The sun is dazzling, please put on a polarized mirror!Zhengzhou Traffic Police protects you


Dahe Daily · Dahe client reporter Guo Bing correspondent Sun Kai


Today is the first day of the “May Day” holiday. As the situation of the epidemic prevention and control gradually improves, everyone’s travel is more frequent. There are me during the holidays, please rest assured! May Day is on duty, the police are not snoring!Traveling, preventing and reducing road traffic accidents, all police officers and auxiliary police officers and auxiliary police officers abandon rest, adhere to their posts, and ensure the safety of traffic safety during holidays.

Fu Wenbo, a member of the Tieqi Squadron of the Zhengzhou Traffic Police Brigade, reminded the driver that the weather is hot and the sun is dazzling. Please wear polarizers to pay attention to driving safety.

Source: Dahe Client Editor: Shen Chen