How can novices make their own ecological fish tank easily? Zero foundation must be!


Many people’s psychology always hopes to have their own small world. It is also a pleasure and interesting thing to cultivate this little world. So it is also a wonderful thing to build a ecological fish tank. It is both happy and full of fun.

What is an ecological fish tank? In fact, the ecological fish tank is an artificial small aquarium ecosystem. Water is a vital part of the ecology. Fish survive by water, and plants grow on light. Through their clever sets, they cultivate water plants, raising fish, and interlocking ecology. It makes the fish tank not only an ecosystem, but also a vivid scene, which is pleasing to the eye.


So what do you need to build an ecological fish tank?



It’s a fish tank. Although the shape of the fish tank is different, if the ecological fish tank is made, it is recommended to choose a square fish tank. The glass of fish tanks on the market has floating glass and ultra -white glass. Xiaobian recommends using ultra -white fish tanks, because this can better understand the inside of the ecological fish tank better. As for the size of the cylinder, this depends on the actual situation of the individual. But it is best to keep above 60cm. This will make the fish tank look less cramped and better build your ecosystem.



It is plant landscape and set. As the saying goes: “Planting flowers first”. It is no exception for water plants, so you should first choose more suitable water plants, base fertilizers and bottom sand.

When the mud is paved, the front and back of the thick grains are easier to root. 60cm, the prospect grass requires about 5cm, the middle scene is 6-8, and the background is about 8-11. The bottom sand and the bottom mud are the same standard. The styling should not be straightforward, and there are ups and downs. Essence The fish tank is large, the bottom sand is thicker, and the fish tank is coordinated. Then set the scenery, you can choose blue dragon stones, Shenmu and other cooperation. The landscaping requires the overall view and space imagination. Each person has your favorite landscape, and then plant the appropriate waterweed. It is recommended to plant it when the water is not put, and then the water is solidified before leaving the water, which will be simpler.



It is a filter system and nitrifying bacteria.


The function is mainly to remove impurities in water.


Raising water

It is also the most important part of the filter system. The reason why the ecosystem can achieve the ecosystem is

Nitrogen cycle


Essence In the nitrogen cycle, an important role is nitrifying bacteria (not digestion). Nitrogen bacteria mainly live in the filter material of the filter device. These materials are loose and long, such as biochemical cotton, biochemical balls, ceramic rings, and glass rings. There are also in the soil, but it is more needed to filter to fill in lack. Therefore, 7*24 needs to be filtered in the ecological cylinder.

From the classification of filters, it mainly has two types of external and binding cylinders. There are back filtration, side filter, and bottom filter binding to the cylinder body. Back filtration and side filter are more suitable. The bottom filter is generally used by players who do not raise fish, because the bottom needs to be paved with grass puree and various materials.

Finally, creature. When the work is completed in the early stage, we can put the fish in the water. So what fish is suitable for ecological fish tanks? For novices, we can buy more lively tropical fish, mainly to master the methods and techniques of fish farming. With the time and experience of fish farming, you can buy some more expensive fish (generally more expensive fish looks good. ) For the ecological cylinder, there should be not too many types of types. It is recommended to be evenly distributed in the upper and lower layers within 5 types. Upper fish: peacock or Mary. Mid -layer fish: red and green lights or treasure lotus lights. Lower fish: panda rat or mouse rats and other mouse fish. At the beginning, fish farming can not be used too much, and the system stability can gradually increase in the later stage.


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