Can alum soaking feet be cured foot sweat? It is helpful for cure to cure air.


Can I cure my foot sweat for alum?

Alum can play an antibacterial effect and effective in treating air.

Alum has the effect of antibacterial and bacteriostatic, which has obvious inhibitory effects on E. coli, Typhoid Calculus, Piccin Typhoid Typhys, Deformation, and Staphylococcus and White Narcotic Candida. Essence Therefore, many people with athletes also use alum to soak their feet to cure the foot to relieve the symptoms of foot odor and itching.

How to soak alum feet

Add 5-10 grams of alum to a pot of soaked feet, stir to melt the alum in the water, soak your feet for about 15 minutes when the water temperature is appropriate. Do not use it for a long time. The relief of sweat is relatively obvious.

Alum soak your feet cannot be used in large quantities

The chemical component of alum is aluminum sulfate and contains aluminum ions, so excessive intake will affect the body’s absorption of iron, calcium and other ingredients, leading to osteoporosis, anemia, and even the development of nerve cells. Aluminum ions can easily accumulate in the body. For example, in the brain, kidney, liver, spleen and other organs, it may produce accumulation, and if it is deposited in the brain, it can easily cause symptoms such as dementia, memory loss, and intellectual decline.

If you just use alum to soak your feet, although the harm is not as harmful as directly orally, the alum can also enter the body through the skin and pores of the feet, and it will also have side effects.