The girl dressing season, showing beautiful and greasy private server, cultivating aesthetics from an early age


Boil, finally usher in summer! While Mama is busy daring for themselves, don’t forget to match your little publicly. Whether it is a little fairy skirt or a short -sleeved T -shirt, don’t miss it, dress your children!

Sexy style, small fresh style and sports style are all popular style of wear. If you do n’t know which one is suitable for your child, you may wish to try it all. It is not easy to find the style of personal dressing. True knowledge, more than trying more is the king.


The private server provided to the child should be used as much as possible to match it by herself, and usually show her some fashion magazines, etc. Over time, the children will form a basic dressing aesthetic. Intersection

||| – ❶ – |||

||| Vigorous and versatile T |||


The most versatile clothes in summer are all types of T -shirts! Whether it is a skirt, shorts, or trousers, only you can’t think of it. There is no short -sleeved T -shirt HOLD. For children who are not good at wearing, the basic T -shirt is a good entry single product.

T -shirts have different brands. Common children’s clothing brands include Balabala, Disney, Laudute, etc. They all have different design styles. Among them, the Ladute brand is also a century -old French brand. Processing process.

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||| Comfortable casual pants |||


If you want to create a natural casual style according to the T -shirt, then pants are the most suitable choice. Pants and cropped pants are particularly suitable, and shorts are more sexy. The length of the pants also has a great impact on the overall dressing style, otherwise how can there be an ankle?


There is a benefit of wearing long trousers in summer, that is, you don’t have to be afraid of the sun, you can also wear a sense of leisure, and it can cover the sun. It is indeed a good choice, especially for the delicate skin of the child, sun protection is even more important. As for it The heat problem, as long as the opposite fabric is selected, the heat dissipation does not affect.

||| – ❸ – |||

||| Beautiful dress |||

Leisure style is suitable for most scenes in life. However, as a little girl, they have a beautiful heart. Sometimes they also hope that they want to be as beautiful as the little princess in the cartoon. Moms can also prepare some different styles of skirts for their children.


For example, the vibrant denim skirt, or the fluttering lace skirt, has its own characteristics and aesthetics. Compared with the skirt, the dress is more suitable for children, because the overall style of the dress is very agreed. Simple.

||| – ❹ – |||


||| Lightweight fashion shoes |||

After matching a clothes, you need a pair of suitable shoes. For daily leisure sports style and sweet princess style, you can prepare two pairs of basic shoes for your children. One pair is sneakers, a pair of sandals, and sneakers daily wear, while sandals are suitable for skirts.


How important is it for shoes? Imagine the little girl wearing a lace skirt with sneakers? After converting into sandals, not only looking at the beauty, but also playing the finishing touch. This is the meaning of preparing two style shoes.

Let the child learn the correct wear of clothes and let her from childhood to big.