Starting at 120 kilometers, air conditioners are not afraid of the cold winter. These three old -fashioned trains are very suitable for the elderly.


Nowadays, most cities in our country have begun to cool down and enter the “cold winter mode”. When it is cold, it is important to be a closed model. Especially for the elderly who are not very good in the physical fitness itself, parents who need to pick up their baby are not very good. In winter, a warm travel space is needed.

When talking about comfortable travel, the first is the car, but the car purchase cost of the car is high and the use of the car is high. For many people, it is not applicable, especially the elderly. It is very similar, the space is also very closed, and many models also have the configuration of warm air or warm and warm air conditioners, which is very suitable for winter travel.

This is a low -speed electric vehicle, also known as the “old -fashioned pedal” model. It is also a four -wheel electric car. Its price is a lot cheaper. Although the configuration is simplified a lot, it can basically meet the demand for car use.

Of course, there are many high -speed low -speed electric vehicles now. They are no longer called old -fashioned walking cars, but micro -electric vehicles, which have high configurations, but the price is 30,000 or 40,000. It is still cheap, but for the elderly only for the elderly, over -chasing the configuration is actually a bit “not true”.

However, as a transportation, it should still have it. In addition to the configuration of warm air or warm and cold air conditioners, the battery life should not be too little. These 2 points are more valued by small walkers. For these characteristics, 3 low -speed low -speed low -speed low -speed low -speed models are recommended below. Electric vehicles, starting from 120 kilometers, a maximum battery life can reach 200 kilometers, and the price of air conditioning is not high. It is suitable for the elderly to use in winter. Which one do you see?

The first model: Flying Pigeon Card cool


Reference price: starting from 8580 yuan, maximum battery life: 120 kilometers


Talking about the pigeons, as the elderly, almost “no one knows and no one knows”, the brand born in 1936. It is currently “old predecessor” in most brands in the field of transportation. Of course, with bicycles, with bicycles The exit of the mainstream mobility market, the glory of the flying pigeons has passed, but the flying pigeons are constantly transformed. The low -speed electric vehicle field is also its optimistic market. Therefore, a number of low -speed electric vehicle products have been launched.

Flying Pigeon’s products continue the strategy of low prices and affordable people. This card is a relatively affordable model. It is a classic old -fashioned pedal. It belongs to a model that is relatively small. In addition, although the flying pigeon brand is old, the body design is not old -fashioned, and it is still very marketable.

In terms of price and battery life: Why is it affordable? The price of 8580 yuan is in the four -wheel low -speed electric vehicle. Even if it is a miscellaneous vehicle, it is difficult to achieve such a price. 10,000 yuan, the price is quite affordable, and in terms of battery life, the battery has 60V54AH, 58AH, 65AH, of which

The maximum battery life is 120 kilometers



In terms of other configuration: The standard motor of the vehicle is 1000W, which can be upgraded to 1200W for 300 yuan.

The maximum speed 40 km/h

; Standard warm wind switch, MP3 multimedia, one -click lock car, high -definition high -definition image, LED headlights, anti -theft device, electric wiper, fan and other practical configurations; and in terms of safety, the vehicle is equipped with automobile -class independent suspension suspension. The rack and porous heat dissipation brake pads ensure the brakes of the vehicle sensitive, comfortable and safe driving.


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: As a relatively affordable old -age scooter, it also supports air conditioning, which can be equipped with air conditioning versions. Of course, the price will be higher, with a difference of 2600 yuan. However, you can enjoy the cold wind and warm wind in winter. Of course If it is at a low price, the standard fan and warm air can also provide a more comfortable driving environment.

Second model: Olympic New Energy


Reference price: starting at 14,600 yuan, maximum battery life: 200 kilometers

This car does not belong to the traditional low -speed electric vehicle brand. It basically belongs to the assembly manufacturer and then focuses on online online sales. The assembly mode, so as long as it is not cutting corners, in terms of quality and technology, it will not be too large.


This Austrian low -speed electric vehicle is a relatively large model. The size of the vehicle is 2950 × 1400 × 1650mm, and the appearance is not the style of the traditional old -age scooter. Unexpectedly, it is an elderly pedal, full of atmosphere and domineering.

In terms of price and battery life: This car seems to start at 14,600 yuan, and it is not a very affordable model, but in terms of its configuration, small walkers can say responsiblely that it is still a car that is not expensive. Consider the premium of the big brand), and in terms of battery life,

It is equipped with 72V160AH ternary lithium batteries, with a maximum battery life of 200 kilometers

Other configurations: This car actively rural market, rugged mountain market, it adopts off -road vehicle design, higher chassis, and in terms of motors, it is equipped with high -power high -speed frequency frequency DC motors, which can reach the speed 1880/1880/ minute,


The highest speed is 50 km/h

, 50 ° climbing can be easily dealt with; while in the vehicle capacity, vehicles can take 4 people, large space seats, 1.8 meters of large height in and out of stress; in addition, the vehicles also have LED night reading lights, McPers -style suspension, Systems, explosion -proof vacuum tires and other practical configurations.


: The vehicle has 6 highlights, including: BYD automobile battery, longer and more durable battery life; 3500W motor, stronger power power; integrated frame, higher safety; cold and cold air conditioning, make the driving environment temperature more temperature more Comfort; car suspension of shock absorption, the vehicle is better comfortable; 200 kilometers of battery life, can be long -distance without frequent charging.

Third model: Zong Shen 920

Reference price: starting from 12880 yuan, maximum battery life: 160 kilometers

Zongshen is the “leader” in the field of electric vehicles. It has a good performance in both wheels, three -wheeled, and four -wheel wheels. “The right to speak”, but some of its models are still very cost -effective, such as this Zongshen 920 introduced by Xiaoxing.

From the perspective of appearance, it is also a satisfactory old -fashioned car. The normal size is 2440 × 1310 × 1620mm. This size is in the road. In fact, the size is just right. Four of them, walking cars in the old age, and two -child family pick -up and drop -off.

In terms of price and battery life: Although compared to the first car, its price is 12880 yuan, which is indeed slightly higher, but Zong Shen is a big brand after all, there is a certain brand premium space, and this price is compared to other low -speed electric vehicles compared to other low -speed electric vehicles. The product is not a expensive series, and its high -profile version, the price is only 14880 yuan. For the owners who choose low -speed electric vehicles, this budget is basically acceptable. In terms of battery life, the flagship version of the vehicle is 60V58AH. Zongshen dedicated maintenance battery,

The theoretical maximum battery life can reach 160 kilometers

Other configuration: The motor carried by the vehicle is 1000W power national standard motor,

The maximum speed is 40 km/h


; Intelligent configuration is equipped with MP5 multimedia, reversing images, and voice anti -theft, making driving easier and fun; others also include knob shifts, car -level operating rods, roof luggage racks, high -bright and energy -saving LED large LED large LED large Practical configurations such as lamps and spring hydraulic shock absorption.

: The advantage of the big brand is that the quality is good, and the after -sales is guaranteed. This car not only has a high sales volume, it is also highly praised in sale. This is a low -speed electric car that is rarely seen by small experts. Basically, there is no bad review. Most car owners recognize its space, battery life, and shock absorption.



: The above are low -speed electric vehicles with a good comparison of 3 small experts, and they all have warm air and air -conditioning versions. When traveling in winter, the comfort will be better. In addition, they also perform well. For the elderly who travel 8 kilometers for 8 kilometers, it is basically charging once every 2 weeks. It is still very practical. Of course, the small walker still needs to remind everyone responsibly that low -speed electric vehicles are not qualified in some places. Understand whether it is allowed to use locally, “practical” is important, but “can use” is more important.

So, which are from the three elderly scooters from Flying Pigeon Kaku, Olympic New Energy, and Zongshen 920, which one do you think is more suitable for the elderly to use and pick up the baby? Everyone is welcome to comment and exchange, pay attention to small experts of electric vehicles, and share information and views of electric vehicles every day.




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Bright spot introduction