How to choose 8 materials for autumn pants?


How to choose 8 materials for autumn pants

Less chilling

How can I think of wearing autumn pants

The strongest cold air in the second half of this year has been “shipped”

No need to call you to wear autumn pants


I am over the box and pour the cabinet to find autumn trousers

Various autumn pants on the market

It’s easy to make people look at it,

Which one is suitable for you?


Cotton fiber is a porous substance. The main ingredient is cellulose, and its breathability is better. It is the first choice for many people.

Some people are worried that after sweating, autumn pants will become tide, not comfortable to the skin, and will also cause skin diseases such as rashes. At this time, you can choose cotton -made autumn pants.

Artificial cotton

Artificial cotton is commonly known as cotton -type short fiber. The basic composition of the general artificial cotton is a cellulose. It is to dissolve cellulose in the solvent and then spray the filament from a fine nozzle. Plastic fiber.

It has good moisture absorption and smoothness, and is a common fabric for making autumn pants.


Modal, also known as Monel, Murdal, etc., is the same as fiber as artificial cotton and is artificial fiber.

It has good comfort and excellent hygroscopic absorption, and has good hanging properties, but its fabric is very different. It is usually used on underwear products such as autumn pants.


Lycra fabric is actually a kind of spandex. “Laika” is the transliteration of the English word “lycra”.

It further optimizes the performance of the spandex, improves the elasticity and extension of the fabric, and has less restraint for the human body. And can be used with any fabric, known as “friendly” fibers.



Polyester fiber is actually polyester. The advantage is that the anti -wrinkleness and preservation are very good, and have high strength and elastic recovery ability.

It is more dry in autumn and winter. It is easy to static electricity when wearing this autumn pants. It is best to apply some moisturizing cream before you wear it. Some people with dryness, itching or allergies, and children with delicate skin, try to avoid wearing this fabric.



Autumn pants with cashmere ingredients are the highest, and they are popular with middle -aged and elderly people. However, it should be noted that people who are allergic to wool are not suitable for autumn pants containing cashmere ingredients.

bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo, also known as bamboo fiber. Its chemical components are mainly cellulose, semi -cellulose and lignin.

Bamboo fiber fabric has good breathability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance and good chromatography, and has natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, mite removal, deodorization, and ultraviolet -resistant function.


Suspicious is the abbreviation of polystate fiber and is an elastic fiber. Auspicious and elasticylefin fiber and elastic composite fiber collectively referred to as elastic fiber.

Ausplays have good elasticity, but poor strength and poor wet absorption. It has better light resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and abrasion resistance. Generally, it is often used as a blended material to add autumn trousers to increase elasticity.

Too tight autumn pants can cause blood to be circulating, and the body will not only be warmer, but will be colder. It is recommended to choose loose and elastic ones.

Individual groups need to wear autumn pants in advance, including menstrual and pregnancy women, elderly people, arthritis patients, and people with yang deficiency.