Sitting down and bowing your head for a long time, do not panic with sour neck pain, let this massage pillow give the cervical spine a energy SPA


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The fast -paced life and the popularity of electronic products have allowed office workers to be in the environment of low heads for a long time, and they have laid a lot of hidden health hazards without knowing it. The burden of shoulder and neck. I am a typical office family, and I need to sit in front of the computer screen at least 8 hours a day. It once affected the work because of the problem of the cervical spine. My colleague had to go to the hospital for treatment because of cervical spine problems.

After the cervical spine problem is wrong, most people give proposals to exercise appropriately. Although swimming, massage, badminton, etc. can alleviate the shoulder and neck problems, these items are also very high in the venue and time. It must be suitable for everyone. Recently, I accidentally discovered this fashion and practical weapon -American West House Snail Pillow U -shaped cervical massage device, so I immediately applied for an evaluation experience.

Unpacking experience

First, first impression

The first moment of the U.S. -West House snail pillow U -type cervical massage device was attracted by its face value.

From the packaging, I can’t imagine that this is a massager, it is more like a delicate and small hand bag. The size of 15*15*15cm is similar to a iPad, and the portion of the hand in the hand is much lighter than the imagination. The packaging of the packaging leather is soft and delicate, which highlights the grade and quality.

In addition to the massage device, the original packaging also comes with a USB line and a silk eye mask. The blue silk material shows the feeling of low -key and luxurious, and inadvertently feels the leisure and relaxation of the vacation style.


The one I chose is a contrasting design of light gray and peacock green, which is very fashionable and generous, and these two colors are more resistant to dirty and can save much worry. For office workers with busy work and limited time Very friendly.




The left end of the massage device is the control switch. The fusion of the switch near the silicone texture and the fabric of the massage device is very good, which will not affect the overall aesthetics. This design is very useful for me. The key to the switch is made into a depression structure, which is different from other buttons. It is more convenient to find.

The details of the USB charging socket are also very careful, preventing the ash, and to maximize the “invisible”. Because it is a USB interface, it is very convenient to charge it whether it is a computer, a mobile phone or a charging treasure. At the same time, the instructions claim that as long as it is charged for 5 hours, it can be used for 10 days. Such a powerful battery life can fully meet the needs of office workers. Whether it is used in the office or traveling on business trips, you don’t have to worry about it.


The internal test of the massage device is two metal conductives, which fits the back neck. This is also the core secret of this massage. It uses Tens black technology and uses pulse electro -frequency transmission to deep skin to simulate a variety of simulation methods to massage, which can achieve the effect of deep relaxation.



After reading so many details, let’s have a formal experience now!


1. Overall experience

First of all, this snail pillow U -shaped streamlined type can support the neck. The support of the 360 ​​° surrounding support can reduce the pressure of the neck by 70%. The design is very suitable for ergonomics. The coverage of this snail pillow is very good. It can feel that his neck is “supported” by a flexible force, and the neck is also very secure against the snail pillow.


The massage device has three magnetic buckle design, which can be adjusted to the most appropriate tightness according to your neck circumference. This design is just available to everyone at home.

Secondly, the fabric and skin of the outer layer of the massage device are great, the skin is good, and the feeling of pure cotton texture is also more breathable. The skin on the neck is more sensitive. If the fabric is rough, it is easy to feel itching or pain, but the skin of this snail pillow is completely tingling with the skin of the neck, which is soft and comfortable.


The main material of the massage device is filled by zero -pressure memory cotton. It is very soft and strong to pinch, which can be reached into various shapes, just like the shell of the snail. This soft and elastic slow -back memory cotton can have a very good fit with the human curve, so that the neck is in a state of relaxation without pressure.

Second, actual scene


To judge the quality of a massage device, it mainly depends on its massage effect. Next, let’s take a look at the performance of this massage in various scenarios.


When we need to wear a massage pillow, we should sit in front of the computer. On the one hand, it can prevent our eyes from being close to the screen from the screen. On the other hand, we can prevent the crash of the shoulders, thereby effectively reducing the damage caused by long -term desk to cervical spine.


Relying on the seat, imagine that you have nowhere to place your neck during a long trip, and you can’t get the uncomfortable feeling when you have a good rest. Another fantasy, after having this massage pillow, take him to travel, can be used as a pillow to rest, and also comes with the massage function. Is it as if you feel like sitting in a business class?

When lying down, the fit of the neck and massage device reaches the highest degree, and the massage enjoyment of the massage is also the highest, allowing the body to release the most natural comprehensive state of relaxation. At the same time, its V -shaped three -dimensional support -free deductible design can be played again, which can avoid the trouble of falling pillows.

When driving, this massage instrument can also play the role of a good neck pillow. According to the angle of the seat back, the optimal position is used to correct the magnetic buckle.

Even if it is driving long -distance driving, the neck cervical spine can be fully rest.


Third, functional experience


As a cervical vertebral massage device, this product has 16 built -in strength. The higher the gear, the greater the strength; it also has three modes of soothing, vitality and intelligent. The keys can be reported through intelligent voice, and blind operations are easy to have no pressure.

During the 1st gear, there is almost no feeling for me. When adjusting to the 2nd or 3rd, there will be a slight touch, as if someone uses my hair and ending to pinch my back cervical spine; Tap the fingertips with your fingertips, and then like a small needle in acupuncture, there will be a slight current stimulation in the back. The higher the number of files, the greater the degree of stimulation. It is recommended to experience the number of files from low to high, so that the cervical spine has a process of gradually adapting. Basically, it is now more comfortable to open to 6-7 gear.


This massage does not relax the muscles by knocking like a human massage. Its principle is to use low -frequency current to cause muscle contraction or relaxation. The muscle pumping effect is started to work. When the blood is relaxed, the blood is input. It was sent out, and the cycle recovered to help the blood circulation unobstructed. Although the difference is not strong when it is carrying, it will really feel that the muscles around the neck, especially the neck, are very relaxed after taking it down.

Other highlights

1. Not easy to deform

The filling material in the ordinary U -shaped pillow is soft sandbags, which will deformed after a long time, and once it deforms, it loses its support for the neck, as shown in the figure.

And this American house snail pillow U -shaped cervical vertebral massage device, its slow rebound memory cotton can effectively maintain the shape for a long time, and the service life is much longer than the general U -shaped pillow.


Second, easy to carry

Memory cotton material can be rubbed into a ball at will, and there is no problem with the tank or backpack.

Third, easy to remove and wash

Although there are metal pieces and various switching control keys, I did not expect that this massage is convenient to remove and wash, and daily maintenance can be much more worry -free. It is not difficult for me to disassemble for convenience.

Four, 1 second heated

This massage can be heated in real time to achieve a constant temperature heat compress of 42 °. It can feel the heat in about 1 second after starting the massage, it is really very fast. Hot compresses improve the blood circulation in the neck and let the muscles be fully relaxed. Just like after washing your hair on the hair salon, apply the neck muscles with a hot towel, it should not be too comfortable! Therefore, the heating function makes the functionality of this massage more icing on the cake.


Use summary

This American house snail pillow U -shaped cervical massage device has both the characteristics of the U -shaped pillow and massage instrument. The practicality, aesthetics, and convenience are very good. Compared with ordinary U -shaped pillows, low -frequency massage and hot compresses are added. Compared with the massage instrument, it can be used as a U -shaped pillow. It can be used on business trips, travel, and homes. A daily cervical maintenance item.