Over the holidays? Just rely on girlfriend gifts to give a minimum of less than 30 yuan


Urgent situation happened! Near the end of the year, Halloween, Singles Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year … Various festivals coming, did you feel the pressure of unprecedented gifts? I don’t know what gifts to get a girlfriend to get the heart, which is definitely a problem that plagues the majority of straight boyfriends.

Get girlfriend gifts can be particularly particular. Sending too expensive wallets can not support it. The one who is too cheap has to try to make her feel delicate or practical. Send cosmetics may be allergic. I forgot, according to my opinion, it is very suitable for personal care for personal care that will be used everyday! It is both practical and not too cheap. Every time she uses the gifts you give at home, she will think of your love for her!

Today I recommend some exquisite gifts that are both practical and beautiful, and will not give the wallet too much pressure. It is guaranteed that the girlfriend who receives the gift will be happy. She will be more relaxed. At the end of the year, it will be easier The article is right!

过节or过劫?就靠女友送礼攻略 最低不到30元

Recently, the weather has gradually become cold and the air is dry, and the loss of moisture can be said to be the enemy of women’s skin health management! Girls need to keep the skin moist at all times, and it is definitely difficult to buy a air humidifier for her.

For example, this cat’s paw humidifier, the value of the face is really high, the kitten’s claw night lamp blessing in the glass cover, which can definitely make the girlfriend’s face value for it.

It can be used for 8 hours in a row, and the interval spray mode can reach 12 hours of battery life. Even if you sleep at night, you do n’t have to worry about the water storage. The practicality and face value will definitely pass! Girlfriend must like it.

When is the most emotional fluctuations in girlfriends? Of course it is a physiological period! This kind of emotional fluctuation really cannot blame others. After all, how difficult dysmenorrhea is, the majority of male friends can’t feel the same. Let’s not say “drink more hot water” to deal with others every time.

Although it is said that drinking more hot water is really used, the girl wants you more to care about others. At this time, you took out a warm baby from behind, and your girlfriend would definitely talk about your steel straight man, and then readily received the gift.

Although the design of the warm baby in the Antarctic people is relatively simple, it is inexplicable, and the gray appearance is relatively easy to be accepted by the girl. There is also a mezzanine in the middle of the warm baby, which can be inserted in winter. The practicality is also full. In terms of safety, this warm baby uses 8 layers of explosion -proof treatment, and it is also protected by overwhelming.

过节or过劫?就靠女友送礼攻略 最低不到30元

Do you usually go out to date with your girlfriend, do you have to wait for her to make up for a long time? Most of them are sorting her hair. It is also a pretty good choice to send girlfriends hairdressing products. When making styles, hair dryer products are certainly indispensable.

If you buy a hair dryer for your girlfriend, don’t choose the cheap plastic model. Do not blindly pursue high power when buying a hair dryer. If the wind temperature is too high, it will hurt your hair health. It can be selected from three aspects of wind speed, constant temperature, and negative ions.

过节or过劫?就靠女友送礼攻略 最低不到30元

Here are several carefully selected hair dryer products. Constant temperature, fast drying, and convenient setting, the most important thing is that the value of the face is not cheap. You can choose at your own acceptable price.

过节or过劫?就靠女友送礼攻略 最低不到30元

In addition to the hair dryer, curly hair rods are also loved by girls. Using curl rods can easily shape their hair, and obtain temporary straight hair or curly hair effects.

The curly hair rod is recommended to buy this straight two -purpose model. It directly contacts the hair through the thermal ceramics in the middle of the splint to disrupt the molecular discharge structure in the hair and make the hair easier to shape. Of course, it takes time to warm the heating ceramics, so you need to pay attention to the temperature of the curl rod when buying.

过节or过劫?就靠女友送礼攻略 最低不到30元

In addition, Yan value and brand also need to pay attention. After all, girls often use such products. If the brand is not loud enough or the design is insufficient, it will make the girl feel insufficient.

Finally, I recommend a personal care product that straight steel men often use -sucking black -headed instrument. As the name suggests, the blackheads can suck out the blackheads and fats in the pores of the nose. It is definitely more gentle and accurate than the hand squeezed, and the girl loves it more.

The effect is still very obvious. In addition to blackheads, you can also suck various acne on the skin, which is safer and sanitary than hands -on or acne needles.

I hope this article can help everyone, successfully spend a happy holiday holiday with her!