on stable. However, the significance of the inverse card is relatively positive. In fact, the other party did not completely let go of this relationship. Although it encountered some problems now, it was willing to break through.


[Summary] On the whole, in fact, the relationship between the relationship between the two people is very weak, and the other party does not like the questioner very much, and there are many problems with the two. Therefore, it has led to the current state, but the other party did not really give up the questioner, but now it takes time to consider the relationship between the two people, and still wants to adjust the current problem. As long as the questioner can give each other some time, in fact, the current bottleneck period will still be relieved in the future.