Glass film, you must understand the three types of building membranes


The popularization rate of building membranes in the building materials market has chosen to give the glass film for the home. How do I choose a building membrane ‍ that is suitable for them?

The building glass film on the market is generally available in terms of function

Building safety glass film, insulation glass film and decorative glass film



Building safety glass film

There is a strong anti -impact

The main function is to prevent the sudden bursting of the glass. It can prevent theft of bullets and prevent ultraviolet rays. The transparency is relatively high. It is mainly used in banks and other occasions.


The main function of the insulation glass film is insulation and energy -saving, with safety explosion -proof function. Summer can effectively reduce indoor temperature and improve indoor comfort. The indoor temperature is low, and the air conditioning fee can be saved a lot.


As the name suggests, the main function of decorative glass film is decorative,

There are many varieties and styles, with translucent matte membranes, opaque one -way perspective membrane,

and also

Various patterns of film color are relatively selective. The main thing is to install fast and low cost.

The glass film should find a qualified professional team to post, so as to ensure the output and quality problems of the function of the glass film.