8 men’s pants brand recommendation, buy the season to buy


Fan said: What you don’t know belongs to the secret of pants.

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For men, pants play a vital role in daily matching. If you don’t choose well, you will accidentally fall into the trap of the pants.


Fan Master talks to you today, how to wear pants to look good.

雷 雷 区 の ☠ 区 区 区 区 区 ☠ ☠:

First, the pants and length must be fitted. The trousers will look very sloppy too long. If you are too short, you will expose socks ~ In the early days, many big guys also made a lot of caught on the trousers. For example, the trousers are almost overwhelmed by Lei Jun with almost 2/3 insteps, and Zhang Chaoyang, who is almost long to the ground.


Secondly, the color of the pants should be reasonable. When choosing pants, remember to consider whether the color matches the color of your jacket and shoes. For example, Lei Jun’s light pants with black leather shoes (black leather shoes at this time have a high -end black rushing foot); and Ma Yun, seeing the Thai Prime Minister who chose a long pants with the color of the top. Puzzled…

△ The short legs are thick and thick. It is really embarrassing to choose the wrong choice ~


After reading the failure cases of these big brothers, how to choose a perfect pants that suits them, Fanzhu will become a red scarf today to make a big move ~


☆ Principles of choosing pants:


Fan summed up: Choosing pants must pay attention to the four principles of choosing pants. It is not necessarily the most popular style but must choose the ☻

Principle of Choosing Pants: Fabric & Edition & Style & Color



You must choose the fabrics comfortably when choosing pants, so that it is conducive to the (Rong) I (Easy) to send (extended) waving (exhibition). Like male friends who often travel. Another example is to choose linen pants with good breathability in summer. In winter, you will choose some good warmth, such as hairy.



No matter how good the leg shape is, the version of the pants will be greatly reduced. The length of the pants legs, the tightness of the trousers, whether the wiring of the pants is neat, these are the details that cannot be ignored (the wrong version is easy to wear before weight loss) ☠




You also need to choose a style when choosing pants. The choice of style must be avoided. The same star and big -name explosion are not necessarily suitable for you. To choose your own body, you can choose the perfect pants that suits you (avoid putting your large long legs of one meter into a small short and short thickness) ~



In autumn and winter trousers, most of the pants are mainly dark. Black and dark blue are the most classic versatile. Brown dark gray second ~ other colors require Fan friends carefully.

☆ Eight pants brands recommendation:

In the autumn and winter seasons, men’s wardrobe must have nothing to do: casual sports pants & jeans & formal pants. Fan Master took a look at 8 brands to recommend a wave of Fan You ~

Recommended by series: suit pants & casual pants & jeans & sports pants


Suit pants series:

是incotex is a famous Italian trousers brand. In the field of trousers, Incotex can be described as the originator of the originator. Many business people (especially Europeans) love this brand very much, such as Andrew Roberts, the global brand communication director of Bentley.

Incotex’s pants are the best tailoring (no wonder you used to help Burberry as a foundry!). The characteristics of pants are suitable for thin body shape. The following classic trousers interpret Incotex’s pants -type slimming concept. If you have a thin figure, Fan You (long legs Ouba come here ~) can choose ~ The price is about $ 300 ~

Their trousers are not lacking in leisure style. They do n’t have a look at their feet, like the woolen trousers below, and they look very harmonious with board shoes or leather shoes.


Fan friends who need to have a pair of trousers at work, may wish to consider Incotex ~


An CANALI: The low -key Connley brand focuses on men’s custom suit, and its pants are mainly trousers.


Connley’s product selection and workmanship are the most colorful points. For example, its square pattern and trousers are made of 100%pure wool in Italy in the country of origin. And the design is also novel and stylish, with a button on the waist, which avoids the cavity of the waist and waist ~

In terms of color selection of trousers fabrics, it is not just a single color tone such as pure black and pure blue.

Leisure Series:

Brooks Brothers is one of the oldest clothing brands in the United States. The standard clothing brands of previous US President Kennedy, Bush, etc. have the Booker Brothers (so many presidents are in charge, and they are not named “President’s Royal Clothing”). Booker brothers’ pants are mainly trousers and casual pants. Among them, there are five types of pants, which are most suitable for Asian men’s figures. Clark and Milano.

Clark is a standard men’s straight pants. Men with a height of 176cm weighing about 80kg can hold this pants type. The current latest model is Brushed Twill with Stretch Chinos, which is made of 97%cotton+3%spandex. And this color is relatively selective, dark and light color, the price is $ 118.


△ The most troublesome is that this can be washed by machine ~

Milano is a representative of low -waist straight pants. Compared with Clark, it is more fashionable and foreign. It can be matched with this model but has a limited color. There are two types. Essence The price is around $ 100 ~

The Milano series also produced a standard straight pants. The biggest feature is the rich color, and the warmth of the autumn and winter seasons is also very good. In addition, the light heart is also very wear-resistant, the quality is great, and the pricing is reasonable, between $ 65- $ 108.

I do n’t know that Fan You has discovered that the trousers of the Booker Brothers’ house are short, so when choosing a size, you should consider it more ~

Margaret Howell with a cold style is one of the simple clothing brands from Britain. His clothes are mainly black and white regardless of men and women, so it is also known as the “MUJI” in the UK. Very suitable for young men and arts ~

Margaret Howell’s men’s pants take a low -key but maintain a route. Its MHL casual pants series is the most comfortable and concise. On the basis of good fabrics, the style has a strong design sense, and the waist is tightly adjusted. When men wear it, they will not have a restrained rushing foot to highlight their own personality. The price is about 200 euros ~


Margaret Howell’s loose men’s pants also have foreign wide -leg pants. Wide -leg pants play a great role in modifying body lines. Male Fan friends who are relatively well -proportioned may wish to try boldly. Coupled with the comfortable fabric selected by the Margaret Howell home, sometimes it can also feel this “inappropriate” wearing method in formal occasions with a suit.

Jeans series:


范 When it comes to denim, the first thing Fan thought of was Diesel. Although it is just a 20 -year -old “small fresh meat”, it is not far behind the century -old denim “old bacon” Livez.

Diesel’s denim is mainly on street fashionable men. Good version is its most significant feature. Not only can the leg shape be modified, but also the workmanship is very detailed. Diesel’s designer is also very careful. There are classifications for different height pants. You don’t need to worry about height and short ~

Diesel’s jeans are rich in types and are updated every year. The most classic pants type is VICER low -waist slim straight leisure pants, which is very versatile. There are irregular ripples on the trousers, which is slightly fashionable. If you have a low -waist pants and a thin figure, don’t let it go ~

△ American actor Chad Michael Murray wore the VICER series.

The second is the LARKEE model: standard mid -waist straight men’s jeans. This denim is more flexible, and it can be regarded as a relatively high -end series. This one will be more loose, so the effect of it is not as good as VIKER. Suitable for men who go to European and American rough style:


△ The actor Gerard Butler in the movie “Phantom of the Opera” is wearing this one ~

Diesel’s jeans are very detailed, such as tight -fitting jeans, such as THANAZ, Thavar, Shioner, etc. Fan friends who like denim, you can try it ~

EnJ Brand Denim Co, as a men’s clothing brand, started late, but their denim texture is quite good, which is comfortable and beautiful.

There are a few of the sales volume. Fan Lord recommends the classic KANE straight jeans. This jeans are very soft, and the pants pockets are a little wrinkled. They are specially created for men who love traditional style jeans. At present, only one color is launched on this official website, Norwaris is dark blue, which is relatively thin.

△ Jeans priced at $ 228, you can consider it ~

JRAND DENIM CO jeans are mostly slim -fitting style. In addition to the above, Fan Lord recommends a Tyler slim cone jeans. This is the pants shape that is most suitable for pear -shaped figure, which can achieve the visual effect of clever covering the plump thighs ~


Sport pants series:


里 John Elliott, American brand, has always been based on street style. Men’s trousers are mostly sports trousers (does it sound a sense of sloppy?!).

John Elliott’s sports trousers style bid farewell to the previous styles with only large fat and large, which is more suitable for male friends with slender legs. Like the Escobar series is a tight -fitting style sports trousers, 100 % pure cotton will not feel tight and uncomfortable when wearing it. The cone pants pants are very suitable for male friends with long legs. The price is about 1300 soft girl coins ~


BTW, in addition to sports pants, their sweaters are also good ~

When it comes to sports pants, I have to mention another street brand Gosha Rubchinskly. Its sports pants are very simple similar to the A & F style we are familiar with. The most classic is its sign sports pants. The legs of the pants+printed on the legs are very simple and beautiful, and they do not pick their legs. The price is around 1500 soft girl coins ~

The most fancy of their sports pants is the LOGO printed sports pants. Compared to the classic models, just printed a row of signs on the legs of the pants. If you do n’t look closely, you will be mistaken for school uniform pants in American universities. Wow ~ wear cotton materials, and it is also a good choice to wear sweaty sweater in autumn. The price is cheaper than the classic models than the classic model. As soon as I lost, about 1400 soft girl coins ~

△ There is a “school uniform” of American universities ~

If Fan You usually love sports pants, don’t hesitate.

—- I am a segmentation line —–

Well, today Fan Lord recommended the eight major brands of men’s pants. Fan You are ready to buy and buy?

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