It is not recommended to wear mopped pants after the age of 50.


As the saying goes, “people rely on clothes and horses and saddles.” Our dress is largely reflected in temperament, aesthetics and taste, and it is also the first business card for most women. If you want to wear the effects of the crane chicken group, in addition to considering matching and color matching, picking money is also important, and even the basis of dressing.


Take pants as an example. For a 50 -year -old woman, if you always wear loose and procrastinating pants style, such as mopped pants, then the shape is both sloppy and no spirit. So how should a 50 -year -old woman wear? Don’t worry, this time I will share a set of elegant wearing. This fall, it is not recommended to wear mop pants after the age of 50. Learn Japanese housewives like this, fashionable and elegant and tall!


1. Basic top top+high -waist suit shorts

Although it has been autumn, for the autumn city with a high temperature, high -waisted shorts still occupy a place in wearing, especially high -waist shorts with a length of about five centimeters above the knee.

This type of shorts has many advantages. First, suit shorts use straight tailoring, plus pants and tightness, which not only enhances the tolerance of pants on the legs of the wearer, but also shows long legs and legs straight. The sense of prosperity.

The length of the suit shorts is moderate. On the basis of the calf lines, with the high -waisted design, it can also create long legs. It is also relatively fashionable.

In addition to high -waisted Bermu Da west pants, there is also a type of A -line high -waisted shorts. It is also friendly to 50 -year -old women. Even if it belongs to a pear -shaped figure with thick legs, it is not pressured to control.

In terms of matching, the range of suit shorts can be widely selected, such as long -sleeved shirts, V -neck sweater, knitted cardigan or suit. It is suitable for the street with double knight boots, elegant and stylish.

Second, over -waist long jacket+small foot pants

It is not recommended to wear mop pants for a 50 -year -old woman is that such pants are prone to procrastination, especially after autumn, various long coats become the protagonist of the wardrobe. Press a child.


In comparison, small pants can meet the needs of a 50 -year -old woman, like black tight leggings, tight casual pants, or small feet jeans, tight leather pants.

In addition to practical and versatile, using these pants combination long coats can also increase the sense of prosperity by outline slim leg lines.

Such as medium -long cotton clothes, long coats, long windbreakers, or knitted long cardigans, and put on the street with the same color of small foot pants, just to form a combination of “upper Panasonic tight” to easily get rid of the bloated feeling.

This method is not very picky. No matter what kind of body belongs to, no matter whether it is tall, it can be used to create a simple and simple autumn and winter shape.

It should be noted that the pants itself are very tight. When choosing the color, it is also recommended to consider dark, dark gray or hidden blue such as black, dark gray or hidden blue. It’s not suitable.


In addition, if the leg shape is not straight enough, then when wearing a small pants, you can use the nine -point design, micro -lata design, or slit design to modify the leg shape.


Third, basic tops+nine -point pants

Many people choose to mop pants, which to a large extent is because the mop pants can make the foot shape and the calf lines integrated, thereby extending the length of the leg shape. Bloated.

Especially when a woman is 50 years old, if a head is not high or the leg shape is thick, then nine -point pants should be replaced by nine -point pants.

Town pants mainly refer to the style of pants designed with nine -point, such as high -waist nine -point trousers, high -waisted nine -point jeans, or high -waisted nine -point wide -leg pants, like black, gray, khaki, or white. woman.

For different occasions, a 50 -year -old woman needs to choose different nine -point pants styles.

It is recommended to consider the nine -point smoke pants or high -waisted nine -point straight pants, and use straight line tailoring to enhance the sense of prosperity.

If it is a leisure occasion, then the nine -point wide -leg pants or nine -point small pants are suitable, but the nine -point small pants are more suitable for long coats. Nine -point wide -leg pants are suitable for short or medium top.


For example, here is a black nine -point tight pants with a large -colored long cardigan. The small foot pants and the inside constitute the color, which not only highlights the body advantage, but also enhances the inside and outer level.

Fourth, over -the -knee skirt

Skirts are the eternal romance of a 50 -year -old woman, and it is also an ideal choice for Tibetan meat to be thin and elegant and fashionable.

After the autumn, a 50 -year -old woman can use a knee half skirt or knee -knee dress to create an elegant look like a Japanese housewife, but don’t forget to wear a knitted shawl or knitted cardigan.

The above is the elegant dress shared by a 50 -year -old woman this time. This autumn is not recommended to wear mop pants. Learn Japanese housewives like this and easily wear good temperament!

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