How to put on the furniture in the living room?


The living room, in the past tradition, we call it the middle hall, or the hall, and the place where the owner lives and treats guests.


The living room we say now is basically the Western style. The sofa surrounds the coffee table is a typical living room standard. This is also the most common living room style in our modern people.


Minnes Plus Museum in the United States

If you are willing, you can arrange your own living room according to the traditional middle hall furnishings (shown in the figure above), and foreigners have really done it like this, but I think most people will not choose such a solemn and old -fashioned form. Essence

Then, we can integrate classical furniture in the Western “Sofa Siege Coffee” mode and have no sense of disobedience.


Speaking of this, studying Jun suddenly remembered a furniture shape. By the way, he was a “mahogany furniture” in the following figure–

If you think this set of furniture is pretty good, then you don’t need to look down, you may not understand. It is recommended to review the historical article of the study agency first.

Many people in the society now mistakenly think that this style of furniture is “classical furniture”, which is rushing. In fact, its history is only 20 or 30 years, and it is a strange -free furniture with the popularity of mahogany and wood.

If you really have it at home, listen to studying Jun’s persuasion, and quickly disassemble the car beads. The beads look good.

Basic Mode: Two chairs one by one

When buying furniture in the furniture store, almost all the samples you see are:

Maybe I buy it home dumbfounded. How can I put it?


If the two chairs are used as a complete whole, it is the easiest way to leave the wall, but it must be white wall. There is no why you can try other colors.

The two chairs are placed in front of the floor -to -ceiling window, and the effect is beyond your imagination. No matter what material furniture, in the sunny afternoon, under the condition of backlight, the lines of the furniture will be seen at a glance, which is more charming than the white wall.

If you put it like this, remember to launch a carpet below.


The two chairs can also be divided into both sides of the sofa, or unilateral aging like the figure below.


Several variants of two chairs

There are many variants of the two chairs. Here are a few introductions. Because of the wooden or wooden chairs, it looks more foreign and soft and hard.


1. Two chairs+stones

That is, the coffee table in the middle of the two chairs is replaced with a stone, or a stone pier, the collision between the wood and the stone, and the visual impact is very strong.

2. Two chairs on both sides of the coffee table


It is also the most classic of An Siyuan. Compared with the furnishings of the middle hall, the chair is more intimate and dialogue.

3. Double sofa+Zen stool


A large Zen stool is stuffed in the middle of the two single sofas, which are also soft and hard, so that the Zen stool will change from the original stool to the coffee table of the sofa, and the height will be appropriate. Similarly, the combination of a single sofa with a single stool is also a good choice.

An Siyuan luxury house, two pairs of white sofa have a large yellow rhder pear stool


Beijing private mansion, one single sofa formula on the left


There is also a matching effect that is not as effective as the Zen stool, that is, the sofa is filled with a flat case in the middle of the sofa. This kind of match is only beautiful and actual is not as good as the square stool.

The wonderful use of cold couchs and stools

The experience of studying Jun’s many years of experience found that furniture such as cold couchs and stools seems to be not treated in the hearts of enthusiasts.

Think about it, Luohan beds and shelf beds occupy the entire river and mountains, and the cool couch seems to be useless. Now people say goodbye to the living habits of the garden in the past. The cool couch is really endless.

But today I will give you a trick to ensure that you look at the cold couch.


Compared with the Luohan bed, if you suffer, you can eat without a fence. This is precisely its wonderful use without the fence.

Mr. Philip De Baga’s house in the house is a cold couch


The middle coffee table in Ms. Wujiann, Garmang, is a cold couch

Yan Ruju, Dr. Liu Baizhu’s house, a coffee table in the house is a folding wooden couch

There are many great benefits to make tea tables with a cold couch and wooden couch:


1. The height is equivalent. The height of the traditional furniture is highly highly height from the modern western -style dwarf sofa (relatively high -sitting of Ming -style furniture).

2. Make up for a small regret in the area of ​​modern coffee tables and increase the area.

3. Relieve that the clothing cortex is too soft, both soft and hard.


There are furniture that can have the same usage as the cold couch and a few stools and tables.


In terms of use effects, the effect of the stool and the cold couch is equivalent, but the use area is not as large as the cold couch, and the height of the coffee table is slightly lower.


A pair of waist horseshoe legs and stools merge together as coffee tables

Song -style leading a few coffee tables for coffee table


Three -curved legs 炕 tables as coffee tables

Visual soft agent

Speaking of which, we only mentioned the softness of the sofa’s soft and neutralization of classical furniture, or to dilute the softness of the sofa with the furniture. Of course, this is the attribute of the furniture. What is the way to reduce?

Please keep in mind that the three major accessories: cushions are pillows, decorative paintings, carpets

If a house is all wood, it feels like others’ preferences for classical furniture -old -fashioned. This prejudice is definitely not groundless, but the prejudice has never seen really good furniture or the furniture warehouse.

Under the principle of ensuring the Chinese West 3: 7, we can try to add cushions and pillows to the seat class. In this way, the tough lines of the furniture will be reduced due to the dilution of the soft cushion. Of course, this is visually.

Decorative paintings and carpets are not only settled on furniture. In fact, the decoration and softening of the entire space are actually decorated and softened. In the choice, if it is a Ming -style furniture, choose a solid color or brocade pattern. Some.

Corner cabinets, strip tables and flats

The above we have never talked about the area of ​​”sofa surrounding coffee tables”, because this is the core area in the living room. In addition, there are some walls on the living room to place furniture.

These areas are equivalent to the background of the entire living room. If the landscape is good, it will be very colorful. Our common decorations are corner cabinets, strip tables and flat -headed cases. We must match the hanging paintings on the wall to look good.


Four -sided flat strip tables are placed on the wall

Corner cabinets and decorative paintings, set up this space

In addition, the focus is on the flat first case, which can be pasted with the wall, which is a traditional way; it can also be placed behind the sofa to do a transition; if the house is large, you can also put the space interval in the open space you need.


Mr. Philip De Baga’s house, the flat case is located behind the sofa for transition


In Beijing’s private house, the first case is located on the sofa for transition