Some supermarkets in Japan will purchase flower king diapers from the 26th


A supermarket in Japan posted a purchase restriction logo. The picture is provided by the respondent

The purchasing agent is affected, and there are a lot of stocks in Dalian mothers. Local dealers suggest not impulse consumption


From January 26, some Japanese drugstores and maternal and infant supermarkets restricted the purchase of Huafi diapers sold. A family restricted purchase of one packet. If you want to buy a lot of purchase, you need to hold a maternal and baby manual. The reporter learned that some buyers and mother -to -child products stores were affected. Some buyers were no longer sold due to tight supply. Some maternal and infant shops in the city were out of stock in Huawang diapers, and they were anxious to stock up 6 packs in one breath.

Message: Hua Tao diapers limits 26 -day purchase restriction

In recent years, Japanese brand diapers have been loved by domestic mothers and are also the main products for purchasing maternal and infant product merchants. Recently, some domestic maternal and infant Forums, Weibo, and WeChat circles have begun to release the announcement of Hualong diaper restrictions that some domestic drug stores and maternal and infant supermarkets in Japan have been purchased from January 26, 2015. You can only purchase one package. At the same time, an announcement is also posted in the store. The supermarket will issue a card to buy a card to buy a card for Consumers. The maternal and baby manuals 0 to 2 years old will be provided to handle.

The reporter contacted Ms. Liu, who has worked in Japan for more than ten years. She confirmed that a drugstore had come to the time of the Hua Pan diapers for more than a day. Then she posted a pack of purchase restrictions on a packet of purchases. “In the past few weeks, there have been no notice of purchase restrictions in the supermarkets, and 3 packs of 3 packs of supermarkets have been bought. Most of them were bought by tourists, students, and people who worked in Japan.” For example, in July last year, a sign of a certain medicine shop in Chibuka (limited to three per person), a lipstick of DHC (limited to six people per person).

Market: Buyers no longer buy consumers busy stocking

Some buyers of Japanese maternal and infant products have a crisis of supply. Xiaoyang (pseudonym) is a Japanese product purchasing business in the WeChat circle of friends. On January 24, the news of the restrictions on Japan came out, and she could no longer buy diapers in a large number, and the mother buyers in the WeChat circle demand But it was very big. She had no choice but to issue a notice in the circle of friends that she would not enter Hua Pao diapers for the time being during the purchase restriction period. As soon as the news came out, the more than ten packages in her hand were “robbed”. One of the mothers was afraid that she could not buy it in the future and took 6 packs in one breath.

“The Hua Pan brand diapers are very easy to sell in the circle of friends. In addition to good quality, there are also some reasons that the Chinese people have fried the brand overheated. In fact, other brands are also very easy Generally selling 150 yuan, calculating the postage is a profit -making product, and the low purchase price on the Internet cannot be easily believed.

Visit: Some mother and baby stores are nervous

Yesterday, the reporter visited several maternal and infant products stores in this city to learn that the merchants learned that the Japanese purchase restrictions were available, and many stores had the situation of nervous supply. Some shopkeepers suggested that they were purchased early to prevent it after it was expected. At present, the price of 54 pieces per pack is between 140 and 150 yuan. In a store, the L code of Hua Pan diapers is currently out of stock due to the large demand, because the purchase restrictions do not know when it can be purchased. “It is best to buy it as soon as possible, now there are 20 packs of inventory left, and the members of our shop have taken 10 packs.” Some stores made it clear that the purchase volume after the inventory will be reduced, and it may rise. The price, the market price depends on when the Japanese purchase order is over.

In the imported commodity supermarket, Hua’s diaper was sold for more than 200 yuan. Packaging was printed as a Chinese description. Sales staff said that the supply of manufacturers would not be affected by restrictions.

Dalian mothers do not impulse consumption

Limited diapers are restricted, is it really difficult for domestic mothers to buy the original imported products? A Japanese baby products dealer in Dalian told reporters that in fact, mothers do not have to panic to worry about out of stock. Japan’s purchase restrictions cannot be purchased at all, nor is it only for the Chinese. Effects all the stores in Japan. The reason for the only purchase of the Hualong brand is because Chinese consumers have very recognized, and in recent years, it has become hot.

“Hua Tao’s diapers restrictions are not the first time, and the price has risen several times before that, the increase does not affect the purchase. The purchase restriction order is normal human adjustment means, which belongs to the stage control measures of Japanese manufacturers. The merchant from the manufacturer’s purchase of the goods is stable. “The dealer said that many maternal and infant products stores in Dalian took the goods from the dealers. As long as the dealer supply was sufficient, there would be no out -of -stock situation. “In order to stabilize the market and avoid the risk of out stock in order to stabilize the market, only 30%of the goods are provided, leaving 70%to prevent the market from supplying goods.” At present, there are no maternal and infant products stores. Batch purchase. He suggested that mothers, it is best not to consume impulses because of the purchase restriction order.

There are black -hearted merchants to change packaging to charge for the second time

The dealer revealed that the original imported from the Japanese imported Hua Kao diapers sold in Dalian region was divided into two channels to purchase. The customs declaration holds regular procedures, and then the wholesaler will batch the goods to the retail store of maternal and infant products. This type of product has a Chinese label description on the original packaging. The other is that the salesperson will send back to China by small batches of relatives and friends of Japan. There is no Chinese label. The price is cheaper than the regular customs declaration products.

There is also a manufacturer of Hua Wang in China. This product is packaged in Chinese. The quality is not as good as the original import. “Because consumers recognize Japanese diapers, some black -hearted merchants may make domestic diapers produced in Chinese outer packaging and replace the secondary processing of Japanese packaging as the original imported product. The cost of each package can be reduced. Thirty or forty yuan. “The dealer said that counterfeit products cannot be judged from too low prices. Baby skin quality is different. Instead of inferior products will make children red and should be purchased from regular channels.

Peninsula Morning Post, reporter Xiao Yan