Press the plastic wrap and press the elevator with a toothpick to avoid contact with the elevator? Expert response is here


Way to avoid touching the elevator keys in the network: sticking plastic wrap, using toothpicks, and disposable paper towels. The picture comes from the network.

Recently, some citizens found that there was an additional layer of “protection” at the keys of office buildings and elevators in the community. Some people cover a layer of plastic wrap at the keys, and some people place a sexual paper towel on the elevator to avoid direct contact with the fingers, and even some people place toothpicks in the elevator. I hope everyone will use the toothpick to go through the toothpick and discard it.


Can these methods really effectively avoid the risk of virus infection? In response, the reporter of the surging news ( interviewed Wu Liming, director of the Shanghai Health Promotion Center on February 4.


He pointed out that according to the “Pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan for new coronary virus infection (trial fourth edition)” released by the National Health and Health Commission, transmission through respiratory tract droplets is the main way to spread the new coronary virus. It is the best prevention method. As a public space, the elevator has a lot of contact population, and there may be the risk of virus contact transmission.

“By not directly touching the button to cut off the transmission of the virus, this is not wrong in principle.” Wu Liming said, but from the perspective of the plastic wrap on the button “Paste the plastic wrap can avoid the disinfectant during the disinfection of the elevator, and penetrate the damaged parts through the gap of the keys. However, there is still a risk of cross -pollution and contact disinfection in the external finger button of the plastic wrap.”

For the use of disposable paper towels, he also said that paper towels to contact keys can avoid direct contact with fingers, but whether the virus will be infected is related to the thickness and density of the paper. It is best to fold the paper towel to a certain thickness to ensure blocking spread of virus.


At the same time, he also pointed out that using the toothpick buttons can be said to be a means to avoid direct contact, but the possibility of practical application needs to be considered. “Toothpick is a sharp object, whether it will damage the keys, it is also questionable.”

Wu Liming believes that avoiding contact with himself should start with himself and pay attention to personal hygiene habits. “The core method is to pay attention not to touch the mouth, eyes, and nose with your hands; after you get out of the elevator, wash your hands and disinfection immediately.” This is the most effective. “