The “Dyson False Case” thought deeply: Is the domestic hair dryer really unable to bypass Dyson for innovation?


During the “May 20” period this year, there was a very famous paragraph on the Internet. Some female netizens asked: How can I prove that my boyfriend has me in my heart? The highest replies to like it is: throwing the Dyson hairpin purchase link to him. In addition, on a well -known shopping platform in China, some authors shared entitled “Hard Euctity Science!” Intersection Why should you give Dyson a gift? The article, a large number of netizens in the comments said: It has been planted or planting grass for a long time.

As the focus of discussion of major netizens, Dyson’s current price is as high as 3190 yuan, and the price is high enough to be questioned “IQ tax”.


Picture source: Dyson official website


Hollying black industry

In fact, it is not just a hair dryer. The Dyson brand’s vacuum cleaners, hairdressing styles, fans and lighting lights are all expensive. Such a high price gives Dyson’s extraordinary ability to make money. The company’s owner used 138 in January 2019 with 138 The net assets of 100 million US dollars (about 122.3 billion yuan) appeared on the throne of Britain’s richest man, also known as the richest inventor in the world at that time.

According to the statistics of customs in 2020, 1.43 million imported Dyson hair dryers were imported in 2020, with an average price of 2990 yuan and a total sales of 4.27 billion.

The high price plus consumers’ rush to the Dyson brand also allowed criminals to find “business opportunities”.

In March 2021 alone, there were two criminal cases of counterfeit Dyson hair dryer that caused attention across the country. The total amount of the two cases had reached 100 million yuan.

In early March 2021, Ms. Cai of Yixing, Jiangsu purchased the Dyson hair dryer of “discount price reduction” through the e -commerce platform. Ms. Cai bought it for 1,700 yuan for a hair dryer with a hair dryer of more than 3,000 yuan. However, the joy of Ms. Cai’s “Great Great” did not last long. Shortly after the hand, this hair dryer had a problem of switching and switching. Later, Ms. Cai chose to call the police. hair dryer.

Also in March, Ms. Wang of Yancheng, Jiangsu, bought the long -awaited “Dyson” hair dryer with only 460 yuan. If it was calculated at the genuine price, then Ms. Wang bought it at almost 1.5 % off. However, under the law of cheap and good goods, Ms. Wang’s hair dryer was more outrageous, and there was a problem of fever and smoke. Eventually, she was identified as fakes by the police.

In the “Ms. Cai Case”, the Yixing police finally broke out a 22 -person mission -sale criminal gang headed by Kong. The members of the gang were distributed across the three provinces (cities), including Guangdong, Shanghai. In the end, the police destroyed 2 fake denominations, 4 fake den, and seized more than 7,000 finished products such as the Dyson brand hair dryer, and the overall amount involved was as high as 80 million yuan.

In the “Ms. Wang Case”, through investigation, the police locked a criminal gang across Guangdong and Hunan provinces. There are 6 den. When the police closed the net, there were more than 5,000 counterfeit “Dyson” brand seized on the spot, and there were tens of thousands of spare parts. The overall amount involved exceeded 20 million yuan.


The two cases have been added, and the amount involved has exceeded 100 million.

Cottage or fake

In the above two cases, we saw different crimes in criminal gangs. In the “Ms. Cai Case”, the method of the crime team is simple and rude, which is to purchase parts through the Internet and then process assembly. The cost of a single hair dryer is about 300 yuan. However, the team has established a distribution channel, so in order to make money, channel vendors are finally listed between 1700-2000 yuan.

In the “Ms. Wang Case”, the division of labor in the crime team is extremely fine. There are more than 70 people who work on the streaming line on the day of the arrest, and they are equipped with a special LOGO “Silk Print” worker. The salary of about 8,000 yuan per month is the highest salary in the manufacturing session. What is even more shocking is that the gang has created a special after -sales service system that specializes in hiring people responsible for recycling counterfeit Dyson hair dryer, and then sent to the designated location in the form of express delivery. Chain.

Industry analysts said, “Dyson hair dryer is a super net red product in recent years, which has been widely welcomed in the consumer consumer market, gift market, and barber tool market. A lot of advantages, such as Dyson hair dryer to design anti -flying wind mouth to protect the hair and scalp, have intelligent temperature control technology, measure the wind temperature 40 times per second, and adjust the heat to prevent overheating damage to the hair quality. These Points are willing to buy accounts. “


“So, what are the disadvantages of Dyson hair dryer? The price is as high as 3190 yuan, expensive! We look at the cost, a high -speed small motor, a control board, a battery, shell, and other accessories. The total cost is two or three hundred yuan For left and right, this is already a good quality. So, even if it sells 500 yuan on this basis, it is a rare profiteering product in the industry, and the shipment is very large. And fakes can earn considerable profits, “said analysts of the industry.

In his analysis, cottage manufacturers mainly imitate the shape of Dyson hair dryer and patented design of other peripheral accessories. But there is a very important point here that these companies will not use Dyson’s trademarks. This part generally belongs to civil disputes. Industrial and commercial law enforcement and public security will not involve. If Dyson noticed that such a situation needs to go to the court to submit evidence to defend his rights, or report to the customs department.

In 2013, Dyson reported to Qingdao Customs that Weihai Haixin Import and Export Co., Ltd. exported the leafless fans that violated Dyson’s patent rights. In the end, Weihai Customs seized 504 leafless fans through control of containers, and there were infringement. This case was included in the typical cases of Chinese intellectual property customs protection in 2014.

Fake goods manufacturers are not just to make the products look like they are. They value the LOGO most. This is why criminal gangs are “treated” and protecting “silk seal” workers in the “Ms. Wang case”. These “silk seal” functions are the key to imitating Dyson products, and once Dyson’s hair dryer is hit on Dyson’s hair dryer, then it must be illegal. These merchants often sell them under the guise of “European goods” and “discounts”, and they generally sell fake goods with real Dyson’s pictures.

Some people in the industry have revealed that in the field of consumer electronics, 99%of product choices follow, that is, imitation, which will save a lot of R & D expenses. However, when a large number of manufacturers poured into the market, many imitating companies were eliminated for brand value issues. Therefore, a small number of people chose to take the risk -counterfeit.

He said that the first choice of counterfeit electronics is Dathan and Apple high -premium brands. Therefore, when a brand has a certain proportion of the market and continues to maintain a high price like Dyson, then its brand will definitely breed a large number of counterfeit merchants and follow the genuine “eating meat and drink soup”.

There was a survey, which was commissioned by Canon, and the results showed that many consumers in the United States accidentally bought counterfeit consumer electronics, and the probability of up to 20%. Among these consumers who accidentally bought the pupae, More than half of people think they can distinguish counterfeit electronics.

Fake goods generally have channels and low discounts, and the original price is highly likely to have no market. Therefore, don’t be greedy for cheap and suffer a lot.

How to bypass Dyson to innovate high -speed hair dryers?


Whether it is a cottage or counterfeiting, it is a business behavior that violates the law and will eventually eat the evil. Although imitation is a stable method, it will always be followers. The imitation cannot be the next Dyson, nor can it be the next apple. Personal research and development, innovation, is the right way to surpass industrial giants in core performance.

For example, does Dyson really exist in the field of hair dryers? Can’t other manufacturers bypass Dyson for innovation? It turns out that this is not the case.

Here we share the cooperation cases of Huaqiu Electronics and Chi Drivers and Huanenda. The goal is to reach the level of hair dryer or even surpass Dyson, and the price must be one -quarter of Dyson.

Guangdong Huanenda is the owner of Guangdong’s well -known trademark “Kangfu”. Kangfu is a small home appliance brand that is popular for nearly 30 years. It is also a well -known national hair dryer brand. With the cooperation of the three companies, after nearly a year, Q4 Kangfu’s new digital frequency conversion high -speed hair dryer in Q4 finally achieved mass production.

Below is a comparison map of the appearance of KF-K9 and Dyson’s hair dryer:


Dyson HD08

From the appearance, although the KF-K9 is still a traditional gun, we can’t see the shadow of many domestic net red hair dryers now.

The following figure is the performance comparison of KF-K9 and Dyson hair dryer:

It can be seen that KF-K9 has better performance in motor performance, noise control, and blocking wind protection. Among them, in terms of intelligent temperature control, the KF-K9 can achieve 50 times per second, exceeding 40 times of Dyson’s best hair dryer at this stage; and the KF-K9 has the function of inverted and blocked ash, which can maintain hair dryer for a long time. The superior performance will not have decreased air volume, high temperature, or motor burning.

The author deliberately went to see the price of the KF-K9 hair dryer. As shown in the figure below, the price of 699 yuan also realized the original commitment.

Although the practitioners who communicated with the author said that 99%of consumer electronics players were imitating, this data may be slightly exaggerated. However, insisting on independent innovation and the leading industry leaders, a few people have passed the wooden bridge, and the process is full of danger. But the scenery on the other side tells you that these are worth it.