New products in a week | Antan on the new marathon racing running shoes, kappa push millennial retro bread shoes


Anta C202 GT

The domestic sports brand Anta, recently released Marathon Racing Running Shoes Challenge 202 GT (C202 GT).

There are three colors in this series, silver, black, and fluorescent red, which are named “Moon Eclipse”, “Food” and “Scorching Sun”, respectively.

According to reports, this running shoe uses Anta nitrogen speed technology. The midsole is divided into double layers. The upper layer is adjusted to 40 degrees hardness. The lower area with a larger area is adjusted to 50 degrees hardness, which is used to buffer and improve stability.

In addition, the entire palm carbon plate adds the curved curved curved curved of the horizontal imitation arch to fit the foot type. The transparent outsole is matched with the grip line to provide anti -slip effects, and compared with the traditional rubber outsole, it lost more than 30%per pair.

At present, the three C202 GT color schemes have been released, and the retail price is RMB 999.

一周运动新品 | 安踏上新马拉松竞速跑鞋,Kappa推千禧风复古面包鞋

Kappa fatty

Recently, the fashion sports brand KAPPA launched retro FATTY bread shoes.

Kappa Fatty uses the recently popular bread skate -like shoe type to create a retro style of the millennial streets. By deconstructing and stitching, a variety of materials are combined to design the overall layered sense.

The Kappa Fatty series has five color schemes, two of which are embellished with Kappa classic string on the side of the shoe side, and the pattern crosses the shoe body and sole part. The large shoe holes and Pop printed plus thick shoelaces are also one of the iconic designs of bread shoes. The heel is filled with foaming foam after the shoe. The soles are made of rubber EVA composite bottom material.

The remaining three color matching has some psychedelic colors. For example, the silver -gray Banda string shoelaces are paired with white shoe body and light blue gradient soles, presenting a sense of Y2K technology. The visual contrast of yellow and black contrast, black and white gray color matching with color gradient shoelaces and the same series of soles of the same series.

一周运动新品 | 安踏上新马拉松竞速跑鞋,Kappa推千禧风复古面包鞋

The KAPPA FATTY series has been sold on the shelves at a price of RMB 769.

一周运动新品 | 安踏上新马拉松竞速跑鞋,Kappa推千禧风复古面包鞋

Converse x DRKSHDW

Following Turbodrk Chuck 70 and Turbowpn this summer, Chacomalo brand Converse cooperated with Rick Owens to launch Drkstar Chuck 70 shoe products.

Rick Owens DRKSHDW is the secondary brand of fashion designer Rick Owens. Founded in 2005, it focuses on rock style.

一周运动新品 | 安踏上新马拉松竞速跑鞋,Kappa推千禧风复古面包鞋

It is reported that this is the third collaboration between Converse and Rick Owens. The design retains the iconic round toe of RAMONES. This joint shoes include high -top version Drkstar Chuck 70 Hi and low -top version Drkstar Chuck 70 OX.

一周运动新品 | 安踏上新马拉松竞速跑鞋,Kappa推千禧风复古面包鞋

In addition to canvas shoes, Converse X DRKSHDW also sells accessories such as baseball caps and backpacks simultaneously.

Drkstar Chuck 70 Hi and OX have been released, priced at $ 165 and $ 170, respectively.