The variety or style of the small votes in 2022 will be adjusted significantly


Philately (JICANG.VIP), the Philatelic Network Hall was launched in 2022 new posts reservations for more than 10 varieties, and the reservation is about to be opened. The biggest change this year is

The reservation method and price of the annual voter variety


And annual tickets are divided into

Or not

The two varieties of the small ticket, but the scheduled price is 30 yuan. What is the reason?

Small votes may be adjusted significantly


Regarding the two categories of annual tickets to AB again, although this was mentioned before, I saw that the Tibetan community postmate pays attention to why the annual ticket A is scheduled to be 190 yuan, and the annual ticket b is predetermined at 160 yuan.

A small ticket with a face value of 12 yuan

, Book the price

30 yuan

,Why is this! Intersection

Where is the difference between the 30 yuan difference of the small ticket? There are two possibilities for small collection of personal analysis:



Small ticket style adjustment price increase increases

In fact, Xiaosi has been introduced to you in the live broadcast room of the collector video.


Royal Post and


United Nations


Luxury small ticket

The live broadcast room also hopes that China Post should increase the design and increase the value of collection. Many posters see the luxury small votes such as Xiaoji in the live broadcast room, which also means that the design is exquisite.

↑ UN luxury small votes

In 2022, the small version has canceled the small votes, and the annual votes can choose not to book a small ticket. With the reduction of the circulation, the design may be changed. Adjustment.

Is this a small annual ticket predetermined price difference of 30 yuan?


: That is, the small ticket will be pushed


New styles, increase the price



Possibility two

Small votes increase

In 2014

Number SB51



“Big Dazes of Tiangong Tickets”

After the issuance, China Post has not issued a small voting other than the small signs other than the zodiac signs since 2015.

↑ Big trouble Tiansong Ticket

This year, the Small Small Small Zhangshe was restored to the distribution after 3 years. After the PJZ was suspended in 2015, the issuance was resumed this year. The five -cow ticket plus the small Zhang Zhang. You can see that some varieties are restored to distribution.


↑ 22 kinds of PJZ ticket plus word stamp Daquan

So another possibility of a small ticket difference of 30 yuan in 2022 is or issued or issued

2 small tickets

, Increase the small ticket of Jite stamps other than the zodiac vote.

Therefore, Xiaosi believes that a small book will have a major reform in 2022, either the design form is changed to an increase in the price similar to luxury small votes, or it is to add multiple small votes.

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